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Published: Thursday, Dec. 12 2013 5:55 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

What good are Utah teams beating up on each other? Is it good for national exposure?

I really don't care about playing the Utes, or Aggies.


thebisamoan: You are right, but generally, the majority of the people who post are either irrational rabid fans, or simply get their jollies out of trying to rile people up.

Though I'm a big BYU fan, I'm glad Utah got in the Pac12. Good for them. Everyone needs to do what's best for them. These decisions, including BYU's independent/West Coast decision, have little to nothing to do with their rivals. It has to do with what is best for their schools and sports programs.

Utah has landed a wad of cash and guaranteed matchup with great teams. Even if they never finish with a winning record over the best of the Pac12, they will get better, will recruit better athletes, and will increase exposure and revenue for their school.

BYU is making 5 - 10 times what they would have made in the MWC, is scheduling significantly better teams, getting far better exposure, and making significantly more money than they would in the MWC.

So, really, everyone won. Its simply a shame that with all of these wins, we can't keep the games alive between these two great schools.

Lindon, UT

Larry Krystkowiak told radio show BYU Sports Nation yesterday "I'm not certain; I don't make those decisions solely. Dr. Hill our AD is in contact with BYU's AD. We've been trying to stir up having an in-state tournament at Energy Solutions Arena. I talked to Dave Rose a few weeks ago on the phone about it and just said that I wasn't certain what our plan was here."

Based on the politically correct comments from the decision makersUtah has been lobbying to move away from the traditional home/away schedule. Either a yearly tournament at a neutral (wink-wink) site, or a 3 year home/away/neutral (nudge nudge) schedule.

Larry and Chris, since Dave Rose isn't thrilled about your ideas, how would you feel about this 3-year schedule: home/away/UVU Mckay Events Center?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"just like football the BYU game is irrelevant to the success or failure of Utah's season"

Don't kid yourself. Until Utah's fluke win over Stanford, the ONLY success Utah had going for them, since joining the PAC, was beating BYU.

Unfortunately for U, in basketball, you haven't even had that.

Murray, UT

@ Indemak

Boy you're hanging you hat on BYU playing a cellar Pac-12 team? Washington at 8-4? What's that make the utes? And last time I checked, we're going to a bowl game and um, well you aren't.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Utah has the same two problems to solve with both football and Basketball.

Problem #1 is that Utah is losing too many PAC12 conference games to end up with any chance of post season play. To solve this they are looking to find ways to win more out of conference games by creating schedules with lower risk for loses. BYU has beaten Utah more than 90% of the time over the past 5 years. If Utah is looking for wins, the math says don't play BYU. At the current time all of the state schools pose too much risk. If Utah plays only the state schools they know they can beat it would be embarassing.

Murray, UT

When the Utes stop playing Wofford St and N.D. St maybe then the Cougars should schedule them. But until the Utes have a decent SOS, I would NEVER schedule BYU to play them, schedule a team that actually cares about their strength of schedule, not the utes.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Problem # 2 is recruiting. In basketball this is especially a problem. BYU has been picking up many of the best Utah High school players. Many of the other Utah Utah schools also get their share. The University of Utah has a hard time promoting their major conference status when they are losing to weber state, USU or BYU. By not playing instate schools they can create a sense of exclusivity. It is easier to say you are at a higher level than another team that is not beating you evey year.

Espeically in Basketbal....
Utah knows that their conference games are not going to get easier.
Utah knows that local state schools have good coaching, good teams.
Utah knows that playing local schools would more likely will give them a L vs. a W
Utah knows that it is going to take time to improve their program.
Utah knows that the quickest route to more wins is to play less competitive teams.
Math says play out of state schools who are less competitive to generate wins. An expected loss to Kansas hurts less than a loss to BYU, BOISE, Utah State, UVU, SUU or Lone Peak High school.

Springville, UT

If the rivalry doesn't continue, it is furhter proof that Utah has gotten too big for its britches. They probably prefer a patsy schedule to run up some wins and keep the tougher games for the conferencee. Time will tell if they can be leaders in their conference. It isn't happening so far....

Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

Is the threat to end the rivalry more of "Dr. Hill" who seems to know more about what Utahns want than we do? How does this guy survive? Once a national power, the Runnin Utes have been a disaster. One of the greatest football rivalries in the country has been badly damaged. How long will it be before the football team has a winning record again? A swimming program out of control. What a resume.

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

There was a time when the BYU/Utah rivalry was a big deal. The games were not only played for bragging rights but often the outcome played a major role in deciding the conference title, NCAA tourney berths and bowl games. Not anymore. It is just another game. The strategic needs of the two schools are no longer aligned. When it comes to basketball, BYU needs to add SOS to help their resume for the NCAA tourney. Beating Utah isn't going to help much. It won't be counted as a quality win. Utah needs wins and playing BYU isn't a gimme win. All that is left is playing for bragging rights. Until either team really starts to make some noise in the NCAA tournament, bragging rights are not worth much either.

Unless the fans on both sides really make a stink about the teams not playing, the BYU vs. Utah games will most likely become a thing of the past.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Thanks Brad Rock for aiding Coach Rose's desperate attempt to fire up his players and the BYU faithful by making an comment with no basis. Does anyone really believe Chris Hill wants to do away with this game when just a few weeks ago he proposed a tournament at ESA that would include the four major in state programs? More likely the schedule hasn't been solidified beyond 2014, because Dr. Hill wanted to gauge support for the tournament first. With Utah State stalling on the tournament idea, BYU and Utah will likely go ahead and get the schedule done for another year or two while they work on talking USU into the tournament. So chill out Cougars. Nobody on the hill is trying to disrespect your team.

Provo, UT

I couldn't agree more with thebigsamoan, and that is why I would like all games between the 2 schools to just end. I simply can't stand the hatred generated in these posts and would rather just see it all end.

Vancouver, WA

As a fan of both teams (or neither team, if you prefer), let me bring an objective viewpoint. SportsCenter is right on. BYU is the only tough team on the Utes non-conference schedule that will play in the post-season, thus making Saturday's matchup Utah's de-facto "tournament" game.

As for the round robin at ESA, it's a great idea, but has one big drawback. Teams want home games, and they want students at home games. At ESA you'll alumni, but not students. It would work great for TV fans, though. What the four schools need to do is each agree to a home and home scheduling arrangement. BYU's schedule this year is a good example: Weber St - home; Utah - road; USU - neutral.

West Point , UT

Mormon Ute:
"Thanks Brad Rock for aiding Coach Rose's desperate attempt to fire up his players and the BYU faithful by making an comment with no basis".

Seriously? I don't think this was an attempt by coach Rose to do anything other than tell it like it is. He doesn't need to get his players and fans fired up for Utah...it's a rivalry they will be fired up regardless. And BYU obviously plays enough good teams OOC that Rose doesn't need to fuel any fire to try and manipulate Utah into continuing the series. I think you decided to take what he said and spin it to what you think is happening. All Rose said was they've hit a snag and there's no games scheduled past 2014 and who knows what the future holds. He said that because that is actually the truth and the case here. Taking words from coach K, Rose, and Hill it sounds like there are ideas about scheduling or tournament format, etc but nothing has been signed...and that's all Rose said on the radio show.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@IndeMak lets reverse that statement:

Utah has to hang (not hand) their hat on football, as their hoopes team can't beat.... well anybody stronger than DII, let alone a team from the WCC. A conference the utes have a dismal record against to begin with; and yet you and the Chris B types have the nerve to deride it anyway.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


You need to go back and review the Wrubell interview. Coach Rose clearly said he believes the series will end after 2014 and when Wrubell expressed surprise at that he explained that negotions have stalled. He was very clear and his statement has been refuted by everyone at the U. Tom Holmoe hasn't commented yet, but it would be interesting to see if he backs up his coach or confirms what Chris Hill and Coach K have said.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

I think the comment about Scott is correct. Colorado is the rival not BYU. Personally I don't care. If you want to continue playing you do it in around robin format at ESA with the four teams. Utah St, Weber St. UofU and BYU. Call it what you want, maybe the Crossroads of the West Tournament, Tops of the Mountains Tournament, or what ever. Make it a Donation to the Foodbank Game. You need a ticket and a can or you don't get in. It is nice to see other people wanting this same idea I started several years ago. Keep pushing for this, lets get this done. Come on Jazz, you know it is an automatic sell out, throw your hat in the ring on this one. It is only two days and you won't be here

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Why bother playing the utes? They really are irrelevant. There are plenty of programs with better teams just fill the slot with them.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

Get ready to hear the excuses involving PAC 12 refs or the weather inside the huntsman center for the reason byu loses

"Just like football"

Get ready to hear it all year long byu fans.

I will be here every day to rub it in!

Every time you mention utah's RPI will remind you you couldn't beat us!

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