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Published: Friday, Dec. 6 2013 6:15 p.m. MST

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Next year will be even better, and their senior year will be off the chart. Good times ahead for the Cougars.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Yeah, Tom (and Dick), my son and I are having fun prognosticating too. Bad news, next year is a much less challenging schedule. Good news, should be an offensive dream come true.

One game at a time, especially teams from Texas, and we just COULD end up undefeated. Still on the outside looking in because of schedule, but causing people to look over their shoulder and say, "who ARE those guys?"

Then their senior year, we appear to have another decently solid schedule. And a senior quarterback. Plus a running back who should be well on his way to becoming the Cody Hoffman of his class.

Really can't let no ankle biters wipe the grin off my face!

Danbury, CT

Another nice journey of statistical hypotheticals. These guys are great to watch, and I would expect (correct use of the word here, Dick) Hill and Williams would have finished number 1 in the MWC. But against the kind of teams in the PAC 12 and Big 12, they would have never attained this kind of yardage, as witnessed by the games vs. Utah, Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

The more troubling aspect of this is why our QB needed to run so often. Hill's a great athlete, but I suspect his yardage totals have more to do with not having an offensive scheme that gets Hoffman or Apo open, or that throws to the tight ends or backs. Hill never had time to read the defense and didn't progress much in this aspect over the season. The hurry-up was just a gimmick in the end. Our guys were going fast but couldn't really execute so it was absolutely pointless.

Can we honestly say the hurry-up led to more points or yardage? If not, then it needs to be junked. There was no advantage because our line and QB couldn't execute.

Conclusion: the sooner we lose Anae, the better.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How would they do in a conference like the Mountain West Conference? We'll see next year.

How would they do in a major conference? We'll never know.

Granstville, UT

While we're playing the "what if" game, let's try this one; what if they were actually in a conference, any conference, so an 11-1 season could mean they actually had a shot at a BCS bowl game. As it stands now, it doesn't matter if they finish 11-1 or 6-6, they go to the same lower level bowl game. While conference teams with 2 or 3 losses are placed in the higher profile bowls.

So, all we have left at the end of the season is playing the "what if" game.

Park City, UT

Next year's team could be very good if BYU can develop a solid offensive line and Anae gets a little more imaginative with his play calling on 1st down and in the blue zone.

As Y Grad / Y Dad said, an undefeated season likely wouldn't get BYU into the playoff, but it could lead to a high Top 10 finish and establish BYU as a serious contender in 2015, just as BYU's 11-1, #7 finish in 1983 set the table for BYU's national championship run in 1984.

South Jordan, UT

I think the independence does the players a huge disservice. Without an individual conference ranking their draft stock it seriously damaged. Take Matt Reynolds heading, into his senior year after 3 years of recognition and awards in the MWC he was being projected as a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick (albeit he was way overrated but that furthers my point). But then BYU goes independent and struggles and with no conference awards he was just another dude on another below average team and he goes undrafted in an epic draft stock free fall.

As opposed to Star Lotuleilei who got recognition and went in the first round.

Independence may be helping BYU make more money but it's causing the players to lose tons of money in their future careers.

But then again College football loves making money at the players expense...

Highland, UT


Fail. Ziggy Ansah got no previous season accolades, no pre season accolades, didn't even start the first several games, was never in a conference at all, and was basically a complete unknown, and all he did was get drafted as the #5 overall pick, far, far above star lotuleilei.


Salt Lake City, UT

This is dumb.

If they were in the PAC and its style of defense, (i am not a Ute troll)....no way they make it anywhere near thier numbers. Have to play 9 as good as or better foes (like ND and Wisconsin). No Idaho staes or weber states or porous Houston defenses.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Who are you: "How would they do in a major conference? We'll never know."

As opposed to the Utes. We know exactly their performance in a major conference, in all sports, three years running. Not pretty.

And that's before Washington added a football coach who owns Kyle Whittingham and the U.

Mission Viejo, CA

Conference schmonference. BYU is on TV every week. They played high profile games. Their players were seen by the fans of every team they played. BYU is getting more respect than ever. ND and Penn State went to big bowl games as independents. When Penn State joined the Big 10, they disappeared.

BYU has a much better chance of a big bowl game than most teams in a conference.

Just win, baby.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

They would have be #1 fer sure.

Plano, TX

It doesn't matter if you don't beat everyone. Seriously, when you're not in a conference, you better win every chance you get to play and BYU just didn't show well this year against VA and that school that was the bottom of the PAC. Those games are MUST wins. The team motto for next season ought to be "FINISH EVERY PLAY", because they were just barely better than good regardless how many yards 2 guys rushed for.

gilbert, AZ

A good article. BYU really needs a light schedule like next year, so maybe they can run the table or come close to it to try to get into a major conference just like utah did for two different seasons.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Blue Husky "When Penn State joined the Big 10, they disappeared."

Penn St. Joined the Big 10 23 years ago. Not exactly current newsworthy information for any comparison. They joined to avoid the problem BYU faces as an independent today.

As a member of the Big 10 they have played in and won the Rose Bowl, two Fiesta Bowls and the Orange Bowl, among many others. Not exactly a disappearing act. Everyone knows why they haven't been heard of lately and it has nothing to do with joining a conference.

Riverton, UT

They would have had no where near as many yards in the PAC-12. I am not sure how you would account for that in your story but, that is one glaring point that is missing from the speculation about where these 2 backs would rank in the PAC-12. The yards BYU gained vs. their scheduled opponents vs. a PAC-12 schedule would be significant. That does not take away that they had a great year. Nice runing guys!

Saint George, UT


I see you only managed to capitalize Ziggy Ansah's name but not Star Lotulelei's. Subtle slight. Did your Shift button break or are you just that jealous that Utah had yet another 1st round pick? Also, I doubt anyone would count the 5th pick as being "far far above" the 14th pick. 9 spots is hardly "far far above."

Checking past drafts I see BYU's last first rounder was Rob Morris in 2000. It had been 13 years since BYU had had a first round pick. I guess that gives you the right to feel insecure since Utah had Jordan Gross go in the first round (8th overall) in 2003, Alex Smith went 1st overall in 2005, and then Star last year. Also, in that time, Utah had six players taken in the second round, several of which have gone on to be Pro Bowlers. BYU had 3 2nd round picks, none of which are still in the league.

BYU has some things to be proud of and they even do some things better than Utah. But it's very sad to believe they hold any sort of superiority when it comes to the NFL Draft.

Salt Lake City, UT

This article was written tounge in cheek - right?

Sandy , UT

Pipe dreams by dick Harmon. Byu should try to get back into the mwc. After all they built their reputation by beating the sisters of the poor. They would not last a full season in a premier conference. They lack depth and athleticism in many of the skill positions. Stay were you belong byu on the outside looking in.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"drafted as the #5 overall pick, far, far above star lotuleilei."


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