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Published: Sunday, Dec. 8 2013 1:05 a.m. MST

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Lincoln City, OR


Fredette is far more than just a "Good outside shot Artist"... He can penetrate and dish with the best of them... He can get to the hoop and get to the rim well... He makes the opposing players guard him tight because they have to respect his jumper, which in turn gives his "Bigs" a chance to go one on one and not have to worry about Jummer's man sagging and double teaming or gumming up the paint...

Fredette was a consensus First Team All American in college... Fredette won the Naismith Trophy representative of the best collegate basketball player in America... The Kings traded up to get him... He outdueled players with high marks currently playing in the league (i.e. our own Damian Lilliard who now stars for the Trailblazers)... The problem is that the Kings sacked Coach Westphal 2 games into the season after he was drafted and he has resided in NBA purgatory ever since...

Given a chance Jimmer will be a star along the lines of J Linn... And even if he is "just" a good 3 pt jump shooter, Korver, Redick, and Novak have all made a great living as NBA 3pt specialists.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk 75
Kansas City, KS

Only in the Deseret News comments will you find Jimmer and star used in the same sentence.

@poyman so are you saying if Lillard and Jimmer switched places, Jimmer would be the one with all of the success? Curious to know how you came to that conclusion.

Also those 3 pt specialists you compared him to are all 6 foot 4 and taller. Jimmer is only 6 foot 2. Those two inches mean a lot in being able to get your own shot off and also in which position you will be responsible for defending, something that is not Jimmer's specialty.

Hyrum, UT

As a person Jimmer is a great man. As an NBA basketball player, no defense.

Ogden, UT

Can we please stop with the Jimmer articles. Give it a rest already.

Hyrum, UT

Jimmer is a classy guy who ignores the nay-sayers. He keeps his head up and his mind focused for when his opportunity to succeed comes... and it won't be long. When a person has to wait for that opportunity, they usually appreciate it more... as Jimmer will be doing.

There is a valid reason he was recognized as the NCAA Player of the Year a few years ago. And it won't be long before the Kings organization will regret not giving Jimmer more of chance to have helped them... as he'll be doing for the next team who signs him.
Jimmer has the tools to succeed and will have the last laugh against his critics. Just watch and see!

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

Jimmer is a borderline NBA talent. There are a lot of guys who if a lot of different scenarios were to fall into place could be contributing players on a particular NBA team. There are 360 NCAA division 1 colleges churning out players each year, veterans coming back, and lots of foreign league stars to compete against. I hope the scenarios fall into place for Jimmer. But i doubt that his current playing time is mostly based on a supposed incompetent organization.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am not saying that Jimmer ever will become a super star, but I think he could be a role player on many teams. Sacramento is not exactly a team that you desire to go to for playing time. Beyond that though, I do not claim (as some on here do) to know every little thing about how to succeed in the NBA. We all talk like we know everything about the sport and what not, but let's face it, if we knew so much, why are we on a silly comment board like this? 5'9" overweight men usually don't do much in b ball besides maybe set a mean pick in churchball.

Hyrum, UT

Rock Chalk Jayhawk 75:

Most of you Jimmer critics are probably too young to remember how John Stockton started out in the NBA. He mostly sat on the bench during his first few years. But the Jazz organization was more far-sighted than the Kings ownership is.

There wasn't much applause from Jazz fans when Stockton's name was announced as the Jazz first round pick. Critics said Stockton was too short (same height as Jimmer) and too slow to succeed in the NBA... very similar to what Jimmer critics are now saying.
But when Stockton finally got his chance for substantial playing time a few years later... well, the rest is history.

I'm NOT saying Fredette will be another Stockton. But I am saying there very well could be similarities in their starts in the NBA. And with Jimmer's total lack of NBA playing time so far, there's no way anyone could yet objectively know his full potential. NO ONE!

But hopefully, it will be known soon... with another team as far-sighted as the Jazz owners were a few decades ago when they ignored the critics of their future all-star.

Kearns, UT

Obviously that guys playing in front of Jimmer aren't doing the job or the Kings wouldn't be slightly better than the Jazz. It's time for the coach to stop being dumb and give him a chance. He couldn't do any worse and could actually help them. BTW for Uncle Rico, Jimmers pre-season three point percentage was way better than any starter on his team.

salt lake city, UT

I still have dreams of Jimmer one day playing for an NBA team bought by Mitt Romney and having Danny Ainge has the GM. Now that's a story that would get some coverage by the DNews!


I feel badly for Jimmer. I would have liked to see him do well in the NBA. Maybe some other team.

Maybe with our fasting and prayers the Lord will bless him.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk 75
Kansas City, KS

@Tators that sure is some revisionist history regarding Stockton. He may have played behind The Fastest Of Them All, but that didn't stop him for setting team rookie records for assists, steals, and receiving NBA All Rookie Team votes.

Jimmer can't even get off the bench, and no coach in their right mind is going to keep someone who will help them survive in the NBA nailed to the end of the bench. If anything the Kings have been smart because they also drafted Isaiah Thomas and now future stud SG Ben McLemore, instead of waiting for Jimmer to develop into someone that can provide actual results. Shouldn't have to do that with a Top 10 draft pick.

The reality is at best he can be Steve Kerr or Craig Hodges 2.0 and that is even a stretch.

Hyrum, UT

@ Rock Chalk Jayhawk 75:

To put Stockton's rookie season in a better perspective, he had his lowest overall shooting percentage of his career. His 3-point shooting percentage was only .182 which is almost only half of his overall career average and which was much worse than any year Jimmer has ever had. Stockton even had his worst free-throw percentage to go along with his lowest assist average per game during his rookie year. So don't brag up his rookie year too much.

If Sacramento's management is as smart as you imply, then why have they been mired in the lower tier of the Western Conference for so many years... even with so many different first round lottery picks?
They've hired and fired a different head coach each year Fredette has been there... still with no improvement. And on top of that, Jimmer has better overall per minute stats than other players in front of him at his position.

There's actually no valid reason not to believe Jimmer Fredette will do better with a different organization. He undoubtedly will.

Some people have their critics no matter how well they perform. You seem to be one of Jimmers.

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