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Published: Saturday, Nov. 30 2013 10:55 p.m. MST

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Where are the details? How was he found? Is he a citizen? What does he do occupationally? Why were his parents harboring him? Did they know he was involved? Why was his car in Woods Cross? Where? At a friend's home? Repair shop? What did he do to evade capture? What kind of car? What was Rebeldo doing before and after the accident?

Salt Lake City, UT

According to multiple, credible sources, including public records, the driver is in fact an illegal alien from Mexico who also committed a home burglary in South Salt Lake City in 2012. He was given probation and was not deported.

Thus "compassion" was extended to this individual at the expense of the right of the pedestrian to not be killed.

Hence the fallacy of looking the other way at illegal immigration in the name of "compassion."

The only true compassion is compassion to all and the only way that is possible is diligent enforcement and equality at the law.

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