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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 10 2013 10:15 p.m. MST

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First off, I give some credit to ISU. They look about 200% improved from last year, they can shoot and play zone defense pretty well. They may do pretty well against most of the Big Sky aside from Weber.

However, this game should've never been competitive. Utah played sloppy offense and lazy defense the entire first half. Coach K may not have been overlooking this game, but it definitely seemed like the players were. The win wasn't impressive, but they at least avoided the embarrassment of losing a game comparable to what Sacramento State and CS-Northridge were last year. The only real positive was seeing Loveridge break out of his scoring funk lately. BYU plays a lot of that match up zone, so hopefully they will attack it on the drive inside like they started to do in the second half tonight.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Very sloppy game! Give credit to ISU, they played great, but that was an abysmal first half.

The only positive I took away was the fact that the Utes played against the zone all night which will prepare them for the matchup against BYU. If the Utes can penetrate BYUs zone like they did against ISU in the second half, I believe they should win. If they can't penetrate and they settle for outside jumpers all game, it could be a long night.


2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Great team win. Idaho state came out strong but we pulled through.

The huntsman center is rocking these days.

Proud ute! Proud PAC 12 fan.

Utah 77
Byu 69

And remember, the team with more points is the better team. That's how sports work.


Thinking about it, if I'm not mistaken the Utes made 6/7 3's in the second half compared to 5/15 in the first. Amazing how attacking a zone, driving and kicking, can open up good shots compared to swing passes around the perimeter! Now keep it up on Saturday and Loveridge, Tucker, Taylor, Van Dyke and Ogbe could all potentially have a big night.

Lindon, UT

Get real, the Uties are toast on Saturday night. The barely beat Idaho State. ISU's best player wouldn't even make the BYU roster. BYU by 25 on Saturday night.

Frisco, TX

Never thought I'd see the day when the Utah Utes from the Conference of Champions would take such great pride in beating a lower half of the Big Sky conference with a 3 - 3 record. I didn't see the game, but I'm wondering if the 8,000 attendees rushed the court?

Very disappointed I don't get to see the Utes vs the Cougs this weekend. With my 400+ channels on DirecTV, I think I will see every other Cougar game, but this one is hidden away on the PAC network, which is not as available as The MTN used to be.

West Jordan, UT

Even though the win was much more difficult than it should have been for the Utes, the positive takeaway from this is that they came back from a 15 point deficit to WIN. The teams from the past two seasons would have easily LOST this game.

8 - 1 feels pretty good right now. Hope it's 9 - 1 after Saturday's game against the Cougars.


Lincoln City, OR

All Right!!! Give me five!!! Up High!!! YES!

What a great come back... Down by 15 in the first half and the utes came back to knock over that big bad tough foe from the dreaded Big Sky Conference who has a 3-3 record with losses to such teams as Cal State Bakersfield, who came within 30 points of ASU, and who are picked to finish 7th in the Big Sky this year just behind Portland State but ahead of Sac State who beat the utes in SLC last year...

This brave and fabulous performance came on the heels of a landmark win over the Bull Dogs of Fresno State who dropped a 10 point heartbreaker to the Pacific Tigers who are picked to finish 4th or 5th in the WCC... They also played the Pitt Panthers tough right down to the opening Tip Off and lost by over 20 they bounce however and beat Northern Arizona by 4 in OT.

So let's all pat ourselves on the back and talk about how the utes are going to take down the #12 RPI rated Cougars of BYU... LOL...

Cougars 83 utes 69 (Thanks to end of game garbage time).

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Nice comeback, Utah.

The team has really gelled and has some solid players. Coach K has done a phenomenal job!

Looking forward to Saturday's game against BYU. It should be a barn burner.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

LOL Idaho State gave them a run for their money. It is hilarious to see the Utah fans thinking they have a basketball team once again. Enjoy these few wins here at the beginning of a weak pre-season schedule because reality is about to kick in.

BYU 85
Utah 68

Richmond, VA

@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

"Great team win. Idaho state came out strong but we pulled through.

The huntsman center is rocking these days.

Proud ute! Proud PAC 12 fan.

Utah 77
Byu 69

And remember, the team with more points is the better team. That's how sports work."

I don't like to make predictions but I'm fine with yours! Saturday can't come soon enough for us to see how your prediction turns out. Hope it's going to be a great and fun game to watch.

Go Cougars!!!

South Jordan, UT

The lack of enthusiasm is on Coach K. Our guys were not excited about ISU and it showed. Coach finally took a time out in the 2nd half to yell and get them motivated. Can't do that against the PAC 12 or decent teams like BYU or even Boise. Boise actually played Kentucky pretty tough.

Utah will win 19 games this year and make it to a post season tourney this year. Arizona, UCLA, Colorado, Oregon, Cal are all looking really tough this year.

Sandy , UT

@ Joe Schmoe

How will byu hold Utah to 69 points they don’t play defense. On average byu is giving up 80.4 points per game Utah 60.9. Utah is #1 in scoring margin 26.8, BYU 78th 9.5. Like the Utah teams of old caoch K has Utah playing defense unlike a byu Dave Rose coached team that has to play zone because of their lack of athleticism.

BYU has one big man Mika and he is prone to getting into foul trouble while he is sitting on the bench byu throws in Nate Austin who cant defend which was evident in the Iowa St game. Utahs bigs Lenz and Bachynski will dominate Mika and Austin. byu does not have an answer for Wright who is leading the nation with 74% shooting average.

Utah 87 byu of the wcc 65
If you dont think Utah is getting the talent Lenz was offered by Auburn, Gonzaga, USC, Texas and Virginia Tech. Wright was offered by Washington, Washington State, St. Mary's and Gonzaga

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Like our friends in Provo always say, its better to beat worse teams than LOSE to ranked teams.

Go Utes!

I GUARANTEE Utah wins this Saturday.

Get the crow ready for our friends in blue

Central, UT

Yes weak schedule, too many cupcakes...sounds like BYU football...er I mean...Go Western Catholic Conference!

swoop alumnus
Rakuen, UT

I think there is a very good chance that the swoops (trying to be PC) will get into the final four this year. They will walk all over the cougs Saturday and easily take the pac 10.2 championship. My only disappointment this year is that there has not been an announcement for building a bigger basketball arena, as the current one just cannot and will not hold the fans that are wanting tickets.

Pocatello, ID

Louisiana Coug, thank you. You actually contribute to the board.

Good win? meh, it's a win and better than losing.

Disappointed the team came out flat, but the at least the team came back. Probably is a game the Utes lose last year, definitely 2 years ago when they didn't have the talent, or gumption to dig out of a 15 point hole, no matter who the opponent was.

Saturday should be fun.



I think it's a little bit of a stretch to think the Utes can dominate the Cougs. BYU will be by far the best team they have played and one of the top scoring teams in the country. BYU is the better team and should win. With that said, Utah has some athleticism and could cause the Cougs some problems on the defensive end of things. Utah's one weakness is their inside game. That will need to change come Saturday if they want to win. I don't think the Utes will be ready for the Cougs up tempo style. BYU should win this game, but the Utes can pull off the upset if they play their best game of the year.

West Jordan, UT

For all you Y fans dissing Utah's win last night . . . uh, who is YOUR opponent tonight?

Oh, that's right, the powerhouse known as Prairie View A&M. Really???

Eagle Mountain, UT


HAHAHA you really think your #1 in scoring margin is a legit stat? The teams you have played so far this year are a complete joke. lets look at these teams you have destroyed so far. UC Davis, Grand Canyon (is this an actual college? or did you guys just go sight seeing and called it a win?), Lamar, savannah state, Ball st, You lost to a semi decent Boise Team, and beat a terrible Fresno State team, then squeaked by Idaho State? Your RPI in in the upper 12000's. I think Lone peak high school could beat most of these teams. Its interesting how the hypocrisy flip flops from your views of football and basketball.


This is yet another failed guarantee. Your guarantee's are irrelevant when you say it every game and were wrong 7-12 times in football. 12-13 wins this weekend. Let the streak continue!

Go cougs

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