Comments about ‘Mountain View hires former Timpview head coach Louis Wong to lead struggling football program’

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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013 12:45 p.m. MST

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Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

Many of you continue this "witch hunt" nonsense. But let me ask you a question, had Coach Wong not taken money from the football account to fix his personal car on three separate occasions WITHOUT paying it back - do you think he would have been the victim of this so-called "witch hunt"?

I am sure he is great with kids on the field, but there is a reason a guy who had won so much was run off so quickly. He made a personal choice to take money that was not his, and at that point and time he set himself up for what followed. It's really that simple.

Provo, UT

@Uncle Sam
Coach Wong never used money from the football account to fix his personal car. He took his personal car to the same shop as the drivers ed cars. There were a few times when the shop accidentally mixed his personal repairs with the school bill. When he noticed it, he paid it back. A couple times everyone missed it. It was never a personal choice to take money. It was a human error made by multiple people similar to the many that the district made.

Initially Randy Merrill didn't have anything on him and no reason to suspect he had done any different than other teachers, but he wanted to fire him. They searched to find any possible reason. It is unfortunate the Provo School District wasn't doing their job. Had they not been so sloppy their audits would have caught the issue that allowed the shops mistake to get through. Then the district could have provided training and implemented proper practices to oversee district money. But they make human errors too.

Orem, UT

Yeah mab93 sounds like you were on the inside. It's a shame that there were a handful of people that were envious of Coach Wong's fundraising ability and his overall popularity. An even greater shame was Amy Donaldson ignoring some of the facts you have and the ones I heard came out during his hearing. I'd like to know as a journalist how she could ignore so much. I was and still am very disappointed in her. Thank you for your insights mab93 but unfortunately people like Uncle Same/Ben have their minds made up already about Coach Wong.

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