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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What I can't understand about the Jimmer situation is where are all the teams offering first round picks for him? He was a first round guy so the kings should be able to get a first round pick as a trade right?

Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz scored 112? Wow.
And somehow Jimmer got into a game. And scored 13. Not bad for a dude that usually gets fewer minutes than the towel boy. But still, Free Jimmer!

Ivins, UT

Everyone contributed and the outside shooting was red hot. It was good to see Rush get some shots and nail three 3-pointers. I hope he gets more minutes so we can see what we have there. We still need Parker,Wiggins, or Randle next year so don't go crazy on us and win 40 games or something Jazz.

Tokyo, Japan

@Chris B

times have changed...Jimmer no longer has the value of a first round pick...but he still has a bit of a value...i guess...

Burley, ID

Who were those guys and what did they do with the previous Jazz team? :o)

Amazing game by the Jazz, I couldn't believe it was the same team we've seen over the past couple of months. I thought I was watching a re-run of the shellacking the Trailblazers gave the Jazz in Portland last Friday. Only it was Jazz doing the thumping this time.

Burley, ID

I'm glad to see that Jimmer got some playing time, even if it was in a lop-sided loss.

Here's hoping Fredette ends up on a team that can actually figure out how to best use him. Nobody deserves to be stuck in the "purgatory" known as the Sacramento Kings.

And yes, believe it or not, I'm a Ute fan. We don't all hate Jimmer, but I am glad he's no longer around to thump my Utes.

scrappy do

the Kings, less 3 studs make the Jazz look like superstars... wow, I think we are on our way to the top now, boys

Bastrop, TX

"scrappy do" has it right....They were short 3 studs....Factor in the Jazz shooting about a block over their heads, and you have it figured correctly, and Corbin's quote is:
“We’re sharing the ball,” an ecstatic Corbin said. “We’re counting on each other and making the right basketball play, making the next pass, driving to the basket, being able to break the defense down and kicking it to the weak side. We shot it well tonight, so that’s what we’re going to need.”
What an onslaught of cliches! Tell us, Ty, if that's why they won, why isn't this done every game? Don't you control the team?

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Jazz scored 122..And the fellow who said "Its the Jazz" I don't think you really have braggin rights with you one more win. Watch the trades fly next week. Still think Jimmer would have a place on the Jazz IMHO..

Orem, UT

The Jazz did very well last night but face an extremely hard road swing, so don't expect this type of performance to continue. They will get better, but need more fire-power from good athletes in the draft. As far as the comments about Jimmer, those who think he can compete as a starter in the NBA are delusional at best. What I saw was a guy who could shoot an open jump shot with no defensive skills and no speed. He is strictly a role player in the NBA and it is obvious why the Kings did not exercise his fourth year option. The best that can happen for Jimmer is for some team that he can come off the bench for a few quick three's. Otherwise, he has little value.

West Valley, UT

Jimmer brought good luck to the Jazz when he play's. We found what Jimmer is good at. He helps the Jazz when when he plays more on the other team.


Gehelmke.....Control a team? You have to be kidding. You may control cattle or sheep but you take a group of 12 or so young men with different mind sets, talents, and ideas and you guide and teach them but you don't control them. These young men have been taught and have finally come together to use their talent and desire to win together. Many of us have thought this team would come together either this year or next and do great things. Thank heavens it may just be this year!! I also do not believe the Kings having 3 less players made that much difference. I believe in the Jazz!!

Tooele, UT

Minus 3 studs really!?! Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy... Household names right? Rudy Gay maybe, but Toronto is the team getting the praise for dumping him and his contract. The Jazz simply caught fire and played a great, balanced game. It shows what they're potential could be, but they're still going to finish in the bottom 5. How about Alec Burks though, I love the way he's playing.

Cedar City, UT

I don't understand it, Jimmer plays 11 minutes (is 4-6 FG) and scores 13 points. McLemore on the other hand goes (1-8 FG), scores 4 points and plays 33 minutes. In addition, Jimmer ends up 3rd in scoring for the Kings against the Jazz while playing only a third of the time the other guards played. This is from a guy that gets little playing time and a ton of DP- coaches decisions. Why the Jazz or another weak team can't give the guy a chance is beyond me. We are in last place and the Kings are just about giving him away. I see a ton of upside with very little risk. If it doesn't work out you don't sign him for next season. I would just like to see some team give the guy a chance to either sink or swim. Until that happens we will never know how good the guy can be. What if Chris Mullin or even Larry Bird got the same type of treatment at the beginning of their career? Two slow white guys with little athleticism but a ton of smarts and a great shot. Sounds familiar...

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

If only Jimmer had played the Kings would have.....oh never mind.

Congrats on beating the 5-win Kings' backups, Jazz. Next stop: NBA finals.

Cedar City, UT

One more thing, Jimmer played only 5 minutes, was (2-3 FG) with 6 points until late in the game he was given an additional 6 minutes. The game was lost for the Kings way before he was given the additional playing time. Instead they played the same guys they usually do. You remember, the guys that have given them a record similar to the Jazz's. Great coaching...

Murray, UT

@Chris B

13 points for Jimmer in 11 minutes, yeah coach sit me next 4 games please. Still say Jimmer will be traded before the deadline, and average 12 pts and 5 assists for a team later this year. And how's that coach bowl chris? Oh and after Saturday 12 of 13 from the utes.....bank on it.

Ivins, UT

This team has a destiny and where did last nights big win come from? Was it the coaching, I doubt it. Maybe the guys have it figured out as a team. At any rate, go for it now Jazz. You have it in you to set a high mark for yourselves this season. I have been waiting to see this happen. Give us a Christmas Present with some more wins like this one.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

Only on a Deseret News comment board would readers be referring to missing players the caliber of Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray as "short 3 studs." I also hear Scott Pollard was still available to be signed by the Kings last night so they could win the game. Put an asterik on this win Jazz fans.

Denver to Portland
Portland, OR

Take it easy everyone. The Jazz beat the Kings and everyone is acting like they beat Portland, Miami, or Indiana.

It shows how far the Jazz gave fallen when there are words like "shock", "great win", "impressive", in a win vs the Kings. Congrats Jazz, you beat the 2nd worst team in the West, but you're still the worst in the West and in the entire NBA.

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