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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 10:35 p.m. MST

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Playing lesser teams and insuring ourselves of a bowl game every year is great. Look what has happened to Utah and TCU. I'm sure if we joined a top conference, we would dominate it, just like we do the Independant Conference.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Being competitive on a national basis is still a good thing. IT could easily turn into a case of being totally uncompetitive. People think that being invited tot he Big 12 would be great. If they did, more people would be grateful just to be competitive.

BYU has well missed some winnable games the last couple of years but to continually talk about National Championships is rediculous. Lets see if BYU can take the next step (go to a BCS bowl) and that should be their focus. Anything that might happen under a blue moom that occurs similar to 1984 will be gravy.

Highland, UT

@the bleeder

Weak post by you, embarrassingly weak.

Most BYU fans are not "satisfied with the results", like all fans we want more. But at the same time, and unlike the completely delusional utah "fans", we also realize BYU is a good team but has room for improvement. You are correct about them underachieving the last 3 years though, anytime you lose to a losing bottom feeder program like utah in each of those 3 years you have definately underachieved.

As for "3rd tier" bowl games, what bowl game is it utah is playing in this year? Which one did they play in last year?

Hmmmmm........sounds like "3rd tier bowl games" would be a step up for that losing bottom feeder program you are a "fan" of.

Iowa City, IA

The article has forgotten to mention the "new" with BYU this year. New OC, New O, new coaches etc.

This was a great year by any standard considering the newness of everything. It is striking to me as I read these articles that the media is giving failing grades because the Y is not GREAT all the time. Who is? Yet at the same time a losing program as defined by lack of wins, not speculation, is reported to be almost there, a good team that is making improvement, even though they also have a new OC and O. (Yes I'm talking the Utes here).

Dear media, stop projecting so many what if's on BYU and incredibly high expectations before you decide the Y has arrived. Marvel at what they are doing, in the circumstances they are in and with the honor code they willingly enforce. What BYU does is amazing by any measurement.

In, UT

"Marge: I should have said 'limit one per customer'.
Cletus: Shoulda' but didna', so hands 'em over."

Mission Viejo, CA

@Wayne Rout et al.

BYU's goal, just like every good team, is a NC. However, of the top 20 teams year in year out, how many of them DO make the NC game. The playoffs will be better, but how to get into the playoffs.

Realistically, does anyone from a team not named Alabama, expect to be in the NC game? We can all name the candidates: USC, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Florida State. Second Tier: Oregon, Stanford, ND, Wisconsin, Michigan.

Surprise teams like OkState, Missouri, et al. are flash in the pans.

BYU could be a surprise team someday. But BYU's yearly perspective is a top 20 ranking and a bowl game. Their intent is national exposure. They're getting that.

In short, quit whining. BYU has it good.

Reno, NV

This year's team would likely have done as well in the MWC as Fresno State, the AAC as Central Florida, or the MAC as Northern Illinois. (Two of those obviously could have been reality.) I'm glad BYU is independent, because the record has to stand for itself, with no automatic BCS bid for being "the tallest midget". BYU is ranked right where it should be, while the rankings of those other teams are inflated by weaker competition. I'd prefer the Cougars to build their program into the national scene, rather than have it prematurely thrust into the spotlight like the BCS debacles of Hawai'i, Connecticut, and NIU. This has been a good year, a solid building year.

Salt Lake City, UT

An avid BYU fan friend of mine suggested he thinks he might need to lower his expectations for the football program some in order to not get too down with these mediocre seasons - I tend to agree. However, we are going to enjoy supporting our Cougars even if they don't win national championships!. That said, the team should continue to strive for excellence. I would rather be in BYU's situation where they are getting great exposure while having winning seasons against good teams and going to bowl games than be mired in the dregs of failure as Utah seems to be experiencing in the Pack 12. I like Coach Mendenhall, but I'm not convinced his approach to football will ever produce a "great team". I will continue to enjoy the game and try to be optimistic but keep my expectations in check in an effort not to lose all my hair (don't have much left as it is). Basketball team looking pretty good so far though. Go Cougars!

Bountiful, UT

Bleed Crimson:

We Cougar fans do not measure the success of a season based on how we did against Utah. Ute fans used to care about bowl appearances, and the Utes had a nice bowl game record. Now, though, they obtain all their satisfaction from their game with the Y and how close they come to winning PAC12 games.

It is clear that the "Cougies" rose up against Texas. Right?


The jist of the article was great about BYU being only a good team but in reality for the program it is better to take the money, have all your games in basketball and football on tv and build the program with the larger base that tv will provide. What parent doesn't want their friends and relatives to be able to watch every game on tv. BYU has won enough conference titles and going to a BCS game is great but why would they be a better program if they went and were still only a good program.

Lindon, UT

I've always been a "glass half full" kind of person and am fine with independence. That doesn't mean I'm wearing the blue glasses or drinking the kool-aid, however. For BYU to get better, we'll need to recruit better in the trenches. Our skill players are very capable but they can't do it alone. Those positions aren't flashy or get attention but they will make or break your team (look at Wisc. game). This season was hardly a disappointment for me because I'd have been happy with 6-6 and hoped for 7-5. 8-4 is an overachieving season to me. I don't want "my team" to have a coach who isn't aiming for an NC while realizing that may be unrealistic. Why would you play if not hoping to win every game? That's not arrogant, but it is ambitious. To take the next step, BYU needs to do an honest assessment and make corrections but we're in a very good place to do that.

Danny T
Minneapolis, MN

The main thing is that everyone on the team is out there, getting some exercise, getting some fresh air, and a little bit of much needed recreation, and just beat UTAH!

Cougars for life!!

Marysville, WA

If the question is do fans wish the Y were back in the MWC playing the same schools year after year and getting more wins on a smaller stage? I can only speak for me, but this fan says "no way," especially since all the Cougars ever seemed to get from most of those fan bases was mockery to outright hate. Good riddance.

Work to get the best athletes we can to buy into BYU's mission, strive to schedule the best teams and win every game, and live with the results, but never sell BYU's soul in the hope of "BCS glory." Remember what the BCS is and why it started.

Independence and WCC affiliation legitimately seem to be the best option right now. I root for BYU BECAUSE of what they stand for, not in spite of it. My devotion to Cougar nation will only change if that does.

Cedar Rapids, IA

@Bleed Crimson

As opposed to a 4-7 record and home for the holidays?

Just like life, we take the bad with the good. There's nothing like the anticipation of a new season and hoped for new results.

I'd suggest that BYU is on track for what it wants to achieve. 8-4 when 13-0 is preferred? Heck, yes. It's better than 4-7 any day.

Anchorage, AK

I agree with SeeIt...the play calling is horrific. I sat in front of my TV screen and was calling to next play (run on first down 90% of the time???)...and if I can do that, so can the defensive coordinator of the other team. Anae was too predictable during his last stint, so as long as Bronco and Robert are in charge, mediocrity will be the norm. And as long as mediocrity is the norm, say goodbye to anything but a third tier bowl game with a funny name.

I also think a conference affiliation with a good conference would be a great thing...the Big 10 that aren't actually 10 would be good for starters. The SEC wouldn't have us and the PAC formerl 10 won't have BYU either, so choices are limited. You can't be counted as a big boy team unless you play with the big boys...sorry!!!


As a Utah fan, I still don't really get the whole independence thing. What, exactly, is the point of playing a bunch of meaningless non-conference games? Even ND, who has been independent for years signed a deal with the ACC for an outside Orange Bowl bid, because they saw that the coming playoff will make being an independent all but impossible for long term success. I guess there is now a BCS auto-bid for the highest ranked mid major team, so that's something right? The Utes are actually making tremendous progress, if you bothered to watch them at all. They aren't getting blown out anymore and have beaten the defending conference champion/North Division champion and almost beat the South Division Champion. I, and I think a lot of Utah fans, always knew that competing in the PAC would take at least four years, or a full recruiting cycle.

Hyrum, UT

Why would anyone pray for one team to win over another team. It's a game! God has a lot more important things to focus on than Byu football.

West Point , UT

I thought this article hit the nail on the head. BYU is good but not great. This BYU fan believes that with more continuity in offensive coaches and time for Taysom and Jamal to flourish this team will be great in a year or two. I love independence right now, even with the 2 for 1s and no conference championships. I've never watched BYU football or had as much access to them as I do now and I love it. Does that mean I wouldn't love it if they joined a bigger conference at some point? Of course I would. But the view from here is far better than it was in the MWC. The future looks bright...bring in some guys that can own the trenches like the 80s & 90s lines and BYU will be very tough to beat for anyone. Lets get to 9 wins this season and then look forward to a big goose egg in the loss column next year! GO COUGS!

West Valley, UT

Independence only works for a select few teams. I dont think it is working as well as BYU would like. It is nice that they can play Norte Dame but they also play Idaho. If BYU stayed in the MWC they would have been better off like if they were in the MWC they could of been playing in the Championship game tomorrow on CBS. You can't beat the attention that comes with being decent team in a conference.

let's roll

BYU overachieved this year as it has in most, if not every, year of Bronco's tenure. He's always had recruiting classes that are ranked around #50 in the country and his end of season ranking is higher than that (this year 35).

As long as the Y can continue to have geographically diverse and interesting opponents like this year, I much prefer an independent schedule. Even being in the Big 12 isn't all that appealing to me; why lock yourself into playing the same teams every year. For me as a fan the game is about entertainment and it's interesting to play a wide variety of opponents.

Also, it's time to stop ascribing any importance to BCS bowls. The BCS is dead after this year. The playoff is the only competitive part of the game...the rest are exhibitions and like any fan, the only bowl games I care about are the ones my teams are in.

BYU plays an entertaining and overachieving brand of football. I would enjoy a NC run as much as the next fan, but I'm not unrealistic enough to expect it or become apathetic after the first loss of any season.

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