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Published: Sunday, Dec. 8 2013 8:30 p.m. MST

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In, UT

@worf: Check out the Stan Laub Indoor Training Center. It's warm.

One projection last week that had Utah State playing Buffalo (128 Sagarin SoS; 5 OT to beat Stony Brook!). I had hoped for a tougher match up than that and I think we got it.

The loss to BGSU and Sagarin SoS rating of 113 tell us NIU us not *great*, but it looks like a solid match for where the Aggies are now and should be an exciting game. Aggie fans who lived through the Mick Dennehy years are loving the direction of this program right now. This is a tough but winnable game. My navy and white is ready for the day after Christmas. GO AGGIES!

Wellsville, UT

Hope we get two bowl wins from the in state schools. To bad it couldn't of been three.

Go Aggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logan, UT

FWIW, Taysom Hill's running - and all of BYU's run game - wasn't the problem in the BYU game.

Do not misunderstand me: BYU beat us and we lost the game. I am not trying to paint a moral victory.

We lost because we didn't get our heads on straight after Chuckie went down, because Harrisson (good kid, not trying to knock him) isn't a very good QB, and because our secondary made poor choices.

I foresee us holding the run game in check, keeping the score low, but not doing enough on offense to win. I hear Garretson will start the bowl game, though, so I hope McGiven can come up with a good game plan and for gosh sakes make some adjustments if it doesn't work out the way he think it does.

Go Aggies!

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