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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 4 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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Saratoga Springs, UT

When people compare Mike Lee to Ronald Reagan I have to wonder if they even had an idea about Ronald Reagan. There is such a universe of huge differences between the two.

Lets just say, Mike Lee "ain't no Ronald Reagan". In most peoples eyes, he is a total failure to the Republican Party, A failure to the United States of America and a Failure to Utah. I think the great state of Utah will learn its lesson.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:LDS Liberal

Interesting that you found Reagan so appealing. Reagan was very vocal as far back as the early 1970's regarding socialized medicine being the gateway to Socialism in America and warning people to recognize it and avoid it like the plague. It was Reagan also that preached "bold colored" conservatism and not pale pastels. Reagan did articulate his message well but the bottom line is his policies worked while those of liberal Jimmy Carter had failed miserably. Reagan and his "its morning in America again" commercials worked also with people because Americans were going back to work in BIG numbers not like the phony and false happy talk from Barack and Harry which America has now found to be a pack of deliberate lies (if you like your insurance you can keep it). Today Reagan would be labeled as a right wing nut by the main stream media and the far left politicians just like Ted Cruz. Reagan's conservative principles are timeless and worked in the 80's just like they would work toady. Good is good and bad is bad regardless of the decade where it is applied.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Saint George, UT
LDS Liberal: Although a screaming liberal progressive, your scathing "defense" of the Republican is not only humorous and ironic,


Do you know what I find humorous and ironic?

Kathleen Parker is spot on in her analysis of the GOP in this article,
and rather than refute or debate what everything she says,
you decide to go after me.

FYI -- I happen to be a member of the largest voting block,

We didn't leave the Republican Party in 1988,
The Republican Party left us.

One other thing.

Reagan won by a 98% landslide because he had the Republican vote,
AND the Moderate and Independant vote,
AND a good chunk of the Democrats vote.

Big Tent, Blue Dogs.

The Republicans are surround by their own circular Tea-Party firing squad.

You might want to reconsider.

Cambridge, MA

To "Blue" that is good. I don't want government coming up with any more solutions. Every time they "fix" something we end up programs we can't support and even more problems that need fixing.

To "LDS Liberal" I would take Ronal Reagan now over anybody else running. The funny thing about the things that you mention that he did that were not very conservative is the fact that he did them as part of a compromise with Democrats. He compromised with the democrats to get the military funding he wanted. They promised to fund his programs, and would cut funding to their programs in the next budget. They never did cut their funding.

The emergency treatment laws were tacked onto a law that Reagan wanted that allowed you to continue to pay the premiums on your employer health insurance to stay covered.

Learn some history. Reagan never banned assault weapons. That was a 1994 law enacted by Clinton.

The amnesty Reagan did was a compromise with Democrats to get more border security. He didn't want it but gave it so that the Democrats would support him

From Reagan we should learn that Democrats will lie.

Saint George, UT

Lds liberal: Ronald Reagan did increase federal spending and thee other things that you mentioned. However, he did not give amnesty to undocumented immigrants. He welcomed them as I do, wholeheartedly, but legally. His visioning Had nothing to do with amnesty and everything to do with welcoming them legally. The democrats don't believe in responsibility and the republicans have their own issues with that that aren't much better. As far as federal spending, Reagan increased it with policies that increased productivity that Barack Obama would be as an ant standing by an elephant. It is what happens when you understand that government needs to get out of the way of the creative genius called a free American.

Saint George, UT

Blue:there is a difference now over 50 years ago. No one cared 50 years ago about the dangers of socialism, and for LDS members, it didn't even matter that one of their own prophets spoke out about it. times are a changing , however, and now the sleepyheads are starting to wake up. socialism is, in the end, anti-god and by any measure, B.O. And many of our leaders are socialists too. the patriots are standing up, so you can do all you want to silence us, but we are not going away-ever!

Layton, UT

It is absolutely impossible to be an LDS Liberal. There is no such thing that can exist...the abortion plank of the Democratic Party alone goes against everything the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints teaches.

durwood kirby
South Jordan, UT

Big news event...Tea Party loves Mike.

Taylorsville, UT

Mike Lee, stand your ground and have faith in the truth of the endorsement of the american citizens who believe in our constitution and our bill of rights and the declaration of independence are divine inspiration to the creation of this nation. Manifest Destiny created what left wing democrat socialist and right wing republican bureaucrats want to destroy.

We the people own this country, not radicals or extortionist or corporate america or welfare socialist. Welfare or health care or personal greed is not a guaranteed government obligation. Independence and free enterprise and pursuit of happiness by self sufficiency is what it means to have freedoms.

If the left and right wing want socialism and corruption then move to Russia or Cuba and you can see what it means to be government dependents. The equality of socialism means you have nothing, no hope, no money, no freedoms.

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