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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 8:35 a.m. MST

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deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Top 10 matchup for BYU tomorrow.

Current RPI Rankings

#1 UMass(7-0)
#9 BYU(6-2)

Go Cougars!

Provo, 00

PAC Man,

No complaint when they actually drive BEFORE the defense has shifted and formed a wall to stop them.


UMass wins this one. Too many ( I need to shoot the ball now ) players on this Y team.

Sandy, UT

Ufan - I think we understand. Its ok for byu fans to have a double standard but no ok for Ute fans to do the exact same? Got it.

Sandy, UT

I give byu as much credit for their close losses as byu fans gave to Utah for their close losses in football this year. Pot meet kettle.

Mcallen, TX

As a kid, my cousin and I argued about cars.

I liked Chevys and he liked Fords. We even got into a fist fight over this.

Today, I drive a Toyota, and he drives a Chevy. We laugh about the old days.

Debating the utes, and cougs is fun, but irrelevant. It's competitive, but we're not the ones on the field making the plays.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


Who are U kidding; not only do you not give BYU any credit for closes to very good teams, you do everything possible to minimize every win.

btw, this is a BYU basketball article; it has nothing to do with football, which, for U, is already over.

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