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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 4 2013 7:25 p.m. MST

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North Salt Lake, UT

I'm genuinely curious to see if it will not only be male church leaders outside of the First Presidency. Maybe the change is due to the church's recent increased nods to women?

Salt Lake City, UT


"... but LDS members obey, honor, and sustain their leaders."

With all diplomacy, I think you are confusing part of the above phrase with a similar phrase in the church's 12th Article of Faith, which reads, in part, "We believe ... in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."

I am not aware that members of the church are supposed to "obey, honor, and sustain their leaders."

LDS do believe in sustaining their leaders (in their callings).

A somewhat fine distinction, perhaps, but an important one, to keep the record straight.

Wally West

to Dennis

What about Orphans?

Phoenix, AZ

Business as usual; just a shuffling of the chairs to draw attention and importance.

Cardston, Alberta

I cannot even begin to comprehend the load carried by the First Presidency. I, for one, certainly take them for granted. My deepest desire is to follow the Prophet in everything I say and do. I am not too far from seventy years old.


anti-liar: The quotation marks did not extend after ...sustain" to "leaders"; however, since we're clarifying matters, LDS church members DO sustain their General Authorities twice a year, by the principle of common consent, during their annual and semi-annual General Conferences. Local authorities are called and their names presented for sustaining by the local congregations in similar fashion. "Obeying and honoring" are logical consequences when those called and sustained speak from the pulpit in conjunction with their responsibilities. Please notice that I also said that members recognize their leaders' humanity; Christ is still the only Being recognized as being perfect.

Harwich, MA


You have your own opinions, I have mine.

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