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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Cougs started slow, but played another outstanding game the final 10 minutes. Bartley's jam was the highlight of the game, even though Mika had a few throw downs of his own. It's great to see Halford hitting.

Looking forward to the next game against UMass. A win could bring a Top 25 sighting for the Cougs. Love watching the team play - this is an exciting brand of basketball.

Marysville, WA

The Cougs stomped a big and athletic N-Tex team with rebounding and assists. Great, confident attack on offense, and tremendous hustle on D. Once again: Thank goodness for BYUtv!

Overton, NV

Talking about throw downs, don't forget Collinsworth. He also had a few. I don't remember ever seeing a BYU team that had so many guys capable of throwing it down.

Omaha, NE

Nice, dominant win. Man do those guys play fast sometimes. N. Texas must be the sick green after seeing BYU run all over the place!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Quality basketball coming out of Provo. Great way to spend a Tuesday night. Good win for the Cougars!

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Collinsworth plays basketball in a manner that is making this team special. His ability to play basketball at point or at a guard position with strength, unselfishness and speed, size and determination remind me of another special player, Magic Johnson. That was his brand of basketball and he made everyone succeed around him. As much as I think Marty's son is special, Kyle is special as well.

Mica is as skilled at center that I have seen in recent history here at BYU for a freshman. Davies was better defensively, but Davies did not develop his offense till his junior year.

This team could beat Gonzaga. Could do some damage in the Tourney(not NIT).

I give some credit to Carlino on an off night for helping his team to win with rebounds and assists. He got a double double. That is commendable.

Highland, UT

The UMass game is a big one if the Cougars want to get into the rankings. UMass is ranked in both polls and is playing very well. BYU has to run, that is their game, go do it.

Logan, UT

Let's not get carried away here. BYU is has won only once in their last 12 tried against ranked teams. UMASS will dominate them just like most ranked teams have.


Was a fun game to watch as it was close in the first half, but in the 2nd it seemed like North Texas got worse at shooting and clearly was no where near as aggressive as BYU, even though they were billed as a fast transition team like BYU.

I hope this was a down game for BYU and they will play better against UMass, they really need a win against a top 25 team and UMass will be a good chance for BYU to get one. It will be fun to watch as some comments I've seen say UMass plays even faster than BYU. In a post game interview Rose said UMass was "as fast or faster" than BYU.

Go Cougars!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Nice win Cougs. Keep it rolling all the way to RES and roll over the utes. They have shown their true colors tonight now that they had to finally play a Div. I team..

BYU is a very dangerous team and will cause havoc for a lot of teams that can't run for a full 40 minutes. I think the utes are in serious trouble when the Cougs come to town. Utah might want to forfeit the game. BYU has too many weapons this year and have 7 players who can score in double figures on any night.

Orem, UT

Cougars are looking good. If the NCAA tournament takes three teams this year from the West Coast Conference, BYU will have a chance to make it in again.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Byu is not in a prestegous conference like us so they are not prestegous like us and that means we will win you when we play.

Go Utes!

Richmond, VA

Impressive win for the Cougars! But please...let's stop the childish and arrogant put down of the Utes! It's precisely comments like that that makes it's extremely painful to deal with when they beat us. Nothing makes a team fight harder than when ridiculed and insulted, whether by an opposing team member or an arrogant fan. So please, tone it down and show some restraint and respect! Any opponent can beat any team at any given time whether in football, basketball, or whatever!

Go Cougars! Good luck to the Utes too until we play each other!

Alpine, UT

Thomas Jefferson about your comment, BYU will likely have 4 losses before they start the league schedule. They just don't beat ranked teams and they have away games against UMass and Oregon coming up.

St Louis, MO

BYU will be an exciting team that beats up on bad and mediocre teams, but they won't be able to beat true elite teams more than occasionally. Why? Matt Carlino. Shame, because he's clearly talented and competitive. If he had just half the hoops IQ of John Stockton or Chris Paul I would be excited for a long tourney run. Unfortunately his decision-making chip is fried beyond recognition. How many times can you almost physically see him decide "OK . . TIME FOR ME TO SHOOT!" befor he dribbles into two bigs and forces up some slop or launches a 25-footer before evaluating the defense or attempting to run a play?

Efficient PG play is a hallmark of most truly special teams. Carlino is a head case whose play will continue to careen from spectacular to catastrophic, sometimes both within the same minute. I have to wonder what goes on in Coach Rose's mind after each of Matt's bizarre decisions?

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Polls are flawed like it has always been. We haven't got any votes yet and if we did beat UMass this Saturday we might get just one vote from local media. That what I have noticed in past. UMass was showing #1 in RPI yesterday while we were at #9. It will be an interesting hard fought game for sure. Man, I thought the game was going to be tonight but a win was a win.

Layton, UT

I see the Cougars turning into a more seasoned and confident team. After Wichita State I said they wouldn't make into the NCAA"s. I'm leaning the other way now. You guys have good coach down there. Gonzaga is not a shoe-in for the conference champion. Good Luck.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Looks like there were a lot of empty seats in the building... Couldn't be! There has to be an explanation! Only up on the hill are there ever empty seats at a game!

Clinton, UT

I kind of agree with SlopJ30, Carlino is a blessing and curse all in one. He can play great than play very poorly and it does come down to decision making. He takes too many very poor shots, shots he could get at anytime in the shot clock and he takes them 5 seconds in rather than waiting. BYU looked good and recovered from a slow start, they looked a little lethargic in the first half and then came on. I hope they can beat Umass this weekend. The difference between his year and last is that byu is being extremely competitive against ranked teams and we were not that last year. Hope the team will learn and begin to win those games. ultimately, if they don't get some wins against the ranked teams, playing them and losing them won't mean much to the selection committee, although it can still help the team to get better.

Boise, ID

Watching Utah and BSU play, it gave me an appreciation for how good Carlino is. Sure, he pushes too hard sometimes but he is a very good point guard. Handles the ball well, is strong, good rebounder. BYU also has a deep bench except for the big guys. Could be a special year.

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