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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 10 2013 6:35 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

Hmmmmmm. High salaries. Taxpayer paid medical care with lifetime care for the exec and family after only a few years of service. Generous retirement plans. A tight-knit network of Good Ol' Boys to watch your back.

Sounds like a good deal to me. Where do I sign up?

Centerville, UT

Before prescribing a specific dollar amount to the salary, it would be nice to itemize the total compensation package: paid meals, value of the governor's mansion (tax-payer housing), transportation, protective services, health care benefits, etc., etc.

We may find that the actual dollar amount is nearly $200K now, even without a pay raise.

Also, please share what comparable states are paying their political leaders.

DN Subscriber 2

Make sure there is one contingency:

These people receive NO PAY AT ALL for any year in which:
A- the state has a deficit, or;
B- the state raises taxes, or;
C- the state increase the number of state employees.

If unwilling to accept that simple condition, then no raise.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

These "independent study commissions" are set up for one purpose only - to "backstop" the executives making their OWN case for a raise. It makes the executives look like they don't REALLY want/need the raise. i.e - they're only going along with the raise because the "commission" says they should.

The officials KNEW the salary when they took the job, if they can't afford to work for 100k plus, they shouldn't have taken the job!

Pay raises like this result in executive salary "creep" all over the state. Thats why you see city managers (and others) making in excess of 150k per year.

Farmington, UT

one old man, you sign up by being elected, especially to the US Congress.

A nearly 40% increase is obscene. Why not 4% a year, each year, for the next ten years? Then people could support it.

Politicians NEVER do anything until it becomes a crisis, then Pow!--it's a major thing. Replacing old sewer lines that were not properly maintained is a prime example of that. Wait until they need replacing and then float a bond for emergency repairs and the public will say you're a wonderful leader.

Most people tolerate their local government but they don't like it. They will show up for a public hearing on a hot-button issue but that's the only time. The politicians don't care---the less that is said the better, according to them. (Sound like communism?)

Scotty Boy
Logan, UT

How many people are out of work, and this commission wants the unemployed, or under employed to pay more for their Elected officials. I think NOT.As one of the other people commented, they know the pay when they Run for office, nobody stuck a gun to their head and told them they had to run. It doesn't matter what Elected officials are getting in other states, compensation is for this state. The only time compensation should be compared to others is in the Private Sector.

Magna, UT

Not only NO! But heck NO!

One Old Man

You sign up on the broken obama care web site. Of all people, you should know.

Beverly Hills, CA

The GOP scares it's voters with boogeymen social issues while the dole out the money for weapons, bombs, corporate welfare, themselves, and their cronies. I stopped believing and voting for the GOP when I asked how we were going to pay for all the TRILLIONS spent by GW Bush only to be told by fellow GOP that it was "unpatriotic" to ask. GOP supporters, stop acting like the TRILLIONS under Bush somehow don't count against your "fiscal conservative" charade.

Holladay, UT

Public school teachers are the ones who deserve a 40% salary increase.

Orem, UT

In the last 7 years, State employees have received a 1 percent raise, one time. The governor has proposed another 1.25%, for a total of 2.25%. Surveys consistently show state government employees earn about 40 percent of the market rate for their jobs, and no adjustments will take place until that figure is in the mid-30s by policy. Just a comparison to the elected officials.

What happened to serving the public? And, after considering that taxpayers fund housing, transportation, food, and many other expenses for the governor, $110,000 per year isn't enough to continue serving? I'm glad for much of what elected officials do, but why is it about being the most highly compensated executive in the State? They always emphasize how all they want to do is serve. Maybe we should step up their salaries at the same rates as State employees--so how about a 2 - 3 percent increase over a 10-year period??

heber city, UT

Seems to me that raises should be based on performance - such as reductions in Air and water pollution (which we have yet to see).

Provo, ut

Of course this is a stupid proposal and proposed to get everyone ticked off so that when they end up giving themselves a 15% raise then we won't think too much of it.

Provo, UT

George Washington set the example and served his country without pay. There are thousands of capable Utah citizens who are able to and able and willing to serve their state for free.

Here, UT

No pay raise. Not until they actually DO something.

S.L.C., UT

Self Servers doing what they do best. I'm pretty sure they knew what the salary was when they ran, none of them has done such a fine job they deserve or need a 40% raise. The People that need a 40% raise are minimum wage earners and the like, school teachers, police & corrections officers, fire fighters, deserve a 40% raise. The Governor and his cronies deserve none. If they can't make it they should do as Lt. Governor Bell and go back to the private sector. But then they would have to DO something.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Independent study commissions" are an oxymoron, there is no such thing. No person involved in government,the study of government is without opinions, an agenda, or philosophy that drives them, myself and the rest of those who comment included. That is why I speak against an ISC to draw congressional boundaries, review what-ever issue that a city or county council or legislature is afraid to deal with.

That being said, the legislature should review the study and come to a finding or decision. I agree that all the perks of the offices should be laid out for the public to see. Some of what has been commented upon may be correct, some may not. The total package should be on the table, open to view.

I think compensation should be adequate to attract a broad range of candidates.

We should keep in mind that running a state is no piece of cake. You may or may not be a "Prima dona" but you have to deal with a whole lot of other "Prima donas", a cantankerous press and legion of "low information voters", a judiciary that are wanna-be politicos who legislate from the bench, and the federal bureaucracy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Comparisons to the private sector are always made; what is needed is to lower private sector wages at the CEO and other upper (Corporate) levels. Government salaries should not compete with private sector wages. Government officials already receive adequate compensation, when benefits are considered. Besides, it's called Government service. Service to the public is the keyword: money should be a lesser consideration. Some people volunteer their time and talents. These Government Officials are not hurting, unlike many ordinary citizens.

South Jordan, UT

DN Subscriber 2,
The state's population is expected to double, but you expect them to provide the same level of services without adding a single employee? Have you even been to the DMV lately?

Get real.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Wheres the tea party in this ...caucus and primary 'em. Shut down government.

Sandy, UT

What was that, Christmas Gift? Really? Why bring it up?

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