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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 8:15 p.m. MST

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Lewis Center, OH

Hey ChrisB
On September 23rd I wrote it down:

I've said 3 things since the beginning of the year:
1. Utah would beat byu and usu - CHECK
2. Utah would go 8-4 or 9-3(almost a guarantee at this point)
3. The winner of the Utah/UCLA game would win the Pac 12 South

Well, you got one right.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT


"Anyone who thinks that rankings truly take into account strength of schedule don't understand football."

See Utah 2004.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@Ed Grady

"Pac-12 Proud! What a joke"

Very true. With the only bigger joke being independence proud. byu tries to pad their schedule with the likes of Idaho St., Middle Tennessee and Virginia (loss), while Utah has to pad their schedule with Utah St. Weber St. and byu.

byu deems possibly playing Arizona as a successful season. What does Utah call it? Week 6.

salt lake city, UT

Fans care about rankings. Players and coaches care about W's. You can't really blame BYU or USU for their schedule. They have to play who's on it and let the results speak for themself. BYU will always be limited due to the exclusion from a major conference and the number of non-LDS kids who won't go to Provo. They'll beat Utah or other Pac 12 schools every once in awhile given the right circumstances. I expect Bronco to continue to pump out 8-10 victories a year against a soft schedule for as long as he wants to continue coaching. Utah will continue to pump out anywhere from 5-9 wins a year and maybe just once or twice in our life time we'll experience the Rose Bowl. Nothing wrong with those results for any of our Utah schools. It's a great place for college football!

Overton, NV

Soft schedule, soft schedule, soft schedule!

I know, it's not going to make a difference, because the ignorant will still continue to spout that line regardless, but...

BYU did NOT play a soft schedule this season. Their schedule was ranked in the 20s for most of the season. That is not soft. Most BCS conference schools have weaker schedules than BYU.

Just stop it already.

Orem, UT


I've said 3 things since the beginning of the year:
1. Utah would beat byu and usu - CHECK
2. Utah would go 8-4 or 9-3(almost a guarantee at this point)
3. The winner of the Utah/UCLA game would win the Pac 12 South



Well, you got one right.


Coincidentally, christy's one of three record is the same as Utah's one of three record in the PAC (9 of 27) and Utah's one of three bowl seasons since joining the PAC.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


Before spouting off, next time invest a couple of seconds doing a little research.

BYU's 2013 schedule is ranked #32 by Sagarin; that's MUCH tougher than any schedule in Utah history, prior to this season, including Utah's 2004 (#67) and 2008 (#56) schedules, which pale in comparison.

When was the last time Utah beat SIX bowl-bound teams that won at least 7 regular season games during the same season?

Hint: NEVER!

Cowboy Dude

Condi Rice has admitted that conference championships will be one of the factors in the new playoff selection system. She also admitted that an undefeated team from a weaker conference will have to be weighed against one-loss teams of a stronger conference.

In other words, conference bias.

I expect Notre Dame to join a conference this winter. BYU let's get some interviews right away.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Cowboy Dude

The only viable Big 5 conference for BYU to join would be the Big 12; except for bowl tie-ins, Independence is superior to conference membership in a non-Big-5 conference.

With 5 major conferences and only 4 playoff spots available, it's an absolute certainty that the 4-team playoff will be quickly expanded to 8 teams within a very short time.

At that point, a Top 10 finish would put BYU right into the thick of playoff candidates. With an undefeated season against a schedule like BYU had this season, the Cougars would be a virtual lock for a playoff berth.

scottsdale, AZ

@chris B,
The only thing "rosy" I see about Utah is that they lose more and more games each season. If the trend continues (and what makes you think it will change?) the Utes will continue to be bottom dwellers in the Pac 12 unless by some miracle Salt Lake City becomes more like Pasadena, Los Angeles, Tempe, San Francisco, or Seattle. If I'm a stud high school football player, I'm choosing the above over the Utes...

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

That sure was a wordy way of using the same old excuse of "what a tough schedule we had". No one feels sorry for Utah and none of the national pollsters and ranking services accept that as an excuse. Schedule is taken into consideration... especially with the Sagarin rankings.

Yes, Utah was good during the early season but then flamed out. You can't keep riding those first few games forever. If you try to, you will keep falling in the polls. That's exactly what Utah has done.

Yes, Utah was better that USU and BYU early on. But since then, they've given no indication or evidence that they still are. None.
What do some Ute fans know that none of the national experts and observers don't?

Consider this... Utah fans are obviously biased... like fans of every other team is. But the national experts who create the polls and rankings are not. They have no reason to be. They look at the big picture, including SOS, and then decide.

Didn't you tell us at the end of last season the same thing as now... that the future looked rosy for the Utes?


anti BCS "a Top 10 finish would put BYU right into the thick of playoff candidates. With an undefeated season against a schedule like BYU had this season, the Cougars would be a virtual lock for a playoff berth."

Sorry. Yes, we had our toughest schedule, but BYU didn't play anyone that finished in the top 20. We would have to go undefeated just to be considered in the top 10 at the end of the year. A lock is not certain with a biased selection committee. Especially without a conference championship.

Look how they are overlooking Michigan State (only lose to Notre Dame) and they are in the Big 10. They are debating Ohio State right now because they want the SEC. 'Bama and Missouri didn't even play each other (weakest schedule in the SEC) and they are still going to put 'Bama in a BCS bowl.

The only lock with a high ranking goes to N.D. and they are losing their privilege this year. A simple change in a few games and N.D. is in the ACC.

BYU would strengthen the Big 12. They need each other. I'm sure they can see the writing on the wall.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Doing a little research? That's a good one coming from a y fan. Since you love the Sagarin SOS ranking so much, tell me where Utah ended up on the list this year? I'll give you subtlety points for spinning byu's direct ranking, and not Utah's, but sill an 'F' overall. I guess at this point, you'll take whatever makes the independence pill easier to swallow.

Central, UT

Yep, Utes going downhill and a few more unemployed BYU grads. Same old story.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


"The Y's schedule looks tough enough next year to be nationally recognized"

No question you are right. Every schedule will be "nationally recognized". But how difficult it will be is another question. Hard to say which games are the easiest: Connecticut (2-9)*; Virginia (2-10); California (1-11); or someone called Savannah State (1-11). Now throw in 4 MWC teams; Add MTSU (8-4; Houston (8-4) and that leaves Texas (8-3) and UCF (10-1). I would expect Phil Steele will rank this schedule somewhere in the 65-85 toughest schedule in his preseason analysis. (Save this an tell me how wrong I am next August!)
This years Ute schedule was ranked the most difficult in the nation and I would expect next years would be ranked about the same!
Night and day difference!
*current 2-13 record

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

As a die-hard BYU fan I would have to say that Utah is the best team in the state. They beat Utah State and BYU. I'm not sure how well BYU would have done this year against the Pac-12 schedule. They lost their two biggest games (wiscy and ND). they lost to a lowly Virginia team . The only decent win BYU has this season is against Texas. Maybe I'm wrong but we will see what happens when BYU plays a Pac-12 team in the bowl game

Surfers Paradise, AU

Just like Nick Saban, Stanford didn't want to be there either. Oh, and can anyone argue about that powerful Pitt team? Sounds like the stars aligned just perfectly. Oh well, enjoy caroling this holiday season. THere's no place like home for the holidays CB.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

That's easy.........all out of the top 25.

"head to head doesn't cut it"

Now that's funny right there. By a show of hands, who thinks BYU is the best?

Raise your hands high now, and keep 'em up.........

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Dallas Realist

Nicely done. Thanks for being honest. Utah is ranked #33, Washington State #34 and Oregon State #36. Does that mean Utah is better than OSU or WSU? Of course not, they lost to them. I have no problem admitting that! I'm not sure why so many BYU fans struggle with that concept? It's because it's Utah; plain and simple. Have a good evening Guy!

Farmington, UT

@ ArgoFY

Week 6 and loss #??? (You forgot to give the whole story. As usual.)

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