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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 9:20 p.m. MST

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DN Subscriber 2

A scheme by folks who do not understand economics, backed by the SEIU union bosses who want to increase their membership with gullible young workers.

Their real goal is to drive up "minimum wages" which will enable them to demand that everyone else get increases too, since they should earn more than burger flippers.

Of course, that triggers inflation so all those wage increases are meaningless as far as increasing buying power.

Salt Lake City, UT

If I found anybof my employees picketing.....I would fire them!

tucson, AZ

So they want fewer workers hired at a higher wage, or for the cost of fast food to increase substantially. One or both has to happen for this to work. Now if you assume that the price elasticity of fast food is very high, especially among lower income populations as some studies have postulated, then higher prices will likely have a laudatory effect on public health if fewer people eat unhealthy fast food. But, of course, that also means that the demand for fast food will go down and fewer workers will be needed in the fast food industry. And, with higher wages, many of those who are trying to make a "living wage" working in fast food will be priced out of the fast food labor market. So it will be fascinating to see if this pseudo-unionist approach to the fast food wage issue will on balance cause more harm than good (or vice versa) among those it seeks to elevate.

tucson, AZ

DN Subscriber 2, Mark Twain illustrated that concept of higher wages versus true buying power quite well I thought in his 1889 novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

I really wish the newspapers and outlets would stop advertising these events. There have been literally dozens of them across the country over the past year, all put together by a well-organized union group, none of them successful in getting more than just a few people to show up (and they have to pay them to protest). This is a non-movement, and the papers need to stop covering it.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Too bad that all the real jobs went to China. I thought these places was for high school and collage kids, never something to try to support a family.

Springville, UT

In what world is a 39 cent taco worth $1.25?

When these same people realize that their 29 hour work week job is going to require them to get a $6,000 deductible health insurance plan on their own dime then just maybe we can get them to march on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Taylorsville, 00

"If I found anybof my employees picketing.....I would fire them!"

It's better than the alternative that angry workers in Bangladesh have found. The managers and bosses have harsh reprisals for any dissent from workers there, so the workers save up the anger until they have enough support to burn the factory.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." applies to economic situations as well as political.


If people want to earn $15/hour (or more), they need to provide services worth $15/hour.

Taylorsville, UT

This is the only way to begin and economic recovery, workers uniting and getting organized and demanding their share of the profiteering by corporate america, this is real sharing of the wealth. Workers and business coming together without government mandates or oversight, people and business coming to an equitable labor and job benefits plan. Workers with money are workers who spend money, its the economics of prosperity and growth.

We all have the right to demand our value, just as CEO contract with corporations, workers also have the right to contract with the corporations as CEO executives. Well paid workers are the life of economic growth.

Corporations don't have the right to fire people for wanting higher wages or benefits, the new america is erupting, the left wing socialist will be left in the dust of poverty forever. Unions benefit the economy and prosperity and growth of the nation, it has proven its value over the years when america was becoming a world power. Unions and united workers have proven their value, complacency and poverty have proven why the economy is stagnant. Corporate and business greed are destroyers of an economy.

Hayden, ID

The most effective and fastest way to increase the unemployment rate for unskilled, entry level teenage workers!

Midwest City, USA, OK

With no intended insensetivity to fast food workers-I once was one-I wouldn't advise a stunt like this. Fast food workers on minimum wage have no useful skillset for the position; it's only unskilled laber they have to bargain with, not any rare or necessary skills. And during a time in which many are still seeking employment, it would be less inconvenient now than ever for a fast food retailer to let the strikers go and hire new people who can quickly learn the job.

It would be a cut to the business in both spinning up new workers -and- taking the pay increase, but they could elevate spite to an art form if they let the strikers go, replaced them, then paid the replacing members the increased wage.

But ever since the "occupy wallstreet" nonsense, I've grown rather weary of stunts like this.

one old man
Ogden, UT

It has been reported that for McDonald's to increase worker pay, it would be necessary to raise prices of each hamburger or sandwich about 10 to 15 CENTS. As for me, I know I'm not ENTITLED to a cheap sandwich and would gladly pay an extra dollar for a Big Mac meal if it meant the people preparing and serving it for me would be earning decent wages.

In the meantime, McDonald's has a new CEO. Pay has not been disclosed yet, but his predecessor just retired after "earning" $1600 per hour. He will receive a "generous" retirement package, unlimited personal use of the company jet ($1400 per hour to fly and maintain), and a few other perks.

$1600 per hour is enough to pay 106 workers a living wage.

And what about all the other high muckety-mucks in the corporate offices who also receive "generous" compensation?

Most of the people posting above obviously have no idea what is actually happening in the real world around us.

Las Vegas, NV

@ DVD "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.applies to economic situations as well as political." so you want these workers to burn down the business?

How about this crazy idea - if you want a better paying job work hard at your current minimum wage job while looking for a better one. Yes liberals don't want to work hard, they just want to be paid for their in-competent, you don't have to look farther than the current occupant of the White House how disastrous this type of thinking

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Just thinking, Since collage kids student lone their way, I think it must be the student lone is the reason. The students can't find a better job.

one old man
Ogden, UT

On another note, I once lived in a town in which an independent restaurant owner made it a practice to hire high school students who were struggling in school. They were referred to her by the school's guidance counselor.

Part of their job at the restaurant was a requirement that they spend at least an hour at a table in the corner of the place DOING HOMEWORK. She, and even some of her customers, were ready and willing to help them if they needed it. When a student's grades improved, they received a small -- yet still significant -- pay raise.

Her other employees were paid well enough that they didn't depend entirely upon tips to support themselves and their families. Her menu prices were actually a bit higher than the other two places in town, but the food was better (happy employees do a better job?) and the place was always crowded while the others were nearly empty. Many of my friends there made no secret that they ate at Edna's Place because they wanted to support what she was doing to help those kids and her other employees.

Cheyenne, WY

If they made 15 dollars an hour throughout a 40 hour work week year around they would make as much as some starting school teachers in the State of Utah. Is that reasonable for a very low skilled worker?
These unskilled workers can work up, even low skill workers can develop skills. Move on to construction, oil industry, clerical work, and many other jobs that will build skills.
In September 2013 3.9 million jobs were open in the U.S.(BLS), if they want to succeed take a risk move on to a new job and work your way to a better living.
I started doing meningeal labor for a company at 16 (assembly line) worked hard moved up to warehouse, then to the engineering department. Then I worked two jobs when in college, have no loans.
I left the engineering department of the company last year as the 3rd highest position, took a new position for much better money (which I got from experience and education, 60% higher than entry level people).
The key is work hard build skills and then you are in demand and make money.
BTW the stuff I used to build I made 40 cents for each one I built.

Ogden, UT

Old man you need to read TimD comment

"If people want to earn $15/hour (or more), they need to provide services worth $15/hour."

Thats the problem right now in this Country. The POTUS (you know the truthful one) makes what? $200,000 yearly.

He provides $15.00 an hour of worth.If that!

Saint George, UT

One old man: You are talking with a split tongue. You can't demand that laws are made to "stop the corporate greed" then talk about "Edna's place" as if it is different than a corporation. Call it what you may, Edna's place was practicing good old fashioned free enterprise, something you seem to despise. Edna's place was Edna's place because of liberty and freedom that it is getting less of everyday. If you go to Walmart, you are supporting the very things you want to tear down. That is called hypocrisy or irony or whatever. You can't have it both ways. When enough workers in America want to do away with corporations like Walmart by not shopping there, it will fall apart. More than likely it will continue to operate because your party (Democrats) and your supposed enemy (Republicans) will insure that it exists either through government fiat or Crony Capitalism. Make it a law that all Walmart employees make $100,000 a year, but if the Democrats and Republicans are involved, somebody else will just pay the bill! They love it that way;It keeps them in power!

bountiful, ut

It baffles me that people still slam fast food workers as unskilled labor... If you think it is so unskilled, and that there are not those worth in excess of $15 an hour' I encourage you to shun the 'beneath you' mentality, suit up at your restaurant of choice and give it a solid month. If you can handle the corporate or franchise malarky coupled with the serious strain of rush hours then by all means... Continue on to say that we are valueless workers... Oh, and don't bother stopping by to get a $6 thick burger, Big Mac, Whopper or Chalupa etc... Our smiles and happiness belong to those who appreciate what we go through to make their experience at least up to par if not above. (slamming a profession is NOT an expression of appreciation!)

What you guys slamming us are saying is that the very restaurants you go for lunch or breakfast shouldn't even open the doors until 45 minutes after the final bell of high schools ring... Who else is available to work those hours before and during school? Is that really what you want?

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