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Published: Sunday, Dec. 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Hyrum, UT

@ Elmer Fudd:

Don't be silly enough to count on Utah beating BYU every year. Yes, they've beat them the past 4 years (3 down to the last play of the game), but BYU also beat Utah 3 of the preceding 4 years prior to then.

The only thing a knowledgeable fan will count on is that the rivalry between the 2 schools will continue to go back and forth... like it has done for most of a century. Only someone living in a bubble world would think otherwise.

If Utah beating BYU makes them the better team, then why do all the national polls currently have BYU listed and ranked as the better team? Those people who create the polls know the results of that single game, but still feel BYU is the better team. Oh... that's right, the rest of the football world looks at the entire season... unlike just a few Ute fans who think that a single game counts for everything... and that it's impossible for teams to get better or decline during the coarse of a season.
Please don't be that naive!

Does that also mean Utah is a better team than Stanford?


Draper, UT

Tators, you were the one who "guaranteed" Kyle would take Bronco's schedule, I did not put words in your mouth. You wrote it.

I said I think Kyle likes the challenge, I didn't guarantee it, though I have heard him say in interviews he likes the challenge of building a program that can contend in the PAC 12. As I said, Kyle could get a job before Chris Hill even finished saying "you're done" if it came to that, so his concerns are primarily focused on helping improve a program he has spent so many years building. He wants the program to succeed because Kyle takes pride in building something, unlike Urban who just used Utah as another career stepping stone.

I also didn't say he doesn't have concerns for his job, I said you overstated those concerns. Of course he is concerned as he should be. I'm not sure even Kyle knew how hard this transition would be.

BYU was still 2-4 against BCS teams, including Virginia and Utah. All I'm saying is why come on a Utah thread and pound your chests with those results?

Highland, UT

An explanation of utah "fan" logic as it pertains to this discussion.

Rankings only matter when they are used to determine SOS because in that instance it says utah plays the nations hardest schedule and having to play the nations hardest schedule gives utah "fans" an excuse for their teams incredibly poor record.

Rankings not only don't matter, but are actually fatally flawed, when they show BYU to be a better team than utah.

It is simple to understand, those that vote on the rankings don't have a clue what they are doing when they rank BYU above utah but they are spot on and flawless when using those rankings to give utah "fans" their whiney excuse about their schedule being to hard.

There you go, utah "fan" logic explained. LOL!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


The issue I have, is that you make it sound as if the Saragin rankings are the end all, be all, of who is better than whom. Utah is ranked #33, WSU #34 and OSU #36. All very close. So was Utah better than both WSU & OSU? Of course not, they lost to them. I can admit that. You act as if Utah is like Virginia and ranked #114 or something. Sorry, but when teams are ranked very close to each other, the actual game played is the tie breaker. IMO

In my mind, it's pretty weak sauce when you have to rely on some poll to tell you that your team is better. BYU lost to Utah, out played, and out scored. That's the bottom line.

Draper, UT


BYU logic:

6-5 Michigan in 1984 was a national power in their undisputed "national championship game" and Utah playing a 7-4 Pittsburgh was a patsy.

BYU plays on ESPN2 late at night, so they are the undisputed darling of the national media.

Utah's "close games" are really just an illusion and in our minds they really lost every game on their schedule.

Everyone knows BYU losing to Virgina, Utah, and Notre Dame was a fluke. The weather lost the Virginia game, the referees lost the Utah game, and...well I'm sure there is a reason we lost once again to Notre Dame.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


BYU lost to Notre Dame because of the glare coming off of the shinny helmets.

Highland, UT

@draperute "fan"

Fail. No one claimed michigan was a national power, although they did say they were before injuries ravaged their team, no claimed BYU was the "undisputed darling of the national media", no one said utah's "close games are really just an illusion", and no one said BYU losing to utah or notre dame was a "fluke", for that matter no one said that about virginia either.

You see you have to use things people actually said and no one said any of that whereas utah "fans" do tell us incessantly that the polls are always wrong about BYU being ranked higher than utah but are always right when they use those same rankings to rate utah's SOS. utah "fans" also claim rankings are right when they say utah's recruiting classes are better than BYU's but they are all wrong when they had BYU as the undisputed NCAA College Football National Champion.

You see we get it, polls and rankings are always correct when they favor utah and they are always wrong when they favor BYU. It is indisputable.

Mcallen, TX

Here it is folks!!

"Utah plays a much tougher schedule and BYU plays a much weaker schedule. So you can't compare which team is better by their schedules".

Draper, UT

Fail Duck,

Go back and read the thread start to finish.

Draper, UT


In your words "No one said Michigan was a national power althouth they did say they were before ravaged by injuries."

We get one sentence into your argument where the contradictions start. Did they or didn't they? My favorite is the injury part. The Cougs allow themselves the injury bug excuse, but not a Utah team who lost its starting QB for all intent and purposes in week 7.

My favorite Cougar logic..."nobody said any of that."

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

......nor the final score.

Idaho Falls, ID

All time record against Pac 12 teams: 85-138-6 .371
2011: 4-5 .444
2012: 3-6 .333
2013: 2-7 .222

Utes lost some very close games this year. Nobody can say it will be any better next year. Until they actually show it on the field...winning those close games...don't talk to me about how they are not that far away.

I'll call it
Ogden, UT

If BYU was in the Pac-12 Utah would never get a win over them again.

West Point , UT

Injuries can play a very important role in how well a team performs over the season. It's one thing to lose starters, it's another thing entirely to lose stars. I'm a Georgia fan and watched them have a lot of success this year, being ranked as high as #6 in the country. Then they lost STAR players like Malcom Mitchell, Todd Gurley, Kieth Marshall, etc. losing your TEs isn't the same as losing guys like that. Georgia went from being one of the best teams in the SEC to losing to Vanderbilt because of STARs getting injured. Every team has injuries, it's when those injuries happen to integral parts that the meltdown occurs. Remember, Wilson threw 6 interceptions against UCLA and was already going downhill BEFORE getting injured.

Michigan in 84 started as one of the Big 10 favorites and in the NC discussion because of all the talent they had...they then proceeded to lose the majority of their starters and STARS to injury. They started the season with wins over Miami (#1 at the time) and Wisconsin but struggled thereafter. Many of ttheir starters were back for the holiday bowl, but no one ever remember that.

West Point , UT

It also never ceases to amaze me how good ute fans' memory is about '84 Michigan but how their memory fails them when they consider that a win over a ranked Michigan in 2008 was what propelled Utah into the rankings that year. Michigan finished 3-9 in 2008 and was an awful team from the get go...not even comparable to the talent of the 84 team.

New to Utah

Utah was very lucky to beat Colorado in the bottom feeders bowl. BYU would have easily beaten Utah if they had played in November like that have for about a 100 years. Money and prestige aren't worth being the punching bag of the Pac 12.BYU did not perform up to expectations they were lucky to beat Reno. Utah State had the easiest MWC schedule not playing SDSU and Fresno, Boise State is probably the best team in the MWC but two heartbreaking loses by one point at Fresno and in overtime at San Diego. This has been craziest year in college football who would think Alabama would lose a fluke play?

Draper, UT

CougsandDawgs, I enjoyed attending that 2008 contest against Michigan at the Big House. A truly awesome experience as college football goes. The fans of Michigan were first class all the way. It was an awesome experience. I don't have any illusions about the fact that Michigan wasn't very good that year, but any win in front of 104,000 fans at the Big House is a nice win. the 2008 Wolverines certainly were not better than the Michigan team of 84.

BYU had a great team in 84 and Michigan was a good team, but they weren't close to the best team BYU could have played. It wasn't BYU's fault, it was a broken college football system that continues to be broken.

Undefeated Boise State felt cheated when they played TCU in the Fiesta bowl instead of a higher ranked and more prestigious opponent. The system of college football failed BYU and the fans in 1984 and they continue to fail fans with a broken system of awarding a national champion. Washington beat Michigan 20-11 before the injuries to Michigan in 1984 and they ended the season with only one loss. Too bad that wasn't the opponent for the NC that year.

West Point , UT

I agree with everything you said...nice to have civilized dialogue. I imagine being at the Big House is a rare treat for a fan of CFB, just as it was for me when I attended the BYU vs ND game last year. Amazing history and prestige surround ND stadium and like the Michigan fans you experienced, ND fans are a classy bunch. Like you I wish CFB could do things the right way because how they do it puts a damper on the accomplishments of ALL programs not just Cinderella or midmajor programs...we can only hope that someday they get it right. A 4 team playoff next year is a step in the right direction, but I'd like to see that grow to 8 or even 16 teams.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Washington and Nebraska were both invited to play #1-ranked BYU in the Holiday Bowl. Unfortunately, neither accepted, or there would be no debate concerning whether or not BYU deserved to be the 1984 National Champion.

Either BYU would have lost, end of story; or BYU would have won, also, end of story.

Interestingly, BYU did play Washington at the beginning of the 1985 season, and crushed the Huskies 31-3.

Sandy , UT

@ BYU9293

Utah has beat BYU in the last 4 games and are 8 out of the last 11. By scheduling BYU and Utah St for that matter Utah is already padding their schedule. The Utes are looking to increase their foot print in recruiting. They already play in Utah so why continue to play Utah St. and BYU other than to pad their schedule for two easy win.

Utah just received commitments from three highly recruited players out of Louisiana and Florida thanks to Dennis Erickson.
They received a commitment form QB Donovan Isom Destrehan, LA ranked 34 by ESPN also had offer from Miami, Brandon Snell WR, Miami FL Ranked #12 WR by ESPN S Monte Seabrook Newberry, FL ESPN Ranked 92. Utah also got commitments from 2 top 40 OT

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