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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

Several people state that there are no miracles, because it isn't fair that God would heal only one person and He would let others suffer. In that case there is a presumption that God would not let anybody suffer and if He doesn't conform, there is no God. As a physicist, I can guarantee you that that is not a scientific method. The scientific method states that you have an idea, you test it, you draw conclusions and the research needs to be confirmed by others repeating the experiment. If the results do not confirm your hypothesis, then the hypothesis is incorrect and you need to come up with another idea. The hypothesis that God would never let anybody suffer is incorrect, but it does not proof that there is no God and He doesn't perform miracles. For centuries we believed F=ma to be Newton's second law. Only when Einstein came around, did we realize that this law doesn't work under all circumstances. Newton's hypothesis was not complete. I have witnessed miracles and believe with all my being that God exists.

Salt Lake City, UT

You make an unprovable and mistaken claim. You stated some one who believes in miracles "has to equally know that same god is indifferent to the suffering of the war torn, storm ravaged and billions who go hungry every day." That is a false assumption. How do you know he is indifferent? How do you know he doesn't care? How do you know it's not all part of a much bigger plan than you can comprehend. If you can comprehend that a big bang accidently caused the wars, the storms and starvation then good on you. I can comprehendd that there is a much bigger plan going on here. I'm sorry miracles don't happen in your mind. Because if you actually looked you would see that they are all around you everyday. You may be enjoying an alternate form of reality. They are happening everyday in my world.

Mchenry, IL

The tracheotomy would help him breath, but not eat.

It's wonderful when prayers are answered with a yes. I pray strength for the family and wisdom and skill for the medical team.

Orem, UT

It sounds like a miracle. I have been fortunate to experience more than a few in my lifetime.

If some say I am delusional, that is their right by virtue of agency, which is God given.

Another miracle would be if the doctors involved and who admitted the miracle, would now acknowledge the miracle from God and not charge the fees for the miracle.

Centerville, UT

This debate over divine intervention and miracles is not new. In fact, this may have been the original topic of human debate. Even the most skeptical of God's existence and intervention must stipulate to the evidence of the power of faith, hope, and positive mental outlook. Healing is physically improved by the choices a person makes to look forward rather than backward, to focus on the remaining gifts of life and the great possibilities ahead rather than what has been lost and what could have been. Those that claim to be realists are often those who are making excuses for their unwillingness to pick themselves up and press forward. Life is brutally hard under the most favorable circumstances. I choose to surround myself with people who expect more for themselves than pain and hardship, who choose to believe in light over darkness, who choose to inspire and uplift rather than accept defeat. Dustin and Ashley have made those choices in the toughest time in their lives. Their faith and willingness to look forward should cause each of us to examine our beliefs and attitudes. We can be better.

Orem, UT

So nice to see that this man retained his ability to see after such a potentially life-ending accident.

Regarding the discussion at hand, I suppose you might attribute this to a higher power, but as other commenters have already mentioned, this really does complicate things. At best, it creates the notion that God is capricious, doling out miracles here and there as he sees fit.

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

@Jsox: The answers always have to be logical because if they aren't logical then they can't be answers; they must be delusions. Glad that I don't live in your "world". Too many wonderful things happening for me to turn from those that don't logically make sense just because my small mind and understanding doesn't comprehend how it happened. Feeling sorry for those that don't or aren't willing to see miracles in the world around them. You are missing many things because your logic impairs your ability to understand.

Salem, Utah

I believe in miracles; and I believe miracles happen - not counter to laws - but in accordance with laws that surpass our knowledge and understanding. We'll understand them at some point, but let someone's miracle be a miracle. There's no doubt it FEELS miraculous to see when you were given slim odds, if any.

Calling it a miracle is not wrong -- it's hopeful! I hate when people try to discourage the hope of others by splitting hairs. Faith is excellent. Many things don't make sense. But acknowledging amazing happenings with gratitude is powerful.

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