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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013 12:00 p.m. MST

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Deep Space 9, Ut

To "pragmatistferlife" I know you would like to think that liberal policies would restore manufacturing to the US, but history has shown us what really happens. Liberals will continue to "regulate our way to prosperity", which never works. Companies go overseas to locations that are willing to work with US manufacturers and allow them to operate with fewer regulations than what the US imposes.

The only way that liberal policies can restore the manufacturing jobs to the US is to collapse the economy so much that that US dollar becoems worthless.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Redshirt 1701,

Companies go overseas to places where there are no regulations, and they can hire child labor for pennies on the dollar. The only goal of those companies who go offshore now is to make the largest profit possible. They don't care about the workers or being a good steward of the land and or the environment. It is all about the bottom line. They have the right to do that even though many times what they do is morally and ethically wrong. As many posters have said, companies have no responsibility to create jobs or pay good wages, labor costs cut into profit and companies exist for profit. So lets all be honest see most companies for what they are and applaud those few companies who actually care about their employees.

If we deregulate and cut taxes for business to zero, there will be no increase in jobs, no increase in wages but there will most certainly be an increase in profits, because that is what companies are designed to do. We should not make companies villains or victims, but we should understand them for what they are.

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