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Published: Sunday, Dec. 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I salute you sir on a well reasoned and well supported comment that required no degrading of another team to make your point.

Well stated, and I agree with you. For what it's worth.

Orem, UT

I'm a huge BYU fan. Don't like Utah. Let's be honest. However, had Wilson not been hurt, this year looks quite a bit different for Utah. He was playing fairly well until the injured hand, and bless his heart, I hope he completely recovers from whatever is troubling him, and I hope he surprises everyone and can return to the turf! He is a great competitor, a fun opponent, and though I don't like "most" Ute fans, I have a family member that is one, and I love him anyway! Go Cougs!

Lincoln City, OR

Only in the "Fantasy World" on the hill can someone say "the utes aren't far away from contending" and do it with a straight face...

If "not that far away" means 10 years or so then they may be right, but I still doubt it... The majority of the talented recruits in this conference come from California and the utes are not much of a consideration over there (unless you have been passed up by the 4 California schools, the 2 Arizona schools, the 2 Oregon schools, the University of Washington and you are not a Mormon being recruited by the Cougs)... Not only that... The coaching simply isn't that good on the hill.

Lincoln City, OR


Wow, that was quite a testimony of ute power and devotion but unfortunately the reality of the actual utes W-L record was not clearly defined... (i.e. the number "1" which represents the number of conference teams that the utes have beaten over 3 years who actually had a winning conference record; or the number "0" which represents the number of bowl games that the utes have gone to the majority of the time that they have been in the conference).

The ending of the post:

"In my mind, this season was one of the most enjoyable ever. And I thank the team!" was a choice statement. If you really meant it you are going to be very happy because I suspect the utes will produce many, many, many seasons with similar results to the one they have just completed.

Ogden, UT

Talk about rankings? How about switch the schedules of the 2 schools and see where they would be ranked. Utah 10-2, BYU 3-9. Utah would be looking at a top 25 ranking and BYU would be 50, 60 spots below.

Lincoln City, OR

Oh scots... If the schedules would have been reversed the Cougs would have been bowl eligible and the utes would have still failed to qualify for a bowl... They would have finished 5- 7 with wins over Idaho State, maybe Virginia, BYU, Utah State, and maybe Middle Tenessee... They would have gotten clobbered by Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin, Notre Dame all of whom they have never beaten... Plus the best money would also say that they would lose to Houston in Houston and Nevada in Reno, and Georgia Tech at home...

The Cougs would have beaten Weber State, Utah State, Colorado, Washington State, Arizona, and both Oregon State and Arizona State at home plus probably beaten USC (at the time that Utah played them) and UCLA at home (recently we have owned the Bruins)... The only losses would have come to Utah (a fluke) and maybe Stanford and Oregon... The Cougs would have finished 9-3 and would have probably ended up at the Holiday Bowl or the Alamo Bowl... But if it were to be the Fight Hunger Bowl against the U of W who the utes have never beaten, we would finish the season with 10 wins... and a top 20 rating.

Draper, UT

Poyman, that is the most optimistic portrayal I think I've ever seen. BYU beating Oregon State (something they couldn't do two years ago), ASU (the speed of ASU would have tested the Cougs and lets not forget, ASU beat Wisconsin), USC at the LA Coliseum (something the Cougs have virtually never done), and UCLA (the recently you refer to is not since Mora has been there but when Neuheisel was coach just before losing his job). Arizona and Washington State would have been no give me's either.

If you had some logic in your opinion, we might be able to take you seriously. The Cougs are just over .500 against the PAC 12 during the Bronco era and often times that has been in the LV bowl which always meant that PAC team was about 6th place. The other games in recent history against the PAC have not been against Oregon, Stanford, or USC.

Draper, UT

Poyman, I don't know where you get the "best money" argument, but Middle Tennessee would have been a W for Utah and I would have given Utah 2 of your final 3 as victories (most likely Nevada and Georgia Tech).

Utah would have had roughly the same record as BYU playing that schedule.

You vastly underestimate how difficult playing in the PAC 12 would be for BYU week in and week out. A 9-3 record is beyond optimism it is bordering on something else. In essence what you are saying at 9-3 is that the Cougs would have been 7-2 against the PAC 12 in one of the strongest years the PAC 12 has ever been (4 top 25 teams and many others hovering near the top 25).

You are saying that Taysom Hill, who struggled all season when forced to pass, would have beaten Heisman candidates Payton and Hundely, some of the top ranked defenses in the country (ASU, USC, and Arizona), then had the gall to say "maybe" BYU would have lost to Oregon and Stanford?

My heck, why don't you just grant the Cougs a 12-1 record and BCS buster in your "season of perfection."

Sandy , UT

@ poyman Only in the "Fantasy World" on the hill can someone say "the utes aren't far away from contending" and do it with a straight face...

I know you’re a Coug fan and your blue colored glasses are fogging your awareness of what is really taking place up on the hill.
Utah was in every game that they played in this year, most of the outcome came down to the final play of the game. It was indicative of the scores of each game Utah was right there.
Utah just does not have the depth that most PAC-12 teams have. Things were progressing really well on the offensive side of the ball until Scott, Wilson, Murphy and Tonga become injured this limited the Utes offensive production. They lost their top WR Kenneth Scott to a broken ankle and with no other burners on the outside it allowed most teams with athleticism to double Dre for most of the game which made the next options Fitzgerald and Denham who could not get any seperation from the DB's.If Wilson, Kenneth, Murphy and Tonga had remained healthy, the Utes win at least three of those close games.


I'm not a BYU fan, but the Utah fans who have to put pac 12 stickers on everything they own because they are still battling the inferiority complex deserve the bottom of the conference every year. Next years stickers will have a spot to put the utes pac 12 record.


I totally agree with this article. Anyone that watched the Utes play in 2011 and 2013 can CLEARLY tell that this was/is the better team. Our whole offense that year was predicated on giving it to John White IV and running it up the middle. That isn't even close to the case anymore. I would say that our tight ends, when they are healthy are better than our running back core, and Kelvin York and Lucky Radley were at least as good as JW IV. The defense is better too. We aren't giving up 50-60 points a game anymore. We are REALLY close to being a contender. What we need are slightly more experienced receivers, a better secondary, better QB decision making, and to reduce the turnover margin. If this team had a positive turnover margin this year they would be playing for win #10 this holiday season.

West Point , UT

I agree with some of what you said but I think you're trying to paint a rosier picture of Utah's season than is actually the case. I agree that poymans evaluation was pretty generous toward BYU, but yours wasn't far off either. Utah played 4 road games in the PAC 12 this year and lost ALL of them by double digits...and a couple of them could have been worse. Next year Utah plays FIVE road games instead of only four in conference, and their OOC includes a trip to Michigan. It's hard to objectively state that this should give ute fans any optimism. Utah's road woes aren't going away over night, and my guess is that Stanford will get even with the utes in the friendly confines of their house. 4-8 looks like a pretty good estimate, and I doubt Utah gets ANY wins on the road next year, with the possible exception of Colorado.

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