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Published: Sunday, Dec. 8 2013 1:05 a.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

by sparse, you mean not at all.
Too bad the Utah Flash don't exist anymore. Jimmer would be one of the most popular guys in D-League history, he'd get to play in Utah county.

He is one of the worst NBA players on one of the worst NBA teams. It is openly known that the Kings are shopping him, but no one is interested.


Jimmer...I hope somehow, someone you know will see this! Regardless in Sactown, youve made the entire Capitol District extremely proud. Keep your head up man! Regardless of what the haters will say! Continue being the class act you are.Trust that your time and proper team will come. Chris Anderson in Miami is a prime example! In closing. Go Foothills. Go Spartans (New York)

Cardston, Alberta

Having read one book about Jimmer I have tons of respect for Jimmer the man he really is. He sure has his head on straight and values in proper focus. I totally admire the work ethic he has displayed in getting to the heights he attained at BYU. There is absolutely nothing of eternal value from the NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, PGA....you name it. Nonetheless, I wish him all the success in his career. He deserves the best.

Lincoln City, OR

I find it boring and sometimes pathetic to see and even once in awhile read the utah trolls hateful comments on Fredette... Jimmer is the antithesis of what these parasites write...

He is not only a great hoops player, but he is as classy of human being as you will find... His parents and his coaches deserve a huge pat on the back for helping to develop such a man... In fact we could all benefit by learning from them...

I try to understand where the Haters come from and why they hate Fredette... But then I remember how badly he worked their team over on the court and for those who don't have the maturity to separate the skill from the rivalry I guess I cancan see where the "hate" comes from...

I anticipate Haws will be the next Cougar hated by the Trolls beginning the evening of the 14th.

Have no Doubts Hoop Fans, Fredette will land on a team next year that will use his talents and he will create a niche that will be revered thoughout the NBA over the next few years... He will twitch many of twine on NBA courts across America.

Roy, UT

Jimmer worked hard to get to the NBA, no one can take that from him, ever. College Player of the Year means just that, great college career. NBA is a different brand of ball, and maybe Jimmer's skill set isn't as geared for it. Hats off to a courageous young man.


"Uncle Rico"...Your statement that Jimmer is one of the worst players in then NBA shows your lack of knowledge regarding all the players in the league. Do your homework!

Mission Viejo, CA

Jimmer, go to Europe. That game is more open and you'll do fine. Living in Europe for a few years is great and you'll make good money. The NBA isn't worth watching anyway. When NBA started becoming goon ball, I stopped watching.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Dec 15th comming up. That is when newly signed players can be traded. Jazz need to pick him up.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

I love the posters that kow so much about the game and yet most likely have never played it, certainly not on the college level. What is there not to like about Jimmer? Given the chance to play on a real NBA team he will do great.

Sandy , UT

Bust much like arujo how long did he last?

South Jordan, UT

The King's coach: "He (Jimmer) was the only Sacramento player to not check into the game Saturday." Why would you not put one last player (local and BYU) in the game when the rafters would have come off if for just a few minutes? Was it a deliberate slam against Utah?

I agree with BlueHusky. Jimmer, go to Europe like Travis Hansen of BYU fame did after his stint with Atlanta. They will respect the great person that you are, cheer the incredible athlete that we know and remember, and you will earn the money you deserve. Thanks for continuing to be a great role model for our kids (actually all of us) even through your adversity.

Game over: NBA, and spoilers!

Burley, ID

Here's one Utah fan who wishes Jimmer Fredette only good will and success. On the right NBA team, he could succeed; unfortunately, he's been stuck in the nether regions of the NBA called the Sacramento Kings.

I'm also a Jazz fan and would have no problem if the Jazz pick him up. I just don't want them to give up too much to get him. Though, in reality, I doubt the Jazz will trade for him. Fredette will become a free agent at the end of the season, at that point, they can make him an offer and see if he's willing to return to the land of his college glory.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


I don't know a single person who hates Jimmer. He was a great college player and conducts himself with class. The issue lies with Jimmer's fans; the ones who can't take off their blue goggles long enough to see that he's simply not NBA material, the ones who can't see that he's not the answer to the Jazz woes. You need to have more than a long-range jumper to play in the NBA...you either need additional offensive weapons or you need to play good D. Jimmer has none of these skills.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Uncle Rico -

If Jimmer had lit me up for 32 in the first half and 47 for the game, like he lit you up, then I probably would be sore like you too. Oh, and if Jimmer hadn't sat out the final 6 minutes of that game, he would have easily made it to 55 or more. Congrats for being the first poster here.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Jimmer couldn't have lit in a worse place than Sacramento. He will work his way out of it in time.

Syracuse, UT

Brave Sir Robin....try reading Uncle Rico's post. Go back and read many of the u fans comments when Jimmer played his college ball. Like many u fans, the hate BYU and anyone who plays for said school.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I careless about nba today which they are mostly greedy people. I wonder how Jimmer brother TJ doing and hoping he is holding together fine. Hard to say which is better, nba or Europe. Europe might be better for now and hone your skill rather than go rotten. Yeah, what a lame not letting Jimmer play any minutes against the Jazz.


re Brave Sir Robin

Apparently you never watched Jimmer Fredette much. Yes, he has long range torching ability but there were numerous times he drove through traffic and underhanded a bucket while getting fouled in the process. Unfortunately the NBA is loaded with many self centered thugs who have made the game totally boring to watch. It would be a relief to see him land on a team who would give him minutes. He has produced whenever given the opportunity, college, or NBA. I can't help wondering where your evaluation credentials originated and why you haven't been hired as a NBA scout.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I'm pretty sure Jimmer has played his last minute in the worst town in the NBA. The Kings will trade him, sometime between the middle of Dec and the trade deadline. He's never been given a chance by the pathetic Kings organization and they deserve the team they have. Without Favors and Marvin, they barely beat the bad Jazz.


Where do I start? Great, respectful post by ute alumni. Again I'm amazed at the hate Jimmer gets from some of our friendly Ute fans. He's a classy guy. He's never said anything negative about the U of U and believe me he's had a lot of opportunities. He's a positive guy, team player, loves the sport and is amazingly entertaining. Nobody, including Jimmer has any illusions he's going to be on an all star team, but man, he would be a great roll player for a decent coach like Popavich or Doc Rivers. Good luck Jimmer! Still love watching you do what you do. Wish we had more or a chance to see you. Free Jimmer!!!! By the way, he would be a terrible fit for the Jazz. Management would be dumb to bring him here. If he succeeds, he would still get booed by the majority of U fans. If he does poorly, many Jimmer or BYU fans would criticize Corbin for not playing him enough. No win situation if the Jazz signed him.

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