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Published: Monday, Dec. 9 2013 10:10 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Isn't fantasy fun?

The author certainly states the truth (and the obvious) when he says it is hard to perfectly predict the future, especially 3, 4, or 5 years out. Many of us remember vividly all of those futuristic predictions when Jake Heaps and his supporting cast came to BYU....

And, regarding the first two installments of this series, if if and buts were candy and nuts we'd have Christmas every day!


What usually happens is they read the press, it goes to their heads, and they forget to play the game. Maybe it would be better to write about their chances of winning it all if and when they reach the Final Four. The players should be thinking about the next game, and maybe the fans and press should be, too. You're only as good as your last game, and, if I recall correctly, they lost.

I'm a BYU fan. I want to see them focus on getting it done, not daydreaming.

Salt Lake City, UT

Light up the B signal. Cue troll swarm........

But that would be great if BYU made some big noise in the dance in the next 5 or so years. It really could be possible. I am not making predictions, I am just saying the pieces are there.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry but I just don't see Lone Peak, err BYU, beating the Kentucky's of the world. There would have to be so many things go right for them to have a chance.

Salt Lake City, UT

Its possible that BYU will go deep in the NCAA Tournament, and as an optimistic BYU fan I think they probably will sometime in the next 5 years or so. But even with my thickest blue goggles on, it is hard for me to think we have a chance at a National Championship in Basketball (or Football for that matter). But it is fund to fantasize and dream of what could happen in the future. And who knows, maybe I am wrong and a NC is in the future for BYU in one of the two sports that really matter. If you don't think it is possible (even if you know that it is extremely unlikely), then it takes a lot of the fun out of being a fan. Go Cougars!

Lincoln City, OR

That's all good and well about the future and I am excited for BYU and Coach Rose and of course the players... But hey, we got a pretty darn good team right now... According to the RPI the Cougs have played the 3rd toughest schedule in America and we're 7-3 and could very easily be 9-1...

We need some focus and a few small adjustments and I we could enter WCC play with a 10-3 record and a 3-0 record against the big bad pac12... We could very easily register more pac12 wins this year than our little sister on the hill... How cool would that be... Perhaps with a 3-0 record we could talk Commissioner Scott into seeding the Cougs in the Conference Tourney... It's the week following the WCC Tourney and I believe it's at the MGM in Las Vegas (same city as the WCC and a week later... It would fit perfectly)...

Syracuse, UT

The u fans are just so beside themselves due to knowing that they will be on another long, long, long losing streak against BYU. We will hear about their playing for a NC and playing in the final four, but how many times did they do that. BYU may not have made that for a long time, but we play in the big dance more than anyone, especially u.

Danbury, CT

Agree with the first 2 commenters - this is a big walk through fantasy-land. BYU has been to the Sweet 16 exactly twice in 32 years. We are notoriously weak when it comes to playing top 10 or even top 20 teams. So to say that the incoming players will somehow magically solve that is a huge stretch. I'd prefer we get some wins first and then talk about where we are, vs. where we should be or could be.

Same goes for football. No wins in any BCS bowl. Ever. But every year we think somehow we will win it all.

I'm waiting for the day when we actually break free and move up to the next level. But for now, our programs are not taken seriously on a national level.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

This article disappoints and isn't really worth the time to read.

I like these players and I hope the Cougars can challenge Gonzaga for the conference championship of the WCC. Otherwise, BYU needs to be able to recruit more athletic bigs and quicker guards to play national championship caliber defense.

I enjoy the attacking style of play of the Cougar teams, but they must get better at defending and at rebounding to become serious national contenders. But it's fun to be a BYU fan.

My biggest concern this week is whether the Cougs can outplay Utah on December 14th. That game will be a tough challenge!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Too many variables, such as injuries, missions and players not living up to their potential. I will admit that if Dastrup and Haws and a couple of others leave for missions right after high school and are playing in 2016 along with Mika, Emery and those who are serving now, they have what looks to be an excellent team with 2 deep quality players at most positions and could be good enough to make some noise in the big dance in '16 and '17. I like the way they are playing now and think they have an solid chance to win the WCC and go dancing this year.

Harwich, MA

I think the program would be considered a success if they just made it to the "tournament" and won (1) single game anytime in the next decade.

Provo, UT

Not going to happen. I predict maybe one sweet sixteen in those years. Defense will always be a problem at BYU. Players are not quick enough to play man to man. Top teams will always rip them apart just like this year.

As for the game against Utah Saturday I think it will be close. BYU should win but it wouldn't surprise me if Utah won. They are actually better than most people think.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


byu doesn't have a single elite eight APPEARANCE in 20 years and you guys are talking national title?


The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry but I just don't see Lone Peak, err BYU, beating the Kentucky's of the world. There would have to be so many things go right for them to have a chance.

Gonzaga took it all and we have beaten them more than once. Butler has also been a big surprise.

If you don't dream big, the dreams will never come true.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's all about coaching. Majerus coached up a team that was less talented than their opponents, and took them to the Final, where, in my opinion, if he'd given Andre Miller 2 minutes rest in the second half he'd have led them to the championship.

Butler, as school that had never done anything in basketball, came one long shot away from winning it all, and made the final two years in a row. The first year with a white guy as their best player.

If Rose can DEVELOP talent, and out coach his opponents, it is, indeed, possible. Those are big ifs.

Cinci Man

An important factor not mentioned in this article is that there are so many huge programs out there that also may have great futures. I hope fields it's greatest teams in the next few years, but the chances of having a really big year comes down to the players being consistently skilled and applying those skills to each and every game. I like what I see, but I have yet to see BYU put a team together that brings their best to the court or field every game. With the exception of men's and women's volleyball, I just haven't seen the consistency. But I sure would be happy to see Bronco or Dave accomplish that. One thing is for sure, undefeated teams in basketball March Madness or a football season bring well deserved championships and titles.

Springville, UT

I'll say what isn't supposed to be said. The missionary program is disruptive to BYU's basketball program and could be the thing that stands in the way of big time success. Teams need time to fully gel - more than one year, and the rotating door that BYU deals with, added to the weakening of skills and fitness when players don't pay for two years, is a killer. Them's the facts.

Layton, UT


Really? How about they beat a ranked opponent before you start talking NC. With this constant stream of byu fluff it's hard to take the objective articles seriously. It seems that even some of the byu "fans" are "up to here" with it. Good luck to Coach Rose and Cougar basketball.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Esquire

"Teams need time to fully gel - more than one year, and the rotating door that BYU deals with, added to the weakening of skills and fitness when players don't pay for two years, is a killer. Them's the facts."

Except the fact that teams are now routinely led to the Final Four and championships by one-and-done players, and except the fact the best player on last year's BYU team was on his first year back from his mission.

Fact is, your facts are assumptions, and they have been and are increasingly being proven to be wrong.

Centerville, UT

We already have to put up with the byu football team thinking they are going to be national champs every August. Now we have to put up with the byu basketball team thinking they are going to be national champs every October?
Give Utah and the world a huge break. Ain't gonna happen! Period!

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