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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Lets check the facts
Albuquerque, NM

Wow the flood gates are open. At this rate the US will be at 2.6% of its 7M goal by the end of 2014 and it will only take 37.5 years to get to the 7M goal.

Wilf 55

Solidarity requires that we sustain the ACA for the many people that could otherwise not afford health care. This is how it works in all advanced nations. It's easy to mock the initial problems, but such irony does not show understanding for those who need affordable health care.

west jordan, ut

If affordable healthcare is what people want them give that to them but don't mandate everyone participate or pay a penalty. If someone wants to take the chance that is up to them. Communist or socialist countries mandate and that's what this country is turning to. Trust me, this is just the first issue, soon we will all have to deal with Hilary and if we think this is bad, wait until she takes over. The entitlement society we live in is going to destroy those who have worked hard for their retirements because our government allows them. The debts to our country do not get smaller when we decide to fund everything and provide everything to the people. This should never be a government run issue.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

This is a government site. Give it a few days and it'll crash, just like Obamacare.


Have you noticed that the DN articles seem to minimize the negatives of the ACA and report only what they consider positives? I believe they are displaying a political bias in their staff reporting on this horrible law that the majority of Americans don't want. I guess they must think that if you report something often enough that we might begin to believe it. If that sounds like propaganda, it should. I wonder if this post will even be "passed" since other posts of mine criticizing the ACA and the democrats who foisted this on the American people have been rejected.

Sandy, UT

You know it has to be good when the government forces you to buy. With the flood gates open and 321 people having insurance, I wonder how many do not have jobs (and thus insurance) under the act. Most small business owners are either putting off hiring or letting people go because of the premium rate increases in the private sector.

I initially thought that the proponents of the ACA were blind to the fact that the increased cost of insurance with all of the mandates would cause business owners to drop company health plans. However with the number of people now getting medicaid or heavily subsidized insurance, I am becoming convinced that this was the plan all along. We are moving to a government health care system just as other countries are trying to get out of theirs. We are $17, 000, 000, 000, 000 in debt and we want the government to give out more benefits. Welcome to Socialism.

Sandy, UT

I wonder how many of the 7 million they hope will sign up are from the 5 million who lost their insurance and now have to pay higher premiums for benefits they do not want.

salt lake city, utah

....law that the majority of Americans don't want. Sorry not true. The percent of Americans that like this law or want single payer is well over 50% now that they've actually seen the benefits, and those who oppose the law are well below 50%.


Perhaps the author of this article should say how many people have actually PAID for their policies as they are not effective until being paid for. Unless I've missed the announcement, there is no way for them to do that and no date when it will even be attempted. Since they haven't started to work on that minor thing.

Looking pretty isn't the same as actually working from end-to-end. It's BROKE until they can actually bill and accept payments? Can you imagine Amazon claiming their site is working but not able to take real orders--oh, but it does look good enough for most people. Would be hard to stay in business that way--oh, it's the government, they don't need to stay in business. They just legislate themselves more trucks full of cash and go on their wastful ways.

Ogden, UT

This is not Health Care this is income redistribution. And from what has been reported your personal information is at great risk.Obama does not care about that as all he is focused on is control of 1/6 of the economy.


You are right on.

Hitler said

Make the Lie Big
Make it simple
Keep saying it and eventually they will beleive it.

Obama msut have read that.

west jordan , UT


got to realclearpol and you will find that most Americans do not want this law or a single payer system, what are you smoking?

Bytheway having lived in two countries that have this sort of healthcare system I can say it does not work.
Seeing people wait months for operations that are needed right away is a scary thing to watch.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@Wilf 55

Like you I feel for those who cannot afford adequate health care. My compassion for these people require that I oppose the Unaffordable Care Act. This thing was never designed to help these people. I is making things worse.

Regardless of who pays for health care it only makes sense to fight to reduce the actual costs of health care.

Some people can afford only a used VolksWagon, others can afford to buy a new Cadillac. Obama Care forces everyone, regardless of budget, to buy a Cadillac. Let's give people a choice.

Many things can be done to reduce the cost of health care. A full 20% of the nations health care bill is malpractice insurance premiums. Another 20% is defensive medicine. Reasonable reforms could save billions.

Emergency Room abuse is another major cost. I know an ER doctor. Old ladies come in because they are lonely and want to talk with a young handsome doctor. One guy goes there for free Tylenol. Many people who could afford insurance don't buy it because they can get free treatment at the ER.

These are just a few reforms that could make a massive difference.

Ogden, UT


You are correct. Most Americans are in favor of Healthcare Reform but most are not in favor of this law.

The poll I like best is the Harvard Poll where most young people want Obama recalled. Oh how I wish.

Orem, UT

Duh: "If affordable healthcare is what people want them give that to them but don't mandate everyone participate or pay a penalty."

You don't understand. Under Obamacare, the ONLY way to make healthcare "affordable" for millions of Americans who previously didn't have health insurance is to make millions of other people pay for it. If grandpa needs a $100,000 operation and doesn't have health insurance, we need to get 100 young healthy people to contribute $1000 each toward his care (plus pay for all the government bureacracy to transfer the money).

The way it is set up, it is just a wealth redistribution plan. Most young people are all for wealth redistribution when the wealth belongs to some Wall Street fat cat. They are not so enthused when it is their own wealth that is about to be redistributed to older Americans.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think it's funny that some are commenting against the mandate when they presumably voted in 2012 for a guy who put a health insurance mandate in his healthcare plan (Mitt Romney). The reason the mandate is in there (Obama initially opposed it, Clinton supported it in her campaign while Romney defended his in 2008) is because if you're going to require insurance companies to take on the sick people by ending bans on "pre-existing conditions" then premiums would spike unless you also get the healthier uninsured into the system to balance it out. Also, Romney argued that this is a matter of personal responsibility and that the mandate is there so that people aren't free-riding off emergency care without putting money into the system. It was estimated that the average family paid around 1,000 a year in insurance costs just to pay for the funding for those who are uninsured and declare bankruptcy.

Ogden, UT


Rasmussen reports that 81% of Americans think Obamacare should be repealed or changed.

Durham, NC

@JoeCapitalist.... what you say here is how all insurance companies work.... with or without Obamacare. That little 70 year old lady who drives 20 miles per hour under the limit.... she is subsidizing the cost of your insurance too. You are redistributing her money to cover your insurance.

So what are you proposing? That everyone pay proportional to their cost? Teenager insurance would sky rocket in cost. Healthcare cost for newborns would go through the roof. Elderly care would be completely unaffordable by all. If you want to extend this beyond insurance to government... no one would be able to afford to have anything more than a kid or two at the most. The expense of schooling would devastate all but the most well off households.

This crazy notion of redistribution of wealth is absurd. In every aspect of life, there is pricing averaging going on. No one is paying the real cost of goods or services sold specific to their transaction. The dude on a business trip is subsidizing the cost of the family across the isle of the plane because he likely paid double what they did for the same flight.

Cost averaging is a fact of life.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Most all of the people of Utah will qualify for a subsidy.

Guess who gets to PAY for the subsidies? Hint: its not the "rich" or the "poor"; rather its all of us in the middle income brackets.

Obamacare WILL prove to be the largest tax increase in history.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I wonder why they shared the gentleman of Salt Lake City his monthly cost and not his deductible. I guess if they did they would be reporting a crime.

I never knew flood gates meant 600+ people. That is a leftest version of flood gates.

Saratoga Springs, UT


Are you for real? Are you still riding the Romney thing. This is completely different from what Romney did in a State. Even Romney will say himself, it is not the same idea. And simply, why do I have to fund the lazy and unwilling? If you are uninsured you still get medical care, if you can't afford it all right away I have yet to see a hospital that will not accept payments, and they will discount the charge for being a cash pay patient. I am not quite sure you even understand what ObamaCare does to the American people. It weakens the strong, and promotes free loading.

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