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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 10:35 p.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah

Since 1976 when D1 was formed, independence has not worked for teams like:

Florida State
Penn State
Georgia Tech
Boston College

Can't see how Indy benefits BYU in the long term. What happens if the Big 5 splits to creates a higher tier of college football? Does BYU still prefer being Indy then?

Long term success requires BYU football to join a Big 5 league.

let's roll


Independence "didn't work" for Miami? They won their first three national championships as an independent.

Didn't work for FSU? They were ranked in the top 5 in the polls each of their last six years as an independent.

Didn't work for Penn State? Penn State's football program had its heyday (and undefeated season) as an independent. Need I go on?

Being an independent didn't prevent any of these schools from being national powerhouses in football.
The fact that they ultimately opted to join a conference doesn't change the fact that they did just fine as independents.

And if the landscape of college football changes, BYU is in a great position to adapt to those changes. And change is inevitable. It's hard to characterized five conferences as "Top 5" conferences when there are only 4 seats at the playoff table. If a conference championship doesn't get you an automatic bid into the playoff, it's hard to say there's anything special about that conference.

If the playoff were this year, using the ranking, only 3 conferences would be represented.

Park City, UT

"What happens if the Big 5 splits to creates a higher tier of college football?"

Nothing. It's never going to happen.

The playoff will expand to 8 teams within 3 or 4 years, then a decent schedule with an undefeated or one-loss season would put BYU into the thick of playoff contention.

Indy benefits BYU in ways that are far beyond the narrow-minded view of programs that live in the reflected light of their big conference brothers.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@let's roll

That wasn't the point. The point was if Indy was so great then those teams would still be Indy. Even ND has a five game contract with the ACC.

Highland, UT

Well uteology at this point there isn't even a debate about whose been better served with their new affiliation, BYU or utah. BYU has been to 3 straight bowl games as an idependent, utah has spent 2 straight years sitting on the couch. BYU has been to the NCAA tourney in basketball 1 year and went to the NIT final 4 the next in basketball, and looks to be an NCAA team again this year. utah has been nothing but a basketball loser and has not played in any sort of post season whatsoever. BYU has won a couple of National Championships in some of the minor sports and a couple of 2nd place national finishes as well. utah has, well the womens volleyball team is making the first appearance for utah in post season play in any sport other than gymnastics.

I don't know about you but I prefer the winning, post season play, and national championships, that BYU has provided BYU fans with over the last 3 years than the angst and losing utah "fans" have received from utah. But hey you're in the pac12 right? You get to celebrate all those other schools accomplishments. Sounds awesome.

Surfers Paradise, AU

I am sure that the PAC12 is reconsidering the investment in U and CU. Neither program has contributed anything financially to the postseason. At least Utah State and BYU have made financial sense for the respective school and conference.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Indy benefits BYU in ways that are far beyond the narrow-minded view of programs that live in the reflected light of their big conference brothers.


Is that why you've been talking about joining a big boy conference since the 80s and Indy since 2009?

"In the early years, I think BYU felt that they had outgrown the conference and their people were talking about how BYU would go to the Big 12 or the Pac-10... When we started beating them, they stopped talking about their bowl game." -- Ron McBride

So it seems now that we beat you to the PAC-12 you've stopped talking about joining a bigger conference altogether. How sad!

If you think you can make an even 8 team playoff you are dreaming.

BYU has ONE undefeated season with a #104 SOS
Have never finished in the top 10 in the BCS era
Class rankings are on par with #12 PAC-12 teams
Over the last decade class rankings have dropped from the 30s to 60s
No longer the choice of top instate talent
NFL talent has decreased (on par with Washington State)

East Salt Lake City, Utah


According to CBS Sports it is more likely the split will happen:

"While it's not a full-on breakaway from the NCAA that's coming to college football, the look and feel of the sport will never be the same...[Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby] later identified that change as the possible establishment of a so-called “Division 4” of the highest level of football-playing schools...

What we'd been hearing for those months now seems to be heading for reality. There is going to be a further subdivision at the highest level of college football. It last happened in 1978 when FCS (Division I-AA) was created. That relegated 250 or so schools to the non-revenue purgatory that is I-AA...

The message was as clear as the division between the BCS and non-BCS conferences. ACC commissioner John Swofford said it could come within six months. Bowlsby said an NCAA special convention may be needed."

-- Dennis Dodd (July 22, 2013)


@cougarsundevil...Anyone heard from this poster lately? As I predicted weeks ago ASU is always incapable of winning the big games. A chance for "Roses" at home yet your team completely no shows! The day is coming soon when Utah will get the chance to host the championship game & I assure you like many past big games the outcome will be the same. Ute victory! My suggestion my fellow PAC 12 friend is to not run that big mouth you posses prior to any victories of true relevance.

Highland, UT


Yet you run your mouth when your team has never beaten his while in the pac 12, has never posted a winning record in the pac 12, has had increasingly worse records every year it has been in the pac12,and is about to spend its second straight post season on the couch. lol


@Duckhunter...As an avid Ute supporter my retorts to your obvious superior mental intellect henceforth your handle name are often monitored quite regularly by the DN staff. My deepest apology to you since my original post was meant for @cougarsundevil. My recommendation is that you make sure that your college team @ least belongs to a conference better yet a BCS Conference before becoming involved with posts meant for others. Lol

Highland, UT


Then perhaps you should spend a little bit more time making more thought provoking posts. As for my "becoming involved with posts meant for others" and you being "an avid ute supporter" perhaps you haven't noticed you are posting in an article about BYU in the BYU section of the paper? Now that is just fine with me as I enjoy the inane, delusional, and generally thouthless posts utah "fans" like yourself routinely post in BYU articles, but if you are going to suggest others not respond to you maybe you ought to think about where you are and what you're posting?

As I said though I prefer you keep posting as I enjoy responding to posts like yours, and you "frantically and emotionally" begging me not to respond just proves I was accurate in my post and you didn't appreciate the fact I completely obliterated your "point".

Keep up the good work!

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