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Published: Sunday, Dec. 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Hyrum, UT

@ MyPerspective:

You and a few ultra-ute fans don't seem to get it no matter how simply it's spelled out for you.

BYU fans are very happy we have the opportunity to play on a Big Stage every year. If we win enough games, like almost all other college teams, we would then go to a BCS bowl game. Boise State proved that when they were still playing in the WAC, as did Utah when they were still in the MWC.

Because of BYU's affiliation with ESPN, they play on a much bigger national stage than the Utes do. Even the biggest TV satellite company (Direct-TV) still doesn't carry the PAC12 tv network. As such, BYU definitely has a bigger "stage" than Utah. BYU played more big-name teams this year than Utah or Boise State ever did when they played in BCS bowl games.

So to answer your question... Yes, most BYU fans are very pleased with our current stage arrangement.
On top of that, BYU still has more control over their schedule (a plus) than Utah does with theirs (bummer). In fact, that's still a common excuse for Utah fans whenever losing.

Hyrum, UT

@ Uteology:

If you do need a good laugh, try the mirror. The way you pick and choose your info is almost hilarious. You are full of emotion and rhetoric, but very short of actual facts.

To start with, I never said BYU would do well in the PAC12. Go back and check. I simply stated they might do better than Utah has done so far. That's based on the fact that literally all national polls and ranking services currently consider BYU a better team than Utah... without exception Check the latest polls. Facts are facts... whether you agree or not.

And in almost everyone's football books, those nationally recognized pundits carry much more weight than you do. For you to even compare your hand-picked rhetoric to their inclusive objectified facts used in analytical rankings is truly a good laugh. So do so. It's on you.

And like it or not, the only other meaningful info we can use over a broader compilation spectrum for comparative purposes is how BYU and Utah have done in their respective BCS games over fairly recent history. Fair or not, Bronco has better percentages than Kyle... Laugh or cry. Your choice.

Salt Lake City, UT

deductive reasoning

Without exception, each of you has weighed in on this well written article (which presents a to hope for a bright future for Utah football). Without exception, each one of you (and others like you) has commented on the Utes coming up short thus far in the elite and intensely competitive Pac-12.

Let's talk for a moment about what byu has FAILED to accomplish in the BCS era. Utah accomplished it (twice), TCU accomplished it (Twice), BSU accomplished it, even Hawaii got it done.

What's wrong with byu? Why did the they come up not just short but never even entered into the conversation? The BCS era is over and byu has what done with the opportunity?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Tators: "As such, BYU definitely has a bigger "stage" than Utah. BYU played more big-name teams this year than Utah or Boise State ever did when they played in BCS bowl games."

Big-name teams means diddly.

Utah won more big games (ranked teams) in 2008 than BYU has since 1997 or when they backed into a National Title.

BYU has such a control over their schedule that this is what they came up with for next year?

Virginia (let’s hope it doesn’t rain)
Utah State
@UCF (Ranked)
@Middle Tenn
Savannah State

I count 9 wins already.
This is a plus?
You might as well claim you are the better team with 9 wins without even playing a down.

Hyrum, UT

@ Bleed Crimson:

You lost tons of credibility by asserting BYU's independence has been a disaster for them, when just the opposite is factually true.

It's true that Utah might be over their heads by no longer being able to qualify for any bowl games and having to fight so hard just to stay out of the very bottom of the PAC12 basement. I wished that wasn't true. But it's a fact.

BYU on the other hand, are still finishing their seasons more often nationally ranked than not. They are playing more nationally televised games than ever before. They have played in bowl games every single year Bronco has been head coach... 8 and counting. They are making multiple times more money than they ever did before with any conference affiliation.

And they did so with a SOS in the top 20% of all college teams. In fact, it was stronger this year than any schedule Utah has ever played... prior to this year.

On top of that BYU has much more choice over who they play than any conference team has. That's a very good thing. Ask any head coach.

You have a right to be jealous.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Same old, same old with Kyle - he does well when he only has to get his team up for one or two games a season.

Over the course of an entire season, however, the record speaks for itself; except one perfect storm season, Kyle is mediocre, at best.

Bronco/Kyle era

AP Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 4
Kyle 2

11+ win, Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

10+ Win Seasons
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Conference Championships
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

Kyle lost to every bottom dweller in the MWC; Bronco was undefeated against the likes of Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State, and UNLV.

Bronco may have lost a season-opening game in a driving rainstorm with a QB coming off a season-ending injury after only starting two games as a Freshman, but, with the PAC South title there for the taking, Bronco would not have lost a season-ending game, at home, to a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in 3 years.

BYU won 23 WAC/MWC titles; Utah only won 6.

Surviving the weekly grind of a conference season is simply something the Utes don't do.

Draper, UT

I love it when Tators declares "BYU played more big name teams this year than Utah..." Can you name one commentator or national source for such a conclusion?

Let's see, Virginia...8 straight losses. Texas...best team the Cougars played and actually beat (the Longhorns 2nd toughest conference game remains). Whenever a team plays a school with Northern, Middle, Eastern, Western, or anything else like that in front of their name, justified skepticism from objective fans...aka Middle Tennessee. Average Georgia Tech team, good but unranked Utah State, Houston we have a problem with 4 losses in a 6 game stretch. A good but not great Badger team, the Mighty Pocatelloans, a below average Notre Dame, and a near upset by the 4-8 Wolfpack.

Just because you played them doesn't validate the schedule, as BYU fans less than subtly point out about Utah. Your signature win is Texas and it was a convincing win. Too bad BYU didn't have a statement win the rest of the season (and please don't claim Boise State). Texas only remains in the top 25.

The Utes played 4 teams still in the top 25. Stanford, Oregon, USC, UCLA, & Arizona State trump that "big name" schedule.

Mcallen, TX

@MyPerspective--that's why I put IMO, and it makes sense.

Draper, UT

BTW Tators, the IF in "If we win enough games...we would then go to a BCS bowl game" has yet to happen. The only IF scenario for BYU to be considered for a BCS game is to go undefeated and hope the system has an opening in a down year.

IF the Cougars had gone undefeated this season with their schedule, they are still looking at pretty bleak prospects because of the way the BCS factors in SOS. You would have a tough time beating out any of the top 10 BCS teams.

This year may have been the Cougars best IF opportunity because it was their best independent schedule to date, but they pretty much blew it the first weekend of play.

Pretty comical that the Cougs are celebrating a Ute "cellar" and "dormat" 5-7 season when their 3 more wins are not substantially better and nothing to get too excited about. 3 more wins Cougs and you are chest pounding? Give me Nevada, Middle Tennessee, (I'll give you the straight up exchange of Weber State for your Idaho State), then give me Virginia. I'll mark down three more wins right there, and Utah's schedule would still trump BYU.

Mcallen, TX

@U 90--and Utah can't beat Boise State

Salt Lake City, Utah


Nobody knows how good teams are going to be from year to year. Last year, Auburn was abysmal (0-8, 3-9). This year, Auburn is a national championship contender.

With that said, when was the last time Utah played and beat 7 bowl teams that finished with at least 7 regular season wins in the same season?

BYU's 2014 Schedule with 2013 records
at UConn 2-9
at Texas 8-3 (Texas could still win the Big 12)
Virginia 2-10
Houston 8-4
Utah St 8-4 (Utah St could still win the MWC)
at Ctrl Fla 10-1
Nevada 4-8
at Boise St 8-4
at Mid Tenn St 8-4
UNLV 7-5
Savannah St 1-11
at California 1-11

Salt Lake City, Utah


Anybody who claims that Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech aren't all big name programs is simply blowing smoke. Throw in Utah State (which beat Utah last year and barely lost to Utah this year), along with Boise St and Houston (two teams Utah has never beaten), and BYU still played a schedule that Utah would have been hard-pressed to do any better against than the did with their own schedule.

BYU's #32 SOS was tougher than ANY schedule Utah has ever played, prior to this season.

Stop whining about schedule when you finished with the exact same 5-7 record last season with a #41 SOS.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Worf--and BYU can't beat Virginia.


Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ worf

"and Utah can't beat Boise State"

Hardly anyone in college football could beat Boise State the last two times Utah played the Broncos. They were a well oiled machine that just wins in dominating fashion. Ever since Kellen Moore and that strong senior class graduated. Boise State has become mediocre! BYU has scheduled them while they are down. That seems to be the only way BYU ever beats reputable teams.

BYU can't beat Utah anymore!

U 90
Corona, CA


what does Boise State have to do with your original argument that BYU would win more games in the PAC12 than Utah IF the cougs had been invited?

U 90
Corona, CA

Has BYU ever beaten two teams in the same season that finished the year in the top 25?

I don't know the answer but there's gotta be a Y fan who does. Please enlighten

Lincoln Park, IL


Utah could easily finish with no better than a 6-6 record versus BYU's 2014 schedule

@UConn - win
@Texas - loss
Virginia - win
Houston - loss (Utah has never beaten Houston)
Utah St - toss up
@UCF - loss
Nevada - win
@Boise St - loss (Utah has never beaten Boise St)
@Middle Tenn - toss up
UNLV - win
Savannah State - win
@Cal - win (assuming the Bears are as bad as this year, otherwise loss, remember 2011)



Pretty comical that the Utes are "celebrating" another 5-7, bowl-less season because they managed to pull off a bunch of close losses against a tough schedule.

BYU's 8-4 record is good for 39th in the current BCS standings.
Utah's 5-7 record is good for 56th in the current BCS standings.

While BYU finished in the top 3rd, Utah barely finished in the top half of the BCS standings.

If finishing between La.-Lafayette and Toledo floats your boat, feel free to continue beating your chest about achieving such a lofty "accomplishment".

Lincoln Park, IL

Spokane Ute

U can have Virginia (which, incidentally, Utah has never beaten).

BYU will take Texas, Boise State, and Houston (which, incidentally, Utah has also never beaten).

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU has already played ... a national championship game" -- Rockwell.
BYU should be proud of their Heisman and National Championship trophies. Those are great accomplishments that stand are their own. There is no need to flat out lie about them.

BYU didn't play in a national championship game. They played an unranked team in the Holiday Bowl. National championship games didn't begin until over a decade later. BYU's experience was nothing compared to the pressure and intensity of today's championship games between the top two teams.

Lincoln Park, IL

Elmer Fudd

"Hardly anyone in college football could beat Boise State the last two times Utah played the Broncos."

You're ignoring the fact that Utah lost to the Broncos in 1998, 1999, 2006 and 2010.

The Broncos were only 6-5 in 1998 and the 10-3 1999 Broncos lost to North Texas!

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