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Published: Saturday, Nov. 30 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Whit has already proven he can take us to national glory. And he will do so again. We played the hardest schedule in the ENTIRE country, anyone who dismisses that doesn't understand football. I'll gladly have some tough seasons while improving our program over beating up on nobodies, not fighting for a prestigious conference title any day!

Whittingham has PROVEN he can beat some of the best teams in the nation.

2008 win against END of season(the only rankings that matter) top 10 Alabama
2008 win against END of season(the only rankings that matter) top 10 TCU
2013 win against likely end of season(currently in top 10 as our best guess) Stanford

Here are all of bronco's wins against end of season top 10 teams:

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We never though moving to the Pac 12 would be easy.

Whittingham said since day ONE it would take several years for recruiting to catch up.

Here is an interesting fact:

Utah's last 4 recruiting classes has averaged 3.0 stars. byu is only at 2.6, and we were around that as well in our MWC days. So yes, it has improved.

Now, remember we're not playing 2.6 star teams in the Pac 12. But our program is better, as is the competition

In fact, we've beaten byu in recruiting EVERY year those 4 years since our Pac 12 invite.

We've also beaten byu head to head in recruiting those 4 years.

And yes, there is a big correlation between 4-0 in recruiting and 4-0 on the field.

So apparently when kids can pick Pac 12 Utah or wac/indy byu, they prefer Utah, with most saying the Pac 12 is a big reason why.

That 3.0 average recruiting is good enough for #6 in the Pac 12, and when those guys get a few more years experience we'll be right in the middle of the Pac 12 title chase

Highland, UT

Sell out huh? Not to anyone with eyes.


Chris Hill's announcement that Whittingham will be back sounded a lot more firm than Nebraska's AD's on Pellini. I expect the staff to be shaken up a bit, but Scalley, Sitake and Hill should at least all come back, maybe with Hill moving back to corners. I'm disappointed that Shah's coaching didn't go better than it did. Anyone who's met him knows he's an exceptional guy and very charismatic, but the corners looked out of position and had bad technique far too much this year to expect him to continue coaching them. I still think the sole reason for his hiring was to improve recruiting, which I believe it did, in hopes that the coaching would work itself out, but it clearly didn't.


As for Murphy, I'd say his best bet would be to do what Star did in receiving a draft evaluation without declaring. I think it serves players better to have an entire season under the microscope. Both Star and Murphy were guys that people in the state and conference certainly knew well throughout their junior season, but did not receive much notice nationally. Star came back and lived up to his billing his senior season, and it paid off for him very well (despite the bizarre pre-draft circumstances). I'd be willing to bet it does the same for Jake. I think he's got all the tools to be a Jason Witten type receiver in the NFL.


@Chris B "We played the hardest schedule in the ENTIRE country"

Close, except CAL hard the hardest schedule in the country. Similar to Utah's except with Washington instead of Colorado, and instead of BYU and Utah State they played Ohio State and Northwestern. But, oh so close.

@Duckhunter The game was sold out. I needed two more tickets today, but 2 together were $900 on E-Bay or $75 for a single ticket. Legit locations were sold out. I guess the fans are true.

Salt Lake City, UT


The game was sold out. I needed two more tickets today, but 2 together were $900 on E-Bay or $75 for a single ticket. Legit locations were sold out. I guess the fans are true.

Yep, it's time for a renovation at RES. We need more seats.

Our Utes looked great today. What a way for Reilly to end his stellar career at Utah!

let's roll

Good win today.

It's a little disconcerting that the offense could only score 3 points in the last 40 minutes of the game.

Also, someone needs to help me figure out how a number of poster are claiming Utah has averaged being number 6 in recruiting over the last 3 years. Scouts and Rivals both have Utah between 9th and 11th the last two years. Also, what's really disturbing is the lack of 4 star or higher recruits the last couple of years, Utah has 1, the top of the conference all have over 10 and one over 20 during that time period.

Finally, no one who was at the game can say with a straight face that the stadium was full (or even close to it) and you could have filled up at least one section of the stadium with the number of tickets that were on sale on KSL for $20 or $25 a ticket.

I'm as anxious as anyone to see the Utes improve, but I'm not in denial and I'm not going to pretend things are better than they are.

Oh, BTW, please stay Jake.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whitingham is a great Coach and recruiter and he and Hill will get us to where we want to be.

Pocatello, ID


there is a difference between being sold out, and having every seat filled.

Sold out=every ticket sold by the university. tickets on KSL do not equal tickets available through the U

Nobody has claimed the stadium was full. The article even states there were plenty of no-shows, especially in the Muss.

Always good to go out with a win.

Team was much improved this year vs last year, unfortunately the record didn't change, but looking forward to another productive, yet entirely too long, offseason and as Murph says, "doing some damage" in the Pac-12 next year, and shortening the offseason next year.

Go Utes

Taylorsville, UT

Yes, Duckhunter and others doubting the sellout, just because there are empty seats in the Stadium, does not mean the game wasn't sold out. If there are tickets for sale on KSL, then those are tickets are ones someone has bought and is now selling. So the seat has been sold once already. Several of the season ticket holder's seats in my section, including one of mine were empty today. However, since those are season tickets obviously those are seats that have been sold. And yes the student section was fairly empty, but then when my kids were in college they went home for Thanksgiving.

Oh and Canyontreker, If Chris B is using Sagarin to back up his claim that Utah had the hardest schedule, then he is correct. The latest ranking (before today's games) has Utah SOS at #1 and CAL's at #3. You are right that is close.

Sandy, UT

lets roll, Chris does appear a little off on his claims, but not by much. It seems you are more off than he is. This is what I see from rivals:

2013 - 2.96, #9 in Pac 12
2012 - 3.04, #7 in Pac 12
2011 - 2.95, #6 in Pac 12
2010 - 3.09, #7 in Pac 12

Thats an average of #7 in the Pac 12 the last 4 years. And I think that is superb given we are new to the conference and the claims by other people that no one will ever pick Utah over the other Pac 12 schools; apparently they are almost half of the time. I'll take average Pac 12 recruits any time, and then ask our coaches to be better than average.

Chris is also right that those average stars are better than either BYU or USU every year. In fact, I didnt check this for sure, but I believe that the lowest of those four years(2.95) is better than the BEST years for either BYU or USU in that time frame. So yes, its clear that recruits prefer what Utah offers to what BYU or USU has to offer.

Highland, UT


Why expand the stadium? If it is a sellout but thousands of those that bought the tickets don't come then just go ahead and sell more tickets than actual seats. Why go to the expense of expanding when you don't need to. lol

Sandy, UT

It's apparent that Hill isn't going to fire Whitt just based on that statement. Too bad. I think that would be an option that Hill shouldn't pull off the table.

Highland, UT


The stadium clearly had large sections of seat unoccupied, nice try though. In fact I had friends that are utah "fans" on facebook begging people to go with them as they had extra tickets. Many were simply planning to give them away outside the stadium.

Yes I know the tickets were sold but trying to pretend you would have had to pay $900 dollars to get some is LOL hilarious. No one believes that because we can all think and reason.


Don't you all think it's pretty pathetic when the fans go into overdrive to brag about the strength of schedule instead of a pathetic record? Talk about some strategies you can offer the coaches to avoid another losing season next year.

Midway, UT

@ Chris: Losing always "helps" your strength of schedule. Congrats on your strength of schedule. It's something to be proud of. Be sure to discuss recruiting, sell-outs, and 2008...and when all else fails, turn to gymnastics. Try to avoid discussing wins, because there aren't a lot of those piling up.

Congrats on beating your rivals, the mighty Buffs.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have to hand it to you, Duck, when it comes to finding new ways to say exactly the same thing over and over and over again, you are the master. I noted that you are embarrassed from making further comments on the article pertaining to the basketball facility. So, here you are on an article regarding coaching. BRAVO!

As long as the stadium is sold out, more seats are needed. Next year will be the litmus test. If season ticket renewal is at or near 100% as it has been most of this decade, it might be a good indicator that the expansion plans need to be dusted off.

I absolutely think that Dr. Hill is taking the right approach regarding the football program. Whittingham needs to make some changes to the coaching staff responsible for skill positions. He needs to turn responsibility for the offense, defense, and special teams to the respective coaches and hold them accountable for the results. Hopefully, Dr. Hill can do some coaching to help Whitt take the steps that need to be taken.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

...why so many fans and students would buy tickets and then not show up for the Utes new rivalry game?

Clearfield, UT

Being a holiday weekend many students most likely went home for the holidays. Would explain empty seats. Fire Whittingham, Not. Utah played hard, especially against ASU. IF the U was being blown out every game I would feel differently.

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