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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 8:15 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The experts have spoken. Mark it down, accept it and move on.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone who thinks that rankings truly take into account strength of schedule don't understand football. Those who think that must believe that Northern Illinois is truly a better team than LSU, Oklahoma, UCLA, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Texas, among others. And no one thinks that Oregon, Clemson, ASU are only slightly better than Northern Illinois, which would be the conclusion just by looking at rankings.

If northern Illinois played any one of those teams, I highly doubt they would be favored. Sooner or later, sure you have to put them in the rankings, but I don't think anyone really thinks they are one of the best 14 teams in the nation.

Having the hardest schedule in the entire nation is a near impossible task. I wonder what the typical record is for teams who have the hardest record in the nation?

Even Alabama would have lost a couple most likely with out schedule.

No, I've said nothing of moral victories.

It just means with beating Stanford and hanging until the final second against ranked ASU, ranked UCLA, ranked OSU, means that Utah fans don't need to worry about our future. Its rosy.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah played USU and beat them. Utah played BYU and beat them. And neither BYU nor USU would have fared any better than 5-7 against the schedule Utah played. So, despite a disappointing season, the Utes at least proved they are the best team in the state of Utah.


"Utah played USU and beat them. Utah played BYU and beat them. And neither BYU nor USU would have fared any better than 5-7 against the schedule Utah played. So, despite a disappointing season, the Utes at least proved they are the best team in the state of Utah."

The Utes at least proved they WERE the best team in the state of Utah, AT THAT TIME, and the rankings, at that time, showed that. These are week 14 (current) rankings.

No worries, it is okay to live in the past!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I love USU's winning trend.

Six years ago many believed that the Aggies football program couldn't be turned around. When Coach A left many believed that the Aggies football program would again become mediocre. When Chucky Keeton was injured the doubters thought USU would have a losing season.

USU football program is here to stay and winning is what Aggies have come to expect. Coach Wells should be MWC coach of the year. Even with major injuries the Aggies continue to play well. I love my Aggies!

Morgan, UT

Regis... It's called "winning the battle, but losing the war".

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B.

Utah traded SOS for a bowl game. Good trade. (Smiling...)

Cedar City, UT

Ute fans know BYU is Utah's bowl game. Kyle is a great MWC coach. Give him some time and he can scheme with the best of them. However, week in and week out, his hyper competitive coaching wears on his assistants and players.

Iowa City, IA

"Sure, we lost a whole lot this year...but at least we played good teams, right?"

The student who takes an honors course and botches most of the assignments still fails the class. When that happens, teachers will usually give a recommendation that the student may not be ready for an honors course.

Nine PAC-12 teams still managed to win 4+ conference games this year. Only three teams didn't appear to belong.

Iowa City, IA

Kudos to the Aggies for putting together a great season and not letting the loss of their quarterback (whose name had come up in Heisman discussions) derail their progress!

Bluffdale, UT

It's crazy to compare Utah's PAC-12 experience to BYU's Independence. Utah walked right into tough Novembers in the first year but BYU has not had a team to play in November until this year with Wisconsin and Notre Dame (they lost both).

The Y's schedule looks tough enough next year to be nationally recognized and the U's schedule just gets tougher with Fresno State, Michigan, Stanford, and Oregon. As a Ute I am looking forward to the Fight Hunger Bowl and plan to go to the game...and wear my once a year Y cap.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

The experts are wrong even though they are experts because we won byu and we are in a prestegous conference and that makes us more prestegous than byu so we should be ranked better than byu so the experts are wrong with rankings.

Go Utes!

Bluffdale, UT

How does Utah have the toughest schedule in the country? CAL played Washington instead of Colorado plus Ohio State and Northwestern.

Did BYU & Utah State make the Utah schedule top CAL?


Hawkeye79 "Nine PAC-12 teams still managed to win 4+ conference games this year. Only three teams didn't appear to belong."

So, that would make the PAC-12 tougher than the SEC right?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Cal didn't play Arizona State for one. And Northwestern turned out to have a horrible season. Not sure whats so confusing to you?

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
Northwestern finished the season 5-7 and lost a lot of close games in the Big 10 then beat a terrible Illinois team to finish 5-7 and be 9th in a conference of 12 teams.
Sound Familiar? So the U had a terrible season?
Merry Christmas

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Pac-12 Proud! What a joke.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

The rankings are all wrong. The utes should be #1 in every category. The national experts are nuts and clearly do not understand college football. They should have consulted with Chris B before putting out their rankings.

NOT. So we see that despite the fluke in Provo this year BYU and USU ARE the two best teams in the state his year, as well as last, and the year before, etc. etc. etc.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

The future of Utah is NOT rosy. it is more like "couchy" Like where they will be sitting this year, and next year, and the year after that, etc. Do you see a trend?

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

This year is over. I would say UState had the best year because they exceeded expectations. All three programs look into a somewhat cloudy future. BYU must still deal with independence. There is both good and bad with that. I love the TV part because I live on the east coast. I don't love the schedule, but over time it should improve, or finally a conference will accept them for who they are and what they can bring (there is a lot more than just football). UState has to find a way to keep getting solid recruits and be able to hold on to good coaches. The U has to deal with being in the PAC 12. Last 3 years 4-5, 3-6, 2-7, x-x what is the next number in the sequence? I have said recruiting will be their biggest problem. Too many other choices for the California kids, and when they don't see a winning program, facilities and other things won't overcome that. So each program knows what they need to do this off-season and during the coming years, who will get it done. I hope all three find there way because in the end we all win!

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