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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 10 2013 1:55 p.m. MST

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Central, UT

It remains to be seen what he can do in college. High School to college is a major transition and are not comparable at all.

Sandy, UT


Scott Nicholes is a very tough, scrappy and productive football player. He should definitely be considered the MVP of Binghams football team this year and the 5A MVP. But, he is nowhere near the player and athlete that Ula Tolutau is and statistically isn't even close. All the college scouts in America and anyone who saw both of these guys play all year would agree with me.

Big U Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

This may be true..... UNTIL they make it to the NFL then they skip the Utah sports radar and make it to the World Sports Radar

North Salt Lake, UT

If I'm a big time running back with outrageous numbers like Ula, why wouldn't I want to go to Wisconsin? Look at their history of running backs. All they do is pound you on the ground. That's pretty much a running back's dream..i.e. Montee Ball, John Clay, Ron Dayne, James White

Wendall Hoop
Salt Lake City, UT

@UtahHSFootball - I don't know if you are correct. I saw all the games as well. Ula is big, but not fast enough to an every down back in COLLEGE. It's a different game than small white defensive backs. He will likely play fullback. I guess we will see. Either way, good luck to him. I'm just trying to be realistic. Your rhetoric is similar to Brigham Young fans that speak of every big time high school kids they pick up, but then most of them are just average, if not peter out once they get on the field in college.


@Wendall Hoop - Just like when BYU landed our All-American TE Austin Holt. Boy did he end up being a huge bust. Granted he did suffer a major knee injury, however hardly every caught a ball, got changed to DE, and now he no longer has a roster spot for next season. It's nice to see big time programs like Wisconsin and others pick up the big time players here in Utah. We have some great football here.

SLC, Utah

Name one Poly running back in the NFL. Nada.

So so sad but kids that go out of state to college are sadly and quickly forgotten. of course their family knows them but the 8th graders today won't have a clue when they are seniors who he is. Out of sight, out of mind.

Salt Lake City, UT

RobertC - Stanley Havili is a running back in the NFL. "Out of site out of mind." ya, in your mind.

Salt Lake, UT


You ever heard of a kid named Stanley Havili? Played at USC, starter for the Indianapolis Colts?

salt lake city, UT

RobertC!!!Stanley havili...Indianapolis Colts starter!! From the same neighbor hood, went to east for a little!!
And Roy Helu Jr...Plays for the Redskins!!! There are a few poly running backs!! and ula is honestly one of the best running backs ive seen in utah, hands down!!!

salt lake city, UT

Stanley Havili!! Colts...East Leopard..Glendale Raised
Roy Helu Jr!! Redskins..Polynesian..specifically tongan!!

Ula Tolutau is the best running back ive seen in utah..HANDS DOWN!!!
Good work ula!! Rep it for the 801

Salt Lake City, UT

What does ethnicity have to do with anything? And for the record, active poly RBs in the NFL are Stanley Havili (Colts) and Roy Helu (Redskins). Retired RBs are Chris Ma'afala (Steelers,Jaguars) Fahu Tahi (Vikings) and Reno Mahe (Eagles). Respect is given where respect is due. I'm pretty sure there were many well qualified canidateds for this award, but by popular opinion Ula was the best football player in the state of Utah. Please don't belittle this young man's accomplishments with ingorant comments.

Provo, UT

Everyone is bias towards the people they know. Nobody can argue that Tolutau earned the right to be one of the people the award could go to. They can only give it to one person. He was given the award. Get over it.

As far as college and beyond, arguing about it here is irrelevant. If he finds a different position is a better fit, that's fine. If he ends up being one of the best running backs in the NFL, that's great. Wisconsin is his decision and hopefully included reasons besides football. There are plenty of talented players that stop for a variety of reasons.

Congratulations Tolutau. You earned it. I wish you the best at Wisconsin and in the future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Slight error about Havili, he actually played for Cottonwood HS.

provo, UT

Active Poly backs in the NFL:

Stanley Havili - Colts
Will Ta'ufo'ou - Jaguars
Roy Helu - Redskins
Frank 'the tank' Summers - Bills
Kahlil Bell - Packers
Matt Asiata - Vikings

There are also ex Poly players who made an impact in the NFL:

Chris Ma'afala - 6 yrs
Mike Sellers - 13yrs, pro bowler
Mosi Tatupu - 13 yrs, multiple pro bowls

Salt Lake, UT

You forgot Adrian Peterson- Vikings. He's full Tongan but was adopted as a child ;) Your welcome

Herriman, UT

@RobertC - I understand what you are saying a little bit. However, I think you are off a little bit. I don't think it has so much to do with being Polynesian as it has to do with being from Utah. Regardless of how good we think Utah high school football is...it still has a long way to go in regards to being on the national level.

Most of Utah's football and basketball stars usually make it the college level (primarily by way of Utah, BYU or USU) but typically get lost at the college level and very few make it to the NFL level.

Ula was a very big running back in high school. When he goes Wisconsin he will find that he is an average sized fullback.

As Utah raises its level of football competitiveness...we will begin to see more high school players making an impact at the college level and then making the jump to the NFL.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope you had the chance to catch the Minesotta game on Sunday. Hunter HS alumn and former Utah Ute Matt Asiata made his first NFL start in place of injured Adrian Peterson and scored 3 TD's.

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