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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 3:50 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Trust Dick to come up with something to shake those BYU pom poms.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

come on dr hill...fire kyle and hire orgeron...he is a stud...11 years at USC and got snubbed...

he turned an amazingly bad situation into a very good one...he went 6-2 after the kiffin disaster...

please...kyle just aint got it for a big time conference...

Charlotte, NC

Ah, the good ole days. Man do I ever miss Lavell! It has never been the same since he retired.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Makes sense to turn to BYU for football expertise.
I wonder why they did not look at Whit? Hmmm...

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

Well, there goes BYU's chance of reaching the next level. Bronco is a great guy, don't get me wrong, but I don't think we'll ever reach the great/elite level with him at the helm. Sark was probably the only option out there that would have been an upgrade (since Anderson just signed at Wisconsin).

Good luck at USC, Sark.

West Point , UT

Congrats Sark! Great hire by the Trojans, but too bad for Washington...it may be a while before they can bring in a coach of Sark's caliber.

South Jordan, UT

Congratulations, Steve! Former BYU players make really great coaches. Those who come to mind are Steve S., Andy Reid in the pros, the coach at Washington State, and the coach at Utah, Kyle Whittingham. Does anyone know of other college coaches who originated at BYU?

Interesting that when they want a mess cleaned up, they turn to value-driven players from BYU.

Go Cougars!!

Syracuse, UT

Well, there goes the uties chance for an appearance at the Rose bowl for the foreseeable future!

BYU's footprint's are all over the NCAA and NFL. This will payoff in the near future.

Lincoln, NE

I'm sure that the Huskies will want to make Whittingham their next coach. He coaches the best team in the best conference. Mark it down!

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

Because Sark lit it up in Jet City? Oh, wait. That's Pete Carroll

Orgeron got shafted.

I wonder if Sark will get part of his staff from Provo. ROFL!

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: defibman

"BYU's footprint's are all over the NCAA and NFL. This will payoff in the near future."

What footprints in the Nfl? The Miami/Carolina game had more Utes that game than there a byu players in the entire league

Centerville, UT

LaVell was the greatest. His mark on college football continues to grow 13 years after retirement. He must have gone to a really good college himself.

Provo, UT

As a BYU fan, this article is a joke. I'm sure USC says, lets hire guys with connections to BYU. Let's get real. They hire talent, and if that talent has connections to USC, they will hire it faster. Such as a former assistant coach who is doing well as a head coach...oh and he happened to be a QB at BYU

Salt Lake City, UT

cmon Harmon. I thought you were better than that. And I live in Provo.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Trust Harmon to fluff up the skinny connections to BYU. He takes 3 guys (one who's a Ute) and PRESTO, 7 times has SC turned to BYU for help!!

Oh, puleese!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Provo, UT

Trust Dick to come up with something to shake those BYU pom poms.


Steve Sarkisian's Resume:

2 years in Provo
3 years in Saskatewan (CFL)
1 year at El Camino College
4 years at USC
1 year in Oakland (NFL)
3 years at USC
4 years at Washington

Sark is as much a Cougar as Kyle Whittingham so it makes since when Dick says:

"But most of all, Sarkisian brings to USC, a treasure trove of offensive experience and knowledge, a great chunk of which he gained in Provo from Norm Chow, Lance Reynolds and LaVell Edwards."

I am willing to bet USC fans where he spent 7 years disagree.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Sark was never an option for HC at BYU because he isn't LDS, which is a requirement of the job. BYU can and does hire non-LDS assistant coaches but the head coach must be LDS.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Sarkesian is from byu and we win byu all the time and now sarkesian is at usc and that means we will win usc all the time now.

Go write it down!

Bluffdale, UT

Coach O, I hear there is a head coach opening at Washington.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

USC will regret it; just like hiring Kiffin. Sark was fair at best, at UW. The numbers speak for them self.

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