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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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Medical Lake, Washington


Your comment certainly gave me things to ponder. Another possibility were for me to have functioning mammary glands so that I could feed our young children without needing to rely on my wife and she could be free to pursue a wider range of activities.

I don't mean to sound flippant, but I have noticed that in society the strategy seems to be to make the other person obsolete. We don't need traditional 'bread winners' in our homes any more since both husband and wife can work -- and that is fine, but we seem to have also reached the point where we no longer need fathers in order to procreate, and we are quickly arriving at a point where we no longer need mothers either. As we evolve into a society that no longer needs anyone but ourselves, then what is left, and indeed, we may as well be left alone. Holding the priesthood doesn't make me better than my wife, it helps make me more useful to her. She can cure a sick cow, and more importantly doctors my children without needing consecrated oil. Let me be at least of some worth to my family.

Potsdam, 00

@ Thinkman

I understand you'r saying, the believing member of the church needs reinforcements...

I disagree to the above "Swimmer" that we need testimony meetings to have spiritual feedings.
We don't need to tell each other what we know, we should use humility.
The purpose of testimony is to encourage others to seek their own testimony.

And Testimony is invited like this :
Knowing by the BM/HG that ....is true, is also very hard work to get there.
We need to humble ourselves, repent of our sins, have a forgiving spirit, and prove to God that our intentions are honest to seek answers from above, then stick to it and respect the holiness of these spiritual manifestations. We share testimonies to encourage others to seek the same.
If we had known truth by listening to testimonies, we would rely on others to know truth (not good), but we need to be self-relying on God (good). Other churches also seek truth by prayer.
That testimony meetings are less then perfect, is known in church, we are just normal people.

Potsdam, 00

Talking about roles ...

People who disagree to this LDS VIEW, should realize, that we are not talking about the role in society. Keep in mind that Priesthood and Womanhood are just a mirror reflection of things in heaven, much not known to us.All of us are in the dark here.
All we know now, is we were created this way. let's agree to this.

So the normal LDS person is running a test on earth how things go with priesthood and motherhood.
If they want the higher blessings in heaven, they need to learn how to use their given talents and gifts.

That does not mean, if the mother is absent, he can't do both or if he is, she can't.
There have been female prophets and female leaders etc., but the kids do need that nourishing special person, and most the time it is the mother.

In terms of intelligence, woman and man are alike capable of doing both jobs.
However, Adam and Eve were our set example for this, I would not want to miss on them.
And this church would hardly be without them.


I doubt I would agree with Sister Dew on every interpretation of the Gospel and various aspects of the Priesthood that she has (she is not, after all, a prophet), but it would be interesting to hear her perspective—and presumably, her rebuttal of Mormon feminists—nevertheless.

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