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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3 2013 11:40 a.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

I can understand Catholics not wanting to support Abortion in any way including not wanting to provide insurance benefits for it. I support them and anyone else who takes this stand. This because abortion is killing innocent children. This isn't a religious issue, it is a human decency issue.

However it is stepping over the line to insist that they as an employeer not provide birth control coverage for people when everyone else in the nation gets it. Birth control isn't inherrently wrong. It is just an arbitary rule by one particular religion.

A persons insurance coverage should not depend on the religion of their employer. For example Johovas Witness don't agree with blood transfusions. Christian Scientists don't believe in going to the doctor at all. If a person's employeer gets bought out by someone belonging to one of these churches is it not right that their health coverage be made to conform to the employeers religion.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

“Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the church has been for universal health care for almost a century, but it can't support Obamacare as long as it forces Catholics to violate their conscience”.

"We, the bishops of the United States, can you believe it, in 1919 came out for more affordable, more comprehensive, more universal healthcare. That's how far back we go in this battle, okay?”

So, what happened to change your mind?
The Catholic Church has been around for centuries.

“We Catholics who are kind of among the pros when it comes to providing health care, do it because of our religious conviction, and because of the dictates of our conscience.”

Would you do it because you are part of the human race and not for the expected reward when you get to heaven?

I have no quarrel with the Catholic Church in what they believe and teach but I oppose their efforts to force other people to believe as they do. By extending their religion into their business activities they are playing dirty pool with the minds of the voluntary slaves they call employees.

American Patriot
Eagle Mountain, UT

At least that's a move in the right direction. There's so much more wrong with the ACA (Obamacare) that the whole 'law' should be scrapped.

There is nothing affordable about the ACA. It is a train wreck happening. Obama and his administration have dumped a completely asinine TAX program on the American people under the guise of an idiotic health law. Millions of U.S. get while others want their 'freebies' for life at the expense of others.

This is insanity - pure and simple.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

I have two major problems with the Bishop’s statements – first is the quote below.

“On the topic gay marriage becoming legal now in 16 states, Dolan said the church has been "out-marketed" and "caricatured as being anti-gay."”

What is it with conservatives that whenever their views are not adopted en masse they automatically assume the unwashed masses are simply the victims of propaganda?

Did it ever occur to the good bishop that many people have heard all the arguments, have weighed the relative merits (and values) of each position, have applied their own values as well as reason & logic to the issue and have intelligently decided his views are wrong?

Second, 99% of all Americans (including 97% of Catholics) have used birth control. The people have spoken – they want it and are willing to pay into a prepaid plan to get it in the most convenient and cost effective manner.

The Constitution created a government of, by, and for the People, not for institutional religion. In fact the 1st Amendment specifically forbids passing any law for the sole purpose of respecting a church’s views.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

If Dolan's otherwise robust support for the ACA hinges on scraping the contraceptives mandate, his prospects of being an effective Catholics leader don't look too promising. Holding steadfast may be its own reward, but for a purist it's about as good as it gets.

American Fork, UT

Health care based on the dictates of conscience...yeah, not a lot of support in the free market for that; nobody makes a buck off of it.

Boise, ID

This Affordable Care Act is a complete joke.
Obama: "If you have an insurance plan that you like, great! You will be able to keep that plan."
Me (a self employed, healthy, 28 year old that hasn't been to the doctor in 5 years): "Great, I get to keep my plan."
My insurance provider: "Your insurance is no longer valid due to the Affordable Care Act. Please pick plan A, B, or C."

As is turns out, plans A, B, and C are all way more EXPENSIVE than the plan I used to have. Thanks Mr. President...

The Unaffordable Care Act is a breach of my constitutional rights as an American. I am now being forced by the Federal Government to purchase a product that I cannot afford.

Revolution anyone?

Wilf 55

It is normal that the Catholic Church would support Obamacare. Providing universal healthcare is part of Christian solidarity for all God's children. Sure, the one problem with contraceptives is understandable in view of Catholic doctrine. However, this is not a problem for the Mormon Church. So, why doesn't the Mormon Church proclaim its support for Obamacare?

Ogden, UT

@American Patriot 2:04 p.m. Dec. 3, 2013

Did you think the same thing hen the far-right Heritage Foundation drafted it (including the insurance mandate) and Newt Gingrich promoted it legislatively in the 1990s as the far right alternative to Hillary Clinton's health care initiative? It was perfectly okay with the far right then. why is that different now? Oh -- I know -- it's because a Democrat took a far right proposal and is using it now.

Lehi, UT

The headline:‘Cardinal Dolan says Catholic church could be Obamacare's biggest 'cheerleader'’alone is misleading.' That statement in and of itself insinuates that the Catholic church supports Obamacare lock, stock and barrel. It would have been better to say something like "The Catholic church could support Obamacare if it weren't for the requirement of contraceptives." This is typical of headline writers who want to sensationalize everything. Why not say it like it is!!!???

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

There is one known doable single-payer plan that has a ghost of a chance to work, and that is Universal Medicare to replace ObamaCare.

Institute a 3% National Sales Tax (NST) with NO exceptions for resale, charity, non-profits, religious, education, or government. The many cannot be continually supported by the diminishing few. A 3% NST may raise up to $7 Trillion annually, double the current budget, reduce national debt, spread tax burden to all residents, legal or not. Allocation: the 1st 1% toward Budget, the 2nd 1% toward Reduction of National Debt, the 3rd 1% for Universal MediCare for all legal residents.

Dedicate first 1% NST to Universal Medicare to automatically eliminate most State Medicaid benefit requirements, costs, and overhead. State Medicaid mandated costs are virtually eliminated, reducing State budget shortfalls and tax requirements. One-third is dedicated to annual budget, and the final one-third is dedicated to reduction of National Debt. Income taxes are equalized for Personal and Business with a graduated tax rate of 20% max.

MediCare is proven with existing superstructure, rules, and regulations, and if it works for seniors, it is good enough for automatically applying to all legal USA residents with Social Security Number, valid work or student visa etc.

Falconer, NY

I think everyone likes the idea of affordable health care. I like the idea of affordable cars and food.

What people don't get is ObamaCare is not about health care, it's about health insurance. Not only that, it appears the government has become a reseller and not even providing the insurance coverage themselves. They have 'farmed" that out to the "private" insurance companies and even guaranteed payment to them for a minimum amount of sales. Again, our government, has become a reseller and reaps a commission tax for every policy it sells for the "private" insurance companies. It's not about care. If it was really about people dying (circa 2010) then why did "we" wait till 2014? The government should be sued for allowing people to die between 2010 and 2014. (wink-wink)

Wish the real news media would tell it like it is. But we don't have a real news media anymore. It's all about dumbing down America whether through the schools or the media.

Falconer, NY

I'd be interested to know where Albert Maslar CPA (Retired) gets his numbers. I looked up "Total retail sales for the third quarter of 2013 were estimated at $1,140.8 billion" times 4 is 4.5 trillion.

What economy is Albert Maslar CPA (Retired) talking about that would generate 7 trillion with a 3% NST? Is the CPA just throwing numbers around?

However, maybe CPA is talking about the Gross National Product, in other words, CPA wants to tax food, books, and all services - EVERYTHING. And if so GPA for USA is only $15T. A 3% tax on $15T is $450B and not $7T. Who's CPA were you?

Salt Lake City, UT

I remember the passing of the law in 2010 and there was a call coming in to Washington from the Catholic Church to give it's approval. The church does do many good charitable acts for people and this is a good endorsement. But religion doesn't always face reality in general. I'm a woman who had to find out the realities of miscarriages and sadly, this is natures' type way of "aborting". I don't believe in abortion as an elected way of birth control, but I have to say that it is not "murder" if it is done before a certain stage (the legal stage). Beyond that it isn't legal or moral. The ACA has taken steps to help the dilemma some Catholics and others face when making decisions face that should be just between a woman, her doctor and other people of HER choice (not religion's choice) The health plan that's through the Catholic church (and possibly other religions) separates that part of a plan out and a person would have to choose that on their own.

Falconer, NY


"the far-right Heritage Foundation drafted it (including the insurance mandate) and Newt Gingrich promoted it legislatively in the 1990s"

Whether what you say is true or not it is moot as it never went anywhere regardless who proposed it. I am sure it would also have been deemed unconstitutional eventually and would have also been a train wreck. You need to remember, the government is not on our side and we need to remember who the enemy is and they could be red or blue. Our Founding Fathers warned us many times.

As far as I can tell, all politicians, dems and repubs, play golf with each other. The squabbles are just for show.

Glen in the Bronx
Bronx, NY

All insurers in New York State have been required to provide birth control coverage as part of their health plans for decades, including the plans provided by Archdiocese of New York to its employees...which has, in fact, done so. It's not clear to me why Dolan is taking this stance now?

Falconer, NY

Wow Ultra Bob!

Your statement really made me pause: "Would you do it because you are part of the human race and not for the expected reward when you get to heaven?"

But your statement is so wrong on many levels. First, you don't know what motivates people (ie don't know what is in their head) and second, there are plenty of examples how humans treat others when they are void of any knowledge or belief of God or an afterlife.

I would think Catholics do it because they love the Lord, not because of an admission ticket to Heaven.

So, upon further reflection, I would say I would look after number 1 (me) always and care less about the human race if there was no accountability in the afterlife and no Savior. As a Prophet once said: “The purpose of the church is to make bad men good and good men better.” ― David O. McKay.

Saint Louis, MO

As a Catholic Navy veteran from the same town as Dolan, I support his comments. What has made this into a big issue is the fact that "contraception" is not defined the same by the Obama Administration and the Catholic bishops. Abortion as a form of birth control is what this is all about. It must be remembered that Mr. Obama was in favor of extreme forms of abortion while an Illinois state senator and then U.S. Senator.


Coming home to roost, eh? Serving the poor has always been the one of the core beliefs for Catholics for centuries. Then the Cardinals and Archbishops in the US thought it would be best to shift that responsibility to the government instead of the church. So, they supported the government's social programs because they will no longer bear those burdens. Now that the Government place a requirement on their programs, the Cardinals and Archbishops are crying foul. Can't have it both ways. They failed to see, the government is not in the health care business to take care of people. They are in the health care business to control people. This is the core belief of Democarts for they think the government knows best what is good for the people. No Republican voted in favor of this mistake. Obamacare declares our current health insurance policies to be inadequate and substandard. Really? My health insurance policy is tailored to my needs. I do not need OB-GYN or maternity care for I am an old man. Had the Catholic Bishops and Cardinals use faith to advance their cause, they won't be calling foul today.


I know that the Supreme Court says corporations are people. However, it is a bit of a stretch to say a business is Catholic or that it has a conscience.

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