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Published: Monday, Dec. 2 2013 12:50 p.m. MST

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scrappy do

conservative republican playing the victim card?! how deliciously ironic

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

One way to help prove your innocence would be to ask the committee to continue to retrive all of the deleted emails from your electronic devices. The feeling among many people is that the committee wants to end the investigation because the deleted emails would embarass and possibly implicate other officials in criminal acts.

let's roll

I have no desire to kick the guy while he's down, but unless he's willing to forfeit his pension, I think the investigations should continue and criminal charges brought, if warranted, and if he's convicted, he'll forfeit his pension.

I've yet to hear him demonstrate how he was functioning as AG. He seemed to care not at all that the citizens of Utah and the attorneys in the AG's office were without a functioning AG. The fact that he didn't go into the office on his last day but instead spent the day giving interviews was consistent with his behavior during his entire term. He spent much more time on his personal matters than he did serving the people of Utah.

The public record shows he spent a lot of time lobbying investigators and speaking to the press about his personal matters rather than working as the AG. He hasn't demonstrated that he earned his pay while in office and since there's no showing that he was functioning as AG, I don't believe his time in office should allow him to vest in his pension.

New to Utah

Maryann Martindale,executive of Alliance for a Better Utah,clearly a liberal pressure group must be dancing in the street. She along with all the Democrat party partisans, Jeremy Johnson and all the other felons connected to this political witch hunt have had the opportunity to vent and taint Swallow. The dozens of conversations I've had with everyday Utahan's paints a very different picture. It is one of disgust of the media for overkill and zealousness in pursuing every allegation, insinuation or hearsay. It is clear he got bad legal advice in filling out the csampaign disclosure but this is a civil issue. Swallows enemies made it clear that the legislature better get him out of office or else and they certainly complied like cowed cattle. The truth be told there are many black eyes in this whole affair, the media,the legislature and John Swallow. It shows the relentless pursuit by liberals with unlimited money can bring down a statewide conservative office holder. Everyone should take note and be aware.

let's roll

@New to Utah

"Or else" what? I'm sure the groups you reference would be glad to see Sen. Lee and the Governor out of office. Why not use this strategy against them? Why the AG?

Mr. Swallow made his mistakes on his own. There were folks of both political parties involved in bringing those mistake to light.

I find your assumption that the groups you reference have any effective leverage on a state legislature controlled by Mr. Swallow's party, to be a bit of a stretch. Even assuming the "or else" was a pledge to look into a legislator's past, I see no wrong there. All public servants should expect vetting and transparency.

Finally, I consider myself an average Utahn and a Republican and I had no issue with the press handling of this matter. If anything, there was often a failure by the press to ask Mr. Swallow the hard (but obvious) questions about the allegations, instead of letting him use the press as his soapbox without challenge.

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