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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 1:30 p.m. MST

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Bluffdale, UT

I hope Washington grabs Gary Andersen if he can break his contract at Wisconsin. But, they might get Coach O. He resigned at USC today after the news.

Dave Sommers
Smyrna, TN

Gotta love it! Kiffen was a confusing hire out here in Tennessee. To us, he was even more confusing for USC. Some folks are hired to help clean up things and because of trust establish over time with certain ties.

Urban Mires made this BYU alum a Utes fan, Whit isn't helping much, but I still root for them in the Pac 12. Never against the Cougars, of course.

Provo, UT

Why does every story on the sports pages turn into a Utah vs BYU rant? Congrats to Sark and good luck.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

At myperspective

I don't know who Washington is targeting, but Gary Pinkel (Missouri) and Jim Mora (UCLA) would both be great. They have Washington ties, but I don't know if UW could lure them away.

I have no idea why what article is on what page. Sark was a BYU QB though; of course.


"I'm wondering if he keeps Coach O. If he doesn't he may have a difficult time winning the team over. Coach O has been successful and popular among his players. I was surprised he didn't get the job."

Coach O re-signed as soon as this news broke. I do not blame him however, it's tough to blame SC for not hiring him given his recent head coaching record.

Marysville, WA

Local sports radio personalities here in Seattle are hoping against hope that Mora leaves UCLA to take the UW job. I think it's a stretch, but he has very deep ties to the school and the community. We'll have to wait and see.

Also funny to see some Ute fans' dog-in-the-manger attitude about Cougar fans commenting on their recently-beloved conference. For a huge percentage of--and perhaps the majority of--BYU grads and fans who are not from Utah, we also root for local teams where we live or grew up, and many of us have been PAC-affiliated since before many of you were in diapers.


Syracuse, UT

Every time there is any article that has "BYU" or "Mormon" in it, the sale of blood pressure meds go thru the roof. Some people just can't stand it when someone they hate is successful.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Uteanymous

Sark being hired by USC has far more to do with with the PAC-12 than it does with BYU. And I'm willing to bet most USC fans don't know, or even care, where Sark played college ball. It's cool how you think you can speak for one of the largest fan bases in college athletics though.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"So awesome to see byu fans interested in a coaching shuffle in our conference.

Hey, Des News...why is this story on the byu board?"

Hypothetically, if Texas fired Mack Brown and hired Brian Johnson as their new head coach, do you think it will appear on the Utah sports pages on the Deseret News?

Lincoln City, OR

Actually Spokane ute, you're not being brutally honest about Sark, you're being simply wrong...

I love both BYU and Washington and Sark resurrected an all but dead football program... He took over in Seattle in 2009 after the team had gone 0-12 the previous year and went 5-7... He's qualified 3 straight years for a bowl game and his team has been ranked on numerous occasions over the past 3 years...

He has also routinely beat the Trojans (even when they were very good and ranked in the top 5 in the country)... Utah has never beaten the Huskies and are something like 0-5 lifetime against Washington... The USC Athletic Department are well acquainted with Sark as he coached there for about 3 years as both QB coach under Norm Chow and OC under Carroll... I think that his credentials are far better than KWs (two coaches definitely going in opposite directions)...

I am guessing the Sarks move to USC probably comes with about a 50% salary increase... I suspect he will be making around $4 Million next year.

And I would wager that Peterson from Boise State will be the new Husky Head Coach.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"Utah has never beaten the Huskies and are something like 0-5 lifetime against Washington..."

Actually 0-8 (0-2 under Whittingham)

Chris Peterson confirmed as Washington's new head coach today. It's possible that BYU could be facing the same head coach, coaching two different teams, in the same season.

Lincoln City, OR


I'm sorry, I am still laughing... Did you actually read your comment before posting it??? I know you meant it as a zinger against the DN and BYU fans but I am pretty sure that you can do better.

Let me ask you a couple of questions... Do you know where KW played college ball? I can tell you where Bronco played college ball... And I can tell you where Lavell Edwards played college ball...

Furthermore, the DN is a paper that caters to Utah athletics (including BYU)... They don't cater to Southern California Readers or USC fans... Do you think that it is a point of interest to fans of BYU that their former QB is now the Head Coach of possibly the most storied collegiate Football Programs west of the Rocky Mountains?

An amazing comment to say the least.

Lincoln City, OR


This thread is great entertainment...Particularly if you like comedy...

You said: "USC cares plenty about Utah every time they have to play them. What you really should be asking is if Sark cares about byu. Based on his comments the last he was at byu with his Huskies, I have to say...no."

The only time that Washington played BYU in Sark's tenure was in 2010 (the season opener and it was in Provo on the bottom half of a "Home and Home"... the Huskies lost)... And here is a sentence from what Sarkesian said to the press on his way back to Seattle following the game...

"I'm proud of the effort that we played with in this ball game. When I look at the game that we went on the road against a perennial top-25 opponent in a tough environment..."

He goes on to talk about their mistakes and how they should be possibly trying to schedule lesser opponents in Preseason in the future...

Nowhere, in any article did he disparage his or his teams experience in playing the Cougars.

Perhaps a little homework would help you my friend... particularly when it comes to accuracy.

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