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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 9:20 p.m. MST

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

McDonald workers in Australia make $15 an hour -- McDonald's is still there.
McDonald workers in Seattle make $15 an hour -- McDonald's is still there.

There is absolutely NO facts or data to support the myth that FastFood workers must make minimum wage in order for a business to remain profitable.

Everett, 00

george of the jungle
goshen, UT
Just thinking, Since collage kids student lone their way, I think it must be the student lone is the reason. The students can't find a better job.

8:14 a.m. Dec. 3, 2013



Just thinking...

Saint George, UT

Open minded Mormon: I'm happy for Seattle McDonald's workers. I would love to see an economy where free markets decided what business' stay in business and what business' go bankrupt, instead of the government propping up some and causing the downfall of others for political expediency. It would be fun to see local business' start to compete for labor without using the government to "fix" things. Unfortunately, for the misinformed (to put it nicely) citizen, the Democrats and Republicans both know the game and will only change their tune when re-election money starts to dry up. Minimum wage laws, whether $8.50 an hour or $15.00 an hour, are a form of slavery that all business's have bought (literally) bought into. Once the rules are set, rules that insure their survival, they could care less. Both Democrats and Republicans sponsor the mess and that's why the mess will continue.

DN Subscriber 2

Several posters are really eager to pay unskilled workers $15 per hour, and management and owners the same or less.

I invite them to put their money and time where their posts are, and start their own businesses to implement these policies. And, comply with the mountain of government regulations and mandates regarding employees, environmental issues, insurance, liability protection, licenses and permits, taxes, etc.

Let us know in a year or two how your businesses are doing, how your employees are doing with their generous pay. And, if you are satisfied with the return on your time and investment as a business owner.

If not willing to run your own business, don't complain about how others run theirs. No one is forcing anyone to work at the burger joints. If someone has $15 per hour skills they should apply for a job where those skills are needed. If someone is semi-literate, cannot make change, is late for work, or will not follow job requirements, they don't deserve one of the fast food jobs.

I admire the work ethic of many immigrants (including illegal) making good money at hard jobs, while some citizens seem unable or unwilling to work.

Mcallen, TX

People are paid according to their skill level, and how they increase cash flow.

A skilled quarterback increases revenue, and is paid for it.

Fast food is low skilled, and was never meant as a career job. A wise person uses this as a stepping stone to bigger things.

In a classroom,--are the honor roll students responsible for those with lower grades? It was fair for everybody, but some choose not to do the work. Grades were dependent on effort, and not entitlement.

When students go through school receiving free meals, and other benefits,--they grow up feeling fast food should pay the same as higher skilled employment.

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