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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3 2013 10:40 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utes fought hard but the youthful mistakes were very apparent towards the end of the game.

The Onwas ejection was unbelievable in my view. It's unfortunate that the refs took a game away from that young man. There is a difference between a malicious flagrant foul, and a basketball play. There was nothing malicious about the play and I feel sorry for Onwas.

The team looked great a times, sloppy at others. You can't win close games when missing so many free throws. That needs to improve.

Still extremely excited for the rest of the season. GO UTES!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Didn't affect the game overall, but that was quite a stretch to call Onwas' foul a flagrant 2. That, and the change to the hand check rule this year... what is happening to basketball? Maybe next year they'll have the players suit up in bubble wrap.


Free throws were so frustrating. Shoot 72% (the team's average) and win by one or two possessions. Very fun game to watch, though. Both these teams can run the court, and Boise should challenge USU, CSU and SDSU in the MWC. The play I consider that lost the game was Wright driving 1-on-4 and trapped himself in the corner with no timeouts. Good to see the team respond in the second half, hope to see them build off it against Fresno on Friday!

The one gripe I have: with these new foul interpretations, touch fouls in the last minute deserve to be called just as much as touch fouls in the first 39. Jordan wouldn't have tried the shot at the buzzer the way he did if he hadn't drawn contact on it.

orem, UT

That was some unfortunate scheduling want Westminster college available?

Anaheim, CA

"Both these teams can run the court..."

Seriously, with a final score of 69-67, lowest scoring game of the season for both teams?

Highland, UT

utah played a decent game although their inexperience of playing any sort of tough opponent was obvious at the end as they choked on multiple possessions. But who knows if boise is any good either as they haven't played anyone so there is no way to know. SOS is everything according to utah "fans" and these two teams SOS is embarrassingly low.


TroyTown, curious if you watched the game. Did I say they did the entire game, or that neither team made adjustments against it throughout the game? 3-point shooting is a big part of both teams' transition offense, and neither team was shooting very well tonight. Final score alone doesn't tell the story of what happened in a game.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Now we can start counting the moral victories in basketball since football is over.
So far we have thew following:
Utah 6 - high schools 0
Division 1 teams 1 - utes 0
I can see that this will be a season of blaming it on the refs.

I agree with Troy town about running the court. 67 points is NOT running the court. If you want to see running wait until BYU comes to town and lay big numbers on the utsies. Of course there is always the strategy the used last year with holding the ball until the last 5 seconds of the clock. The runnin' utes will not have the legs to run with the Cougs.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of complaining about the refs tonight. I see how this season is going to play out. The utes will wins against div. II and NAIA (high school)teams and lose to Div. I teams.
Unfortunately the utes will eventually have to start to play decent team and on the road, and when that happens so long to a winning record. I see the utes getting to about 12 wins this year.

Washington, UT

OH my UTE fans, how can a PAC 12 team lose to a lowly Mountain West team?
Isn't that what you always say Ute fans?
I mean Boise State had no business being on the same level as the Utes. I mean didn't the Utes and the Y make the MWC what it is today?
Got news for you Utes, San Diego State, New Mexico, would kick your butt. USU would in Logan and maybe even SLC. So good luck Utes playing the Sister-Sisters of the Poor. That is only where you will get your wins AGAIN!


"Coming into the game, Boise State ranked 31st in the AP poll, in the “others receiving votes“ category and 32nd in the coaches poll"

With Boise State having the 344th most difficult schedule (out of 351, from KenPom) it is difficult to tell if they should be getting any votes in either poll. KenPom shows them at 63rd, I guess time will tell.

Too bad the Utes couldn't pull this one out, this was one of the better nonconference teams on their schedule.

Lincoln City, OR

Great Free Throw shooting...lol.

It's a little different playing on a court other than the HC isn't it??? And then when you throw in seats that actually have people sitting in them it can get a little intimidating can't it?

Poor preseason scheduling, poor preparation, predictable results... Prior to the game the utes had a 166 RPI to "snag" 11th out of 12 teams in the big bad pac12. And, a 347 SOS (only 4 teams in all of America College Teams had an lighter schedule)... Only Washington at 205 is worse... Not much of a power statement, but then the big bad pac12 only has one team in the RPI top 25 and that is Arizona at 14... The weakling WCC has just three teams in the RPI top 25 (Gonzaga at 23; St. Marys at 16; oh, and BYU at 9).

And so "the predictable routine collapse of the ute's Basketball Program begins again utes begins again this season... I feel sorry for Loveridge, he could have been a Cougar... Oh well...

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like couch k is borrowing some one liners from Whit in describing the loss I guess we will see a lot of this all season long as the utes now stare at a real schedule coming at them in a few weeks. I hope they can reach their 10-12 wins before they have start playing real teams because I don't see many more n the horizon. Can't wait for the Cougs to hit town.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rebounding and stopping dribble penetration are areas the Utes must improve if they are to improve. Fun game to watch.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We should have won because we are in a prestegous conference and that makes us more prestegous than boise but the refs forgot about that and gave the game to boise and thats not fair.

Go Utes!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Great game and a great watch. Very winnable, but poor decisions down the stretch and free throw shooting killed the Utes. Utah looks better than last year; Jordan Loveridge can Hoop!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah will not lose another non-conference regular season road game the rest of the year. Call me bold, but mark it down!

In all seriousness, Boise State is a very good top 50 program. For the Utes to go in and challenge them shows the weak scheduling has paid off in confidence. We will see if the Utes can make it to the NCAA's this year, but they should at least make some post season tournament. Good job Utes!

Alpine, UT

Pre game the Utes had the 351st strongest schedule in the country, out of 351 teams. Boise State? 349th.


The "fan" now resorting to not only disparaging Utah's players, but now every player of every team on Utah's schedule. That's at least the one predictable event to occur this year. "utsies?" What are we, 5?

Idaho Falls, ID

I was at the game and agree that the officiating was bad. Loverage went to the line several times on phantom fouls and if Marks hadn't sat for a bad call on a charge early in the second half the broncos would have won by 15.

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