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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 4 2013 10:32 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

No mention of Van Noy?

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Not in a story about safeties. For references to Van Noy, check every other article written about any aspect of BYU over the last two years.

This article reminds us that there are quite a few sensational players on the current BYU team. If Vany Noy were not at BYU, we would likely refer to Uani Unga as the best linebacker since Brett Keisel. And the absolute vacuum of print regarding Hadley's mustache further demonstrates how focused media has been on a few key individuals.

I understand the focus. A new broadcasting team comes to town (ABC, ESPNU, ESPN2, CBS SN, NBC) in their few days to prepare for the game they will pick maybe five players to follow throughout the game.

The regular season is completed. This is a good time to look at players that would be considered extraordinary by typical BYU standards if not for the uncommon abilities of a few of their teammates. I take JD Falslev. Despite injuries, he has been a versatile and steady contributor throughout his career. He certainly deserves a few paragraphs of print to memorialize his contribution.

What other players have excelled in the shadows of a few?


@USNGary, the article is about BYU's Safeties, not Linebackers.

With that said, if I was a Safety I would want to play with KVN3, he's amazing!

Salt Lake City, UT

You might want to choose another picture to prove your point. The dude just caught a touchdown pass on our safety.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu has had some decent safeties, but not corners. Why do you guys think that is, that byu never has any NFL caliber corners? And arguing recruiting pool doesn't make sense, since byu recruits linebackers and QB's just fine. Why no great corners?

Ogden, UT

Chris B,Utah has had some decent walk ons, but not any good quarterbacks. Why do you think that is?

You would think being in such a prestigious elite pac 12 conference that Coach Whit and the boys would know that it is important to have a powerful offense with a great quarterback at the lead. Defense is so last decade.

Back to square 1 trying to find a good quarterback, if i was a U of U fan i would be pulling my hair out going through the same ole year after year after year

Thank goodness I'm not, i have a full head of hair.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

For the first time ever on a BYU article I actually agree with Chris b... For whatever reason our D is always amazing but the corners aren't up to par... It looked like it might be different this year until we had unfortunate early injuries... Oh we'll go destroy WA in the bowl game and get ready for next year!!

Cheyenne, WY

I imagine that BYU has a hard time getting high caliber corners because they have no history of placing them in the NFL ans BYU's current defensive scheme will only get a great corner in the NFL.
The average NFL corner is big, fast and played tight man coverage in college. BYU runs a base cover 6 scheme with very limited man coverage not the best training aspect for the NFL.
BYU's scheme also requires run stoppers at the Field Corner (that is the #1 priority) so the first thing you would look to recruit is a run stopping corner.
I personally think a tight man corner with a fast outside linebacker would be better, but the way BYU tries to leverage the running and rushing games it is most important to have a run stopping corner.
History and scheme I think hurts BYU.

Highland, UT

I had a conversation about BYU's safeties earlier in the season, it might have even been pre season I can't remember for sure, with some of the utah "fans" around here. stg specifically comes to mind although motorbike might have been part of it.

I think it was stg that claimed BYU's entire secondary was terrible, not a good player in it, and I told him both safeties were studs, better than anything utah has at safety. He went off on some eric rowe tangent, who by the way has had a terrible year, and made a point of telling me that he'd come back at the end of the year when BYU's safeties turned out to be as bad as he claimed.


Mission Viejo, CA

I think Chris B has a good point and BeSmart gave a plausible answer.

One other point that I would make is that Bronco emphasizes tackling. I remember all too well watching the corners try to knock a runner out of bounds instead of tackling him. BYU plays off the line, conceding the short pass, but clobbering the receiver. So this does increase the probability of a break away on a missed tackle, but greatly reduces the probability of a bomb over the corner.

Given the BYU defensive numbers since the MWC days, when TCU, for example, would toast BYU D Backs, I think Bronco has a pretty good scheme. Changing emphasis from 3 and outs to holding the score down is good. BYU has been very hard to score on even by good offensive teams. And option teams? Well, fuggetaboutit.

As for speed, well, since independence we're seeing some pretty good defensive speed. I think BYU is getting better players now than ever.

And BYU defensive guys are hitters. Big time.

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure why so many commenters like to get off track and talk about corners instead of safeties, since the article is about safeties. Bills has been very good, and I think Sorensen has a real shot at an NFL roster next year, even if just on special teams where he was amazing. I'm guessing Badger will fill his spot next year.

For U who don't think we have great corners and want to talk about it, remember how many we lost to injury and MLB. I thought the third stringers did a decent job this year, especially Daniel. I don't think they cost us any games. Wait until next year with Johnson, Trammell, Daniel and Lee. It may be the strongest we've ever been at corner.

The future is bright for Cougar football. I predicted 8 wins this year, and I'm predicting 10 next year. I'm also predicting the Utes will be 4-8. I bet Whit is wishing he would have scheduled Evergreen (like Krystko) instead of Michigan.

Cardston, Alberta

@broken arrow
Seems to me Keisel only played D.E. at BYU. In my research I could find no mention of him at linebacker for BYU.

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