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Published: Friday, Dec. 6 2013 3:05 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Great story, great photos.

Honolulu, HI

I loved this article. What a wonderful way to serve and share. Merry Christmas!

Billings, MT

I love these missionaries...especially my daughter who is one of them!
Their enthusiasm is inspiring!

Gonzales, LA

Bless those wonderful Missionaires that go about doing good and blessing the lives of so many, for standing for righteousness, service, love, kindness and a chance to share the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. My heart is so tender toward these young men and young women who forgo college scholar ships in things they have worked for to serve others. May the Lord Bless each of you and your families as you go about doing good, may the Holy Ghost bear witness of the truthfulness of all things as you bear your testimonies. I had 2 of my daughters serve missions and I can not begin to tell you the blessings what those missions brought into our lives. All of you parents who have taught your children to share and love others, who took the time to study the scriptures, hold family home evenings, daily prayer, seminary and projects that showed Christ like giving will be blessed beyond measure not only in this life but in the life to come. Jesus is the Christ, I bear witness he loves each of us and desires only good for us,in his Holy name Amen

Danbury, CT

What a great story and loved the pictures...we love our missionaries!!

Pleasant Grove, UT

An excellent idea for getting people to stop and talk. I suspect it will result in far more positive contacts than going door to door, as those who stop are already open to discussions. Those who aren't interested or are hostile simply keep going without anyone getting a door slammed in his face.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

When I was in the mission field in England it snowed one day. They do not get a lot of snow so just a little bit brought traffic to a halt. Never did see a plow or salt or sanding. We put out books in our bike bags and started helping people get their cars unstuck and going again. On the perticular corner we were at there were many slick spots. So instead of knocking on doors we spent the entire day helping the people with their cars. Many offered to pay for our service but we did not accept but let them know who we were. You don't see two young men in suits doing that sort of thing. We did not have badges in those days but the people knew who we were and helped us in many ways. Good job Elders and Sisters..

West Jordan, UT

Delighted to read about our dear friends who are the senior missionary couple mentioned in the article, some of the best people I've ever known!

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Little Andy" has it right. If you want to influence people and have them pay attention to your message, it's deeds and not words that will work best. People will remember "those nice young men who helped me when I was stuck" far more than they will remember yet another pair of people knocking on their door.

Taylorsville, Utah

"Let your light so shine..." was the charge given by the savior. There are a varieties of way we can shine that light. With those missionaries shoe shinning. Those people will be able to see where they're walking in the dark.

Love this story. Thank you for sharing

retired lds
San Lorenzo, CA

The photograph immediately caused me me to think of the Savior washing the feet of his disciples. I am always touched by the creativity of others, which I lack, to know how to reach people immediately around us in wondrous ways. I also thought of the many people living in Harlem, and their ancestors, who not that long ago were relegated to demeaning service [servitude] positions. I am ashamed there are people who still believe and will occassionally voice their opinion that "they" should still be in that station of life. Would that that station in life were universally banished. That is what the Savior taught! Merry Christmas and Happly Holidays!!!

Bakersfield, CA

Yes, very sweet service from lovely missionaries.

On the doctrinal side, however, are the emissaries giving their full history of doctrinal changes and extra-Biblical theology? Black Harlam was a hard sell in pre-1978 Mormon gospel presentation.

I always strive to keep the charity and good works of Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, et al, separate from the huge doctrinal distinctions. To that end, we follow LDS and other extra-Biblical "Christian" missionaries with factual pamphlets on their complete doctrines. It would be helpful if all missionaries would provide full disclosure of their beliefs, but that does not always happen.

But in these kind and much-needed services, I applaud all these actions.

Aurora, CO

As our history becomes more public, this might be the only approach we have for drawing converts.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Beats knocking doors when nobody is home anyway.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What a tremendous service! It's great to see such important work for people who need the help!

Cardston, Alberta

Can I gently suggest you go to authoritative sources for truth and actual fact of LDS Doctrine. Where you feel we may differ, can you not afford we Latter-Day Saints the same respect we extend to you. I would NEVER attempt to distort your deeply-held beliefs and values.

Cardston, Alberta

Wonderful examples of service. I, too, thought of the Savior washing the feet of His Disciples.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@ Bakersfield:

I would offer a reminder that you do not get to decide what writings other churches hold sacred. Mormons have the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and D&C. We Jews have the Talmud in addition to what you call the "Old Testament". Catholics have the Apocrypha. There is no reason for any of us, when discussing our beliefs, to begin by offering a listing of what books we hold sacred or how we differ from what someone in Bakersfield believes to be correct. The fact that you have limited your beliefs to a particular book does not automatically make all other beliefs wrong or require some special "disclosure" before talking to anyone about what we believe.

Saint George, UT

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to spread The Word. It would be nice to see a follow up on this activity.

Cardston, Alberta

I have never feared our history becoming public except in those instances where cloaked in untruth and outright lies by designing men. Learned leaders are able to dispel falsehoods to those who are sincerely interested in the truth. Spiritual things require understanding by the Holy Spirit. Failing the influence and witness of the Holy Spirit, it may well be a long battle to dispel false allegations from past history. Keep on shining shoes! Let your light shine through service and through genuine love.

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