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Published: Sunday, Dec. 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Draper, UT

You would think from all the lively posts that the rivalry game was back where it belongs...right after Thanksgiving.

Why can't we all just get along. I mean, BYU, you have gone independent, play some tough games, get to a bowl game, and enjoy the increased revenue and exposure on ESPN. Happy for you. You have some solid tradition and are well recognized nationally.

Utah as a program has worked extremely hard since the Ronnie Mac era to improve from what had been a program flagging for years. Fred Whittingham (one-time Cougar) told Kyle Utah was a sleeping giant. Mac, Meyer, Whit, and Chris Hill improved the Utah program the last two decades and it led to a PAC 12 invite. We love our team and the success they have had and we stick with them when we have tough seasons too. Ridicule, mock, and scorn if you must, we are happy.

Cougar fans, you endured some pretty brutal seasons under coach Crowton and most BYU fans I talk to are not overjoyed with Bronco/Anae 2.0, but you stick with your team.

The rivalry is alive and perhaps a little too well.

Salt Lake City, UT


What Duckhunter said!

Anaheim, CA

Bleed Crimson

"They get their national exposure they were craving, but they've also been nationally exposed by every good team on their schedule for the last 3 years."

How was BYU "exposed" versus Texas this year, a team that could still win the Big 12 and play in a BCS game?

How was BYU "exposed" by #16/#17 Utah State in 2012?

How was BYU "exposed" losing 3 games to Top 25 teams by a total of 10 points in 2012?

How was BYU "exposed" losing to Texas 16-17 and TCU 28-38 in 2011?

Utah fans are prone to using hyperbole when the actual facts contradict your crimson-goggles shaded narratives.

Anaheim, CA

My Perspective

Are you pleased that the BCS era has come and gone and that the Utes never even came close to playing for a BCS championship, which, after all, was the ultimate goal of creating the BCS?

btw, before you get all indignant about how close the Utes were in 2004 and 2008, just remember, the Utes finished #6 in the final BCS standings both years, and finished #5 and #4 in the final Coaches polls, the poll that officially crowns the BCS champion as national champion.

Sandy, UT

Utah has a tough task ahead to upgrade their talent. They have to compete with BYU for instate and national LDS athletes and with 4 California PAC12 schools in the state with the largest concentration of high school athletes.

When they joined the PAC, I predicted that the Utes would dominate the in state recruiting wars. But what we have seen is BYU making strides to create a nation brand with the ESPN and BYUTV broadcasts which appeals to the LDS athlete and the resurgence of Utah State gaining prominence in the MWC further pulling from the Utes pool of mid level players.

Now that we are approaching the 4th year of Whits PAC 12 recruiting cycle it seems obvious that the U will struggle to reach a break-even record, far short of what will lead locals to continue the support with ticket sales and ongoing alumni contributions. For that reason I would look for Dr Hill to bring in a new coach with recruiting experience beyond the traditional Utah recruiting map, another Urban Myer with ties to the Midwest and Southeast would benefit the program for the long term and energize the program in the short run.

Go Utes!

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

With BYU going to play either Washington or USC in their bowl game the last week of December... and Utah spending their holidays ice fishing, We can now get on to Basketball Season!

BYU currently sits at #9 in the RPI (Ratings Percentage Index (RPI), used by the NCAA to help pick at-large teams and determine seeds for the NCAA Tournament. )

BYU is among nice company hovering between...

8Michigan State
9Brigham Young
10Wichita State
11Ohio State

Utah is #155 among the likes of

153New Orleans
157Grand Canyon

Highland, UT


"The University of Utah gave byu $2M from our inclusion in the BCS."

False, that is a complete and total fabrication, I won't even give you credit for just being ignorant because this has been discussed on here far to many times for you to be ignorant.

Cheyenne, WY

BYU has not even come close to losing to every good team since independence.
BYU played 8 bowl teams this year 8 that is pretty good.
USA Today re-rankings of BYU schedule
Virginia-L (105)
Texas-W (22)
Utah-L (76)
MTSU-W (55)
USU-W (48)
GT-W (46)
Houston-W (36)
BSU-W (43)
Notre Dame-L (28)
Nevada-W (91)
Utah is better than this ranking but BYU had a decent season, Utah I think is a good team.
Colorado is 97 if anyone wants to know.
Good luck to both schools in the future and stay classy fans.
Merry Christmas

Salt Lake City, UT


Now, I am going to ask you three again...Are you pleased that the BCS era has come and gone and that your cougs never got so much as a sniff at the big game?

Enlighten us, Duck...how much did byu make off of Utah's appearance in the two (count'em 2) BCS bowl games. Say what you want but support what you say. I have to tell ya, sport, whatever the amount byu received (and it was at or very near $1M for ever team in the conference) it was far more than byu deserved. Before you pontificate on that answer, give us your opinion regarding my first question. We all know you have one, what is it?

In Duckhunter fashion, I will ask the same question a different way...

How do you people feel about NEVER making it to a big game on the grandest of stages?

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


Current "BCS" Standings

#39 BYU
#56 Utah

Congratulations! For all of Utah's PAC 12ness, you're barely in the upper half of the BCS standings with no bowl, while that Independent program down south once again finishes in the top third and is headed to their 9th straight bowl.

The only thing Utah fans are "accomplishing" by their arrogant disparagement of the WAC and MWC is diminishing the only meager accomplishments the Utes have ever had.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

The utes are contenders already. They own the basement of the over-rated pac. What more did they expect? When you can't consistently beat the other bottom feeders you are right where you belong. Have a nice bowl-less season and enjoy the real football programs on TV in their bowls.

Next year looks to be the same as the last three but with maybe one less win.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

The writer of this article is just throwing the utes a bone since they have to live in the same city. I'm sure he really didn't mean what he wrote. Who could? The utes are a disaster in both football and basketball, but hey they d well in skiing.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

....which team, BYU or Utah, has gotten more bowl profit sharing money from the other school between 1975 and 2010 while the teams were in the same conference?

Before you answer, consider that when a non-BCS team makes a BCS bowl, the payout is reduced, and split between ALL non BCS schools. Utah hasn't contributed nearly as much as you would like to think.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

let's look at how they contended against WSU this year! Yeah, I didn't think so.

Saint Paul, MN

@Utah95 - "I know that your claim that BYU would win more games than Utah in the Pac 12 is popular among the BYU faithful, but what evidence do you have to support it?"

Over the last 10 seasons, excluding Utah, BYU is 9-5 against Pac-10/12 teams. If you take it over the last 8 seasons, that goes to 9-2. While previous seasons are never a guarantee, one might look to this to say they'd be competitive.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Now, I am going to ask you three again...Are you pleased that the BCS era has come and gone and that your cougs never got so much as a sniff at the big game?"

I am not one of the three that you listed but I will take that one.

I must admit it is very disappointing to not have been a participant in a BCS bowl game like such football tradition rich schools as Northern Illinois, Connecticut and Hawaii (Utah).

We just have to unite ourselves with the schools that have both a national championship and Heismann Trophy winner such as USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan (BYU).

Somehow that little consolation prize is good enough for BYU fans. Go Figure.

Baltimore, MD


There are two iconic trophies that represent the epitome of team and individual achievement in major college football - the Crystal Football National Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy.

Both trophies are displayed proudly in BYU's Legacy Hall of Fame.

Utah has never even come close to winning either.

No fan in their right mind would even consider trading a BCS berth for either.

The list of major college football national champions and Heisman Trophy winners will endure as long a major college football is played.

The "prestige" of being a BCS buster is quickly fading and will soon be nothing more than a footnote on major college football history.

How do BYU fans feel about not ever playing in a BCS game? A little disappointed, nothing more.

BYU has already played on the biggest stage in major college football, a national championship game, something Utah fans can only dream of being a part of.

East Salt Lake City, Utah



Bronco is 9-8(53%) versus PAC 12 teams
Kyle is 13-21(38%) versus PAC 12 teams

No amount of slicing and dicing that stat will change the fact that Bronco has been MUCH more competitive versus PAC 12 teams, than Kyle.



When Kyle played 1-2 PAC-12 teams, like Bronco does each year, he was: 4-3 (57%)
The opponents were a combined 52-37 (58%)

Bronco is 10-7 (58%)
The opponents were a combined 98-114 (46%)

It's okay if you don't understand the difference between competing against 1-2 PAC-12 teams a year and competing against 9 PAC-12 teams.


I'm a convert. Stars do matter as has been adroitly explained. Most teams have a good first string, but the stronger recruiting (stars) teams don't get paper thin when a starter goes down. Watching Wisconsin and Notre Dame's depth made an obvious impression that depth begins with the star count and as the season winds down, injuries to starters depletes teams with fewer top quality athletes and lessens their chances of winning the close ones.

Layton, Utah

If a W is a W then an L is an L right? So if a team goes 0-12 but loses by 7 or less in all of those games its still a great accomplishment? and they are just right there to contend? lol love Pac logic. Byu is 8-4 so by that logic are way above being contenders. Good job Byu!!! While barely losing to Notre Dame, Utah and Wisconsin.

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