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Published: Sunday, Dec. 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with the assessment with one (notable) exception. The offensive line play must improve dramatically. With all the talk about how improved the OL play was going to be, it by in large did not materialize.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Utah is the best college football team in Utah and Colorado

Outside of those two states? Well...

Mission Viejo, CA

This is the third time I've commented on a Utah article. Utah will be bowling some years, but the recruiting advantages USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, ASU have will preclude much success. And Utah is surprisingly bad in Olympic sports.

But Utah should be competitive with AZ, Cal, WSU, and OSU must years.

Washington is a puzzle; they have a good history, but have been poor lately. Hopefully, Sarkesian can bring them back.

In short, neither Utah or Colorado is likely to have much success in the PAC-12. It is just unrealistic to think that Utah can be in the running for the Rose Bowl every year. Set your sights on a bowl game (New Mexico, Las Vegas, whatever). Once in a generation Utah will play for the championship, but they have to beat USC, ASU, and UCLA to get there. That will require down years for all three of those teams.

Not very likely.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Overall we showed improvement from last year, it just didn't equate to wins. This season was as frustrating, losing in the final minutes in 4 games, as it was disappointing.

After beating Stanford at 4-2, I thought at worst we would go 2-4 the second half of the season.

But lack of depth at QB and no identity in the running game was just not good enough in the PAC 12. The defense kept us in the game against @UA, @USC, ASU and it fell apart @WSU. At the end, we just couldn’t put a complete game togather.



You said, "I am so glad we did not fall for the Big 12 or Big East and stuck with our guns." Remember, the Big 12 did not offer BYU membership.

I always knew that the Pac 10 was a tougher conference than the MWC, and the WAC before it. But Utah's experiences the past three years have just illustrated how wide the gap between the conferences really is. And don't kid yourself, BYU wouldn't have fared any better than Utah if they were in the same circumstances.

Since leaving the MWC, Utah went 7-1 against non-BCS teams, 11-18 against BCS teams, and 3-0 against BYU. Meanwhile, BYU is 20-2 against non-BCS teams, 6-10 against BCS teams, and 0-3 against Utah.

While I certainly wish Utah had more wins, I love that they are regularly competing against top flight opponents.

I'm glad that you are happy with BYU's independent status. But what it amounts to is better television coverage of the same old BYU formula - padding the win column by playing lesser opponents.

If you prefer being the big fish in a small pond, then you're rooting for the right team.

Costa Rica, 00

Let’s take a look at our season. We had five wins and seven losses.
If we drop our worst loss, the Oregon game that we would all like to forget, and our largest win, the Weber State game, well it was against Weber State, it would leave us 4 and 6.
Bottom line is that we lost those 6 games by an average of only 8 points. On the other hand, we only won the other four by an average of 6 points. It is true that we could have had a better season without some injuries and if some plays would have gone our way but it also could have been lot worse.

Granstville, UT


"byu is getting more 4 star recruits. but you need top of the line recruits to really compete with the big boys in college football on a week to week basis"

Such a simple plan. It clearly is working out well for the cougars as they are able to compete with the big boys on a weekly basis. Middle Tennessee State, Idaho State, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Delusional State all succumbed easily to the 4 star recruits byu put on the field against them "on a week to week basis".

Salt Lake City, UT

Washington State went to multiple Rose Bowls under Mike Price, and they are in the middle of nowhere, so it can be done. Of course, Price had a system people WANTED to play in. What IS Whitt's system? Why would someone want to play in it more than others?

Littleton, CO

Whenever my Utah friends talk about Uah "dominating" BYU in the Bronco/Kyle era, I point out that a 6-3 record for Utah, with most of the games (with a glaring exception) coming down to the final series, I typically get the response of "oh, come on, score doesn't matter -- it's wins and losses, baby!" So I find it pretty amusing this season that ute fans are desperately clinging to relevance by chirping, "but we were close in almost every game!" Oh wait, score DOES matter??? Man, you guys are confusing me....

Granstville, UT

Down Under,

Your analysis of the Utes for next year may be accurate, but what will certainly happen in 2014 for the cougars is they will end up 8-4 by playing 4 sure win teams, 4 lower tier teams, and four teams in the upper tiers of their BCS conferences, or someone like ND.

Then at the end of the year, the coug nation will proudly proclaim they are relevant in the national scene and should be considered for a BCS bowl based on the "sterling" record they've produced year after year.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah played a pretty solid schedule this year, which was probably the fifth most difficult schedule in the PAC 12. Cal played the most difficult schedule followed by Arizona State, USC and Stanford. Until Utah played Colorado this weekend, they played the second toughest schedule after Cal. Three of those teams played Notre Dame. Arizona State also played Wisconsin. Cal, poor Cal played Ohio State.

Utah competed. They were fun to watch. They will be fun to watch next year save the first game against Idaho State.

Mcallen, TX

It's Colorado, and Utah which has allowed the PAC 12 to have nine teams going to bowl games.

Utah, and Colorado padded the the others with the wins needed to be bowl eligible.

IMO, that's why BYU wasn't invited. They would win more conference games than either Colorado, or Utah.

Smart decision by the conference, but I'd rather have BYU independent. I enjoy catching every game on TV, and seeing a variety of teams.

Too each his own.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree that BYU fans have nothing to say here since their team continually plays their worst, most timid game against the Utes.

But to say that Utah is getting better is simply ridiculous.

Draper, UT

Cougs, I'm glad you feel better about yourselves after tearing down your rival up north. If you are happy with your status, your competition, your 8-4 record, your bowl, and your results on the field, I'm happy for you.

You can bag on Utah, mock the move to the PAC 12, say we will never have a chance to win a conference championship, blah, blah, blah.

I love the challenge of a difficult league. Utah is getting better, as evidenced by the fact that they won 4 straight over BYU and beat a very good Stanford team. Read postgame comments by ASU coach Graham. He said the Utes played them tougher than anybody.

Cougar fans, you wouldn't give up your NC 29 years ago for any bowl game, conference championship, or anything else.

We won't give up the chase for the Rose Bowl, and along the way will have some very fun seasons and go bowling many seasons. It makes little sense why that is so intolerable to most of you that you look for every opportunity to pounce on Utah on these threads.

Take a run, some valium, or something to calm your angry selves.

Ogden, UT

Utes aren't that far from contending’

Is that a glass half full comment?

Maybe they are not that far from collapse then.



I know that your claim that BYU would win more games than Utah in the Pac 12 is popular among the BYU faithful, but what evidence do you have to support it?

Please check the win-loss records of Utah and BYU (I listed them in an earlier post) since leaving the MWC. You can read how I interpret the data. What's your interpretation?

Draper, UT

USA Lover, the record clearly is not getting better, but I think I trust Coach Whittingham's analysis over an armchair QB, with all due respect, that the play on the field is improving. This was the deepest PAC 12 since Utah joined, as evidenced by most every major media group saying the PAC 12 was #2 behind the SEC as a power conference. Their lack of depth, particulary at the QB and DB positions killed them in the second half of the season, but there were some improvements this year.

Worf, not sure where the logic comes from that BYU would be more competitive in the PAC 12 when the Cougs are losing to Utah. Team speed kills, so BYU's lack of team speed would be exposed beyond all recognition in the PAC 12. The front 7 of BYU would be solid, but their DB's would not fare well against the speed of the PAC 12.

Orem, UT


At the end of 2004 and 2008, Ute nation proudly proclaimed they were relevant in the national scene and should be considered for a BCS bowl, yet:

2004 - Utah played the 67th SOS, only 3 regular season opponents with winning records, all with 7-5 records, and only 1 opponent from a decent conference with a winning record

2008 - Utah played the 56th SOS, only 1 regular season win versus an opponent from a decent conference with a winning record

According to the new Utah fan narrative, Utah's entire football history is built on a slate of mediocrity in a terrible conference.

Take off those crimson-colored, BYU-hating goggles already. BYU played the 32nd toughest schedule in 2013, tougher by almost 10 places than Utah's toughest schedule EVER, 41st, prior to 2013.

Salt Lake City, UT


Using the "logic" of the article, BYU was near a championship in football. They were, "oh so close!" Please! BYU was nowhere closer to ANOTHER Championship as Utah is to competing the the PAC 12.

Keep hoping, ThomasJefferson. You people are sounding more desperate to be relevant all the time.

IMO, that's why BYU wasn't invited. They would win more conference games than either Colorado, or Utah.

Please tell this board, worf, that you are being tongue-in-cheek, here. Surely there was a glint in your eye and smile on your face as you wrote this...a proclamation that is both uninformed and will NEVER be proven.

U 90
Corona, CA

@ worf ..."that's why BYU wasn't invited. They would win more conference games than either Colorado, or Utah"

Which makes complete since given that BYU can beat Utah. What 0-4 against Utah says worf is that BYU would struggle just as much, if not more, than the Utes have in the PAC12.

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