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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Louisville, KY

Ms. Parker is correct. The relentless negativity combined with a stunning streak of irrational behaviors have done the GOP no favors.

They need cool rationality instead of hotheads willing to sink the country for their political purposes.

They need to stop the war on science that challenges their favored constituencies.

They need to show that they are ready and capable of leading - not just playing the obstructionist.

I miss the republicans of just a few decades ago.

Samaria, ID

"The key for Republicans is to drop the negative attacks and refocus energies on the positives of their own alternate plans. They do have some, right?"

Ms. Parker has hit the nail on the head. That has been the problem for Republicans all along and is the reason for their focusing on the negative aspects of the roll out. They don't have an alternative and never planned to have one. Being negative is their only option and by now seems to come so naturally to them.

"It's fine to note the objective fact that ...(lots of evidence of the problems associated with the roll out)...What alternative solutions are Republicans hiding behind their backs?"

It seems so simple doesn't it? The ACA has certainly had a rocky start and Republicans should be in a good position to take advantage of that. But the negative nature of their whole approach to government has prohibited them from using those problems in a positive way to gain the support of public.

"'No' gets you nothing but nothing — and gloating floats no boats." So true and yet some people just can't understand that. Sad.

Hayden, ID

Your right Kathleen, no one should ever hold Obama and the Democrats accountable! How dare anyone ask for honesty and responsibility from them!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think the problem is that the GOP is behaving irrationally because it is currently in the clutches of an irrational base.

Republican politicians are forced to take positions that make no sense because a toxic stew of Tea Party paranoia and Christian fundamentalism is running the party.

Don't believe me? OK, ask any Republican currently in office and hoping for reelection if they'd be willing to state publicly what they believe is the correct approximation for the age of the Earth. Is it measured in thousands of years, or billions of years? Ask them what caused the Grand Canyon, or why the DNA from chimpanzees so closely matches the DNA in humans.

Go ahead, try it. When you seem them trying desperately to dodge and equivocate about how "its complicated" you'll see the problem with today's GOP. They don't dare say anything to offend people who are belligerently ignorant, but on whom they depend for votes.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The GOP has a positive message staring them in the face, if they're wise enough to use it. My bet is, they're not. They'll try to compete on who can give away the most candy.

The theme they should develop is "freedom to choose." Freedom to choose your own doctor, freedom to choose your own plan, freedom for insurance providers to design plans that fit the specific needs of their customers, freedom for employers to decide which benefits to offer their workers. And the first step toward freedom is repeal.

Then let the Obamacare implementation do the rest.

But, like I said, I don't think the Republicans are that smart.

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

Mrs. Parker is a conservative rooting for the Republican party and trying to give helpful suggestions. What she realizes, and many Republicans lose sight of, is that we have to change perspective to win votes and win elections. If we (Republicans) don't win elections, it doesn't matter how pure our dogma is. We have to appeal to more independent voters rather than alienate them. If we don't win elections, then we end up with Obama and all the associated problems that Republicans decry.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The policies of the GOP are toxic, so it's awfully touch not to have a toxic message.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Kathleen Parker hits this one out of the ball-park,
right over the uber-Far-RIGHT fielders heads!

Loved this line --
"Comparing approaches, President Obama is wearing love beads and planting flowers in the gun barrels of the Republican guard."

The "Eleves vs. Orcs" line was also priceless!

Archie Bunker.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Its odd that the very downbeat Mrs. Parker would complain about the negativity of the GOP.

The Republican Party has has gone seriously adrift. My father's brand of conservatism was pro-science, pro-good government, pro-business, pro-personal responsibility, pro-education, and pro-strong defense. The current incarnation of conservatism is anti-science, anti-Obama, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-everything!

After a while any reasonable person just tunes out all the negativity.

Cedar Hills, UT

Apparently Ms Parker is banking on the stupidity of the American people to continue - after all they elected Barack Obama twice on nothing more than lies such as "if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance". Ms Parker thinks that Baracks new "happy talk" is going to sooth the millions of insurance cancellation letters sent out each month and people will just forget the sky high premiums, the loss of their doctor and blissfully bounce along with "yes we can" re-runs. In the past, Barack could just hit the campaign trail and belch out a bunch of propoganda and non-fact based happy talk about his policies and people bought it because they weren't seeing any direct effect from his policies....but all that changed with Obamacare. Yes now the entire world has turned upside down on Barack and Washington DC insiders like Kathlene Parker have no idea how to deal with the new reality. Blame the GOP!!! Ok, go ahead and try. The GOP didn't vote for the health care bill. Not one vote. Even vulnerable Senate Democrat's and SPRINTING away from Obamacare now as the mid terms approach.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Toxic messaging may say something fundamental about conservatives in general, but I think it is largely due to the right-wing media’s dog & pony show coming home to roust. The new generation of conservative politicians grew up on anger, vitriol and the constant stream of war metaphors to frame their view (e.g. the “war” on Christmas being perhaps the most laughable), so do we really expect these folks to behave like Lincoln?

If Republicans ever want to win national elections again they will need to find a way to create a farm system for intellectuals and leaders (of everyone, and not just the 53%), rather than just hotheaded entertainers.

Jugglers don’t change the world, but statesmen (e.g., Reagan) can.

Murray, UT

Kathleen must be right. I mean Obama promised hope and promised that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. That was hope. It was also a lie. Then he delivered the dreadful ACA, with all its folly and disaster just beginning to be manifest.

Still half the people and 90% of the media still bank on his hope.

But you have to realize that the other thing Obama got elected on the first time was primarily

"I am not GWBush" and that is a negative, so negative works some of the time.

salt lake city, UT

Ms. Parker hits the nail on the head. Just read the usual, conservative posters to the DN. They're negative, mean spirited, and don't offer positive, fact based alternatives. If you're an independent voter swayed by content, message and messanger why would you follow politicans like Bohener, Lee or Cruz? Do you cheer and support people who say "yes we can" or those that say "no, you can't"?

Salt Lake City, UT

Kentucky is having all sorts of success with their Obamacare exchange program (Kynect). Once the national system ends up fixed to run as well as theirs then it's pretty much game over for Republicans on this issue.

Cedar Hills, UT

Kathleen is so close to being right, while still managing to be completely wrong.

Republicans have been correct the entire time as they pointed out from the beginning the problems that would come from Obamacare. The Obamacare website problems are only the surface of the much deeper and more significant problems that Obamacare is unleashing. So why the criticism of Conservatives? The answer is similar to the reason prophets in the scriptures were often imprisoned or even killed: people often respond with hatred and sometimes even violence against those who don't tell them what they want to hear. Doesn't matter how true the message is.

Patriot's comments on the matter are absolutely correct. The vitriol against Republicans is the only way Socialists in this country can deflect public attention away from the overwhelming failure of socialist policies. It is sad that Tea Party desire for fiscal responsibility in government is labeled as "irrational" or a "toxic stew". Shows how far our country has fallen.

Samaria, ID

"It is sad that Tea Party desire for fiscal responsibility in government is labeled as 'irrational' or a 'toxic stew'."

Two weeks of government shutdown, orchestrated by the Tea Party, cost the country $26B. If that is fiscal responsibility I don't want any of it.

Hayden, ID

@ atl134. You are misinformed about Obamacare success in Kentucky. In fact, the vast majority of people there have signed up for Medicaid not healthcare insurance. Obama actually called the governor of Kentucky and congratulated him on that!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Suppose McCain had won the election of 2008. Does anyone think that health care would have been the subject of a single White House meeting in a McCain administration? That plan (none at all) is still the GOP standard. You can't beat something with nothing, and that includes daily frothing rants and demands for impeachment. The public is tired of it and will vote against it. The GOP left will then smugly call them "low information voters" while their world crashes around their heads.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Republican message is authentic in that it reflects what they really believe, which is: if you are poor it is because you deserve to be, if you are rich it is because you deserve to be. If you are poor you not only deserve to be, but you should be punished for being such. So we will punish you by starving you. What an outfit!

Cedar Hills, UT


You honestly think that the toxic polling data concerning Obamacare is all tied to the non-functioning web site? Really? Cancellation letters (now approaching 10 million) are going to sky rocket toward 80 million as the employer mandate approaches in 2014 and people are going to continue to lose their doctors AND be faced with new premiums that are 2-3 times higher than their old polices - this is happening already. All the happy talk from Barack isn't going to erase the harsh reality that people are getting slammed with each and every week. The worst is yet to come guy - do you get that?? Young people (age 20-33) are NOT signing up for Obamacare - they are instead opting to either NOT sign up at all and suffer the penalty or just taking the medicare route which pretty much DOOMS the funding of Obamacare...again these are REAL numbers not theoretical. Young people simply can't afford the exchange insurance premiums which are out outrageously high for the majority. You need to step out of the Wonderland rabbit hole for a moment and experience reality guy.

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