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Published: Thursday, Dec. 12 2013 5:55 p.m. MST

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Olympus Cove, Utah

Just like football, Utah's entire season hangs in the balance on this one game - lose to BYU and Utah's season is over before Christmas.

Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX

A BYU bball win over Utah has not helped the cougars in years. Utah looks to be making some small strides back to relevancy. However, they also seem to be the one pulling the plug on the rivalry.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

@sportsCenter- already hedging the byu loss with the "that's the only game you get up for" line? You are right though, byu will lose.

CO Ute

Looking forward to seeing the series continue and agree with Rock that for BB this is good for both teams.

@sportscenter - possibly the most ridiculous comment I have seen your post. First the game against the Y is important to me as a U fan but far from 'the entire season'. Second, how is a Y fan qualified to make a claim about what is important to U fans?

Provo, UT

It isn't about how it helps you. It shouldn't be weighed in the face of an RPI or setting up for a tourney. It doesn't even make or break your season, although bragging rights are nice in their way. Its about playing your rival-- a chance to exhibit passion and investment in a way that other games cannot carry. A team should feel lucky if they have a real rival (even one that might be a little bit down in recent years), and hold onto the chance to play that game with white-knuckle grip.

Basketball seasons have a lot of games. There are no reasonable excuses to abolish the rivalry game.

Sandy, UT

Larry Scott controls who Utah plays out of conference and for whatever reason he wants to sever the ties between BYU and Utah. Chris Hill knows if he steps out of line Scott will take him out to the wood shed. Other schools in the PAC12 are not controlled by Scott.

BYU should do what they did in football and schedule other PAC schools in basketball to replace Utah.



"Just like football, Utah's entire season hangs in the balance on this one game - lose to BYU and Utah's season is over before Christmas."

Nope. In football, losing to Utah, again, would have ended byu's season if it hadn't already ended when they got beat by one of the worst teams in college football.

Remember, your players called it their Super Bowl and took a bye week to prepare?

Hang in there, buddy.

Provo, UT


I admit, it certainly does mar what would be good season when you lose to a couple of the worst teams in college football for that year. But back to basketball...

Saint George, UT

Here's my idea:
Put together an annual 4-team tournament at Energy Solutions arena featuring BYU, Utah, Utah State every year and a rotation among Weber State, UVU, Dixie State, Westminster, etc. for the fourth team. As a Utah and a Dixie State fan I'd love to see this happen. It would be nice to see Utah playing more in-state games and it would give Dixie the chance to go knock off the big boys every once in awhile.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

BYU gains NOTHING by playing Utah. Just do away with all games against them. What are we something like 11 out of the last 12? All they are going to do is drag down BYU's RPI. A win against them won't look good come March. Utah pretty much gave up before the season started with the preseason schedule they crafted.

Just end it completely.



"I admit, it certainly does mar what would be good season when you lose to a couple of the worst teams in college football for that year. But back to basketball..."

Did you just copy/paste that comment from the past four seasons?

Marysville, WA

Let it end. I won't miss it at all.


As there are idiotic fans on both sides maybe a more relaxed scheduling of rivalry games is okay. On the other hand, basketball doesn't seem to bring out as much antipathy as football so maybe it is not a big deal to play every year.

With an average of about 35 games a season winning or losing a rivalry game is not as big a deal as it is in football, so hopefully not as emotionally charged as football. And thus not leading rabid fans to do stupid things.

Okay, I've convinced myself, keep it! I am looking forward to watching the game Saturday.

Baltimore, MD


Strange how BYU's season, which supposedly ended in September, is still going on, while Utah's season ended two weeks ago.

"Remember, your players called it their Super Bowl and took a bye week to prepare?"

Name the players.

Although KVN wreaked havoc on opposing offenses, he still only counts as one player speaking for himself.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Thriller

The Big 4 (Utah, BYU, USU, Weber) deserve to be in the round robin. UVU has no fan base, so they would be a waste of a spot. Westminster and Dixie are NAIA and DII and therefore shouldn't get a place at the table with the bigger programs. It's unfair, but a tournament between these schools won't survive without netting some cash for all those involved.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ SportsCenter

Wrong. just like football the BYU game is irrelevant to the success or failure of Utah's season. It's all about conf. play. For example, Utah lost to BYU last year, but nobody was thinking about that while Utah was making a great run in the conf. tourney...

South Jordan, UT

BYU has to hand their hat on hoops as their football team can't beat the PAC 12 cellar dweller.

Richmond, VA

Continue the rivalry, but do away with this silly boards! It's bringing out the worst in fans of both sides and does nothing but poison the friendly competition between the two schools. You'd think that people who shares a faith which espouses kindness and civility among it's members would behave better but sadly they're anything but, at least a good number of them do and are just so full of hate! It's so sad!

Go Cougars!!!

Herriman, UT

@thebigsamoan Amen brother! Best post ever! Go Utes!

lehi, UT

It's a joke to think there is a chance that the rivalry in bball might take a break as well. There is enough flexibility in every teams pre conference schedule to put in a game both teams are interested in.

About the article: I have to disagree with Brad Rock about this game helping out with the selection committee come March, unless you are speaking from only the Ute side. Every year I see how teams on the bubble are evaluated (Good wins & Bad losses). A win for Utah would be considered a "good win" but a win for BYU will not mean much. On the flip side a loss for Utah would not be a "bad loss" but a loss for BYU would be a "bad loss."

From a national perspective, this game doesn't do much for BYU but from a local/rivalry perspective these games are fun for all involved and should continue.

Go Cougs!

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