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Published: Monday, Dec. 9 2013 6:00 p.m. MST

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Vancouver, WA

The Utes have a tough schedule again next year to look forward to. They'll have to do it, though, without the relying on their pseudo-bowl game against BYU.

I'm sure the U coaches will have them up for the challenge of another PAC-12 run. They'll be well positioned for another entertaining run at the division title.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately, next season doesn't look any better for Utah's bowl chances:

Idaho State - win
Fresno State - tossup
at Michigan - loss
Oregon State - tossup
at UCLA - loss
at Stanford - loss
Arizona - tossup
Southern Cal - loss
at Arizona State - loss
Oregon - loss
Washington State - win
at Colorado - win

With 3 likely wins, 6 likely losses, and 3 tossups, the Utes will have to sweep their tossups in order to be bowl eligible.

The Utes play 5 road and 4 home conference games and the Utes haven't won a road game against a PAC team with a winning record since 1996.

Utah's bowl chances could once again hang in the balance with Utah needing to sweep Washington St and Colorado in their final two games to become bowl eligible.

Cougar Nation #1
Provo, UT

Does whittingham survive another 5-7 season next year?

Its Common Knowledge
Houston, TX

I think the conference wins were more because of a letdown by the competition than they were a result of the Utes playing well. We are in for some rough years and next year will be worse than this year. I hate to say it but I doubt that KW will be coaching the Utes beyond next year.

springville, UT

Wait, Chrissy says no power conference team would ever play Idaho state, must be an reporting error.

Pocatello, ID

Let's be honest here, the outlook rests with Wilson's ability to continue playing. If he is back next year, Utah will be a bowl team. If not, someone has to get really good, really fast.

As for the schedule They will roll Fresno St. with their QB graduation. Michigan is a toss up as you don't know what Michigan team will show up there, the team that played OSU tough, or the team that almost lost to Akron. Oregon St., we play in Corvallis, but they will likely have a new QB and they lose their stud receiver.

O line will be a battle, I hope someone steps up and grabs the LT position so Poutasi can move back to RT. Definitely need more speed on the perimeter, hopefully the young talent steps up, and the 2 JUCO receivers can make an immediate impact. Rumor is that Tevin Carter is scheduled to make it by spring, if he does he will most certainly help in the secondary.

Whit's not going anywhere, he is building this thing right, and getting more resources to keep building.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The receivers dropped more passes than I've ever seen over the course of a season. The only consistent receiver was Jake Murphy and he missed half the season.
A RB like John White and better receivers and the Utes would have been in a bowl game.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Better move Washington over to the loss column. They just hired a coach who's taken Whitt to the wood shed every time they've met.


Whit's candor about the season is refreshing. I think he has a realistic view of how the Utes year went.I would agree that the Utes showed improvement, but so did the Pac-12 as a whole. Both of the Arizona schools were greatly improved as was UCLA, Oregon and Washington State. I was thinking at least two, maybe 3 wins against those schools. I would rather see the Utes go through some growing pains playing quality opponents, than losing to 2 or 3 top tier opponents and still having a winning record by padding the schedule with weaker teams.


Ute fans, get used to tough seasons, and earning every conference win. This is what life is like in a top tier conference.

Utah isn't ready to compete for a conference championship. I have enough respect for the other 11 teams to recognize that the Utes may never be crowned Pac 12 champs. My guess is they will again hover around 0.500 next season.

That being said, I don't miss the MWC days. I looked forward to 11 of Utah's 12 games this season, and I look forward to next season's games with just as much anticipation.

I agree with Coach Whitt's assessment of Utah's needs. Hopefully he find some game-changers before the Utes kick off next season.

Go Utes!

Glendora, CA

When you play in a conference that throws blue chip athletes at you on a weekly basis, what do you expect?

Las Vegas, NV

Is it too late to book some easy in-state wins? We could really use the Cougars and Aggies back on the schedule!

Serenity Now
Highland, UT


That's the irony of Utah's not renewing the BYU game for two years; the stated reason at the time was that it gave Utah one more difficult game among 9 other tough PAC 12 games to play, but Utah has handled BYU the last 4 years so in hindsight Chris Hill and Whit probably wished BYU remained on the schedule. A 6-6 or 5-7 record next year is going to seem even less tolerable/empty to Ute fans if it doesn't include a BYU victory.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And to think we wont have a gimme game against byu.

Playing the hardest schedule in the country would likely not end well for any team.

I'll gladly take a tough schedule now as we continue to establish ourselves in the Pac 12, as it will only benefit the program going forward.

byu and usu would not beat Stanford and take ranked OSU, ranked ASU, ranked UCLA down to the final second.

This program is head and shoulders above the non-AQ programs in our state and I'm proud of what Utah has done in the past decade(As opposed to only being able to brag about 30 years ago) and confident the one and only program with a future in Utah.


Go Utes

Onward and Upward

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

One more year for Whitt. Anything short of a bowl, and it's time to issue his walking papers!

Orem, UT


Dust off another shelf in your hall of fame closet for that coveted SOS trophy.

Playing BYU's schedule, a team that lost to WSU(6-6) and barely beat Colorado(4-8) to end the season, would have been stomped by Texas, crushed by Wisconsin, and beaten by Houston, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Mid Tenn St to finish 5-7, right where U finished with your own schedule.

The truth is, your Stanford win was a total fluke, and you were lucky to beat Utah State and BYU. The Utes were closer to finishing 2-10 than they were to qualifying for a bowl.

The Utes got exactly what they bargained for when they accepted their invitation to the PAC, so stop whining about how hard your schedule is now that you've discovered that you're in over your head... onward and "upward"

4-5, 3-6, 2-7, 1-8, 0-9...


Sitting home for the holidays and not participating in a bowl game again is totally worth being in the PAC 12. I went to the Ute zone and bought some additional pac 12 stickers to hand out to everyone else in my family who also suffer from inferiority complex. It is good remedy, I'm sure everyone who passes my car with my pac 12 flag, pac 12 stickers, pac 12 license plate holder, pac 12 baby on board sign are all jealous that we, us, the Utes, were chosen to be crowned in pac 12 glory. While the Aggies and Cougars are all stressing about practices and their next opponents, us Utes are content sipping out of our pac 12 mugs enjoying pac 12 basketball.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Maybe Whittingham can hire yet another washed-up offensive guru. Sid Gillman or Bill Walsh seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

Highland, UT


Based on your own stated criteria, which is end of season rankings, osu is nowhere near being a ranked team. 5 straight losses and a .500 record will pretty much assure that you won't be ranked. They had a losing record in the pac12 (4-50 and lost to all 3 top 25 teams they played. They actually only finished 1 game better than the abysmal utah team.

Thanks for further exposing your utah "fan' hypocrisy on these matters though. utah "fan" standard states BYU gets no credit for beating a team that is ranked at the time BYU beats them but unranked at seasons end, but utah gets a ton of credit for losing to a team that was breifly ranked during the year but finished nowhere near the rankings at the end of the year. Got it.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Yes, and I too went to the NCAA store in search on an Independent Sticker in support of by friends down south. The guy at the store only laughed at me though. He did tell me that I could custom order a WCCHS sticker though. It must be rough being on the outside looking in.

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