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Published: Saturday, Nov. 30 2013 8:50 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We don't need for the aggies to show us how to beat nobodies, we need them to show us how to beat Oregon and Stanford and Arizona state and ucla and USC week after week

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Why bring in a team that beat USU (and BYU) into this to make fun of them for playing in a much more difficult conference.


It's hardly a fair comparison. The teams making up the Mountain West are nowhere near comparable to even the bottom dwellers of the PAC-12. Sure, there is a valid point bringing up Utah's missed opportunity in their first year in the PAC. And admittedly the Utes have only gotten worse each year thereafter, but, comparing USU's first year success in the MWC to Utah's success (or lack of success) in the PAC is similar to suggesting that a Div II team setting a NCCA rushing record is comparable to the same record being set in the PAC, SEC or Big 12/10. The media making a big deal about the Div II school setting the record makes that school feel relevant, but everyone knows it's not like they set it against real competition.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Way to go, Aggies! You DID show Utah - and BYU - a thing or two by beating the teams you were supposed to.

Now it's your turn to take a cue from Utah and pull off an upset to crown your season.

I really couldn't be happier for USU. Continue making most of us proud, and making Chris and a few others defensive. I never get tired of hearing about how tough life is for them.

Layton, UT

That's how Rock rolls.

Rock, Utah beat USU when USU was at the top of their game.

Taylorsville, UT

Too bad, Rock couldn't just write an article recapping USU's season and successful year in the Mountain West Conference.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

re:32843 & Chris B,

Where you won't have a team playing in a bowl AGAIN this year, you should get together and come up with more excuses and comparisons as to why USU and BYU got better as the season went along and the utes didn't. Yes, the utes are in a better conference but that should allow them the resources to recruit better players and coaches but it isn't happening. They are on a downward spiral the likes of their basketball team. GO AGGIES......

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Last check for Strength of Schedule @ Sagarin had Utah @ # 1, the toughest schedule in the nation. USU clocked in at # 86. CF Team Rankings Utah # 1 and USU # 73. GBE computer rankings had Utah at # 2 and USU at # 106. Finally Congrove computer has Utah at # 4 and USU @ # 90. This pattern should be clear enough that even Mr. Rock should see my point.

Salt Lake City, UT

Leave it to the DNews to take a great accomplishment by Utah State and turn it into a hateful jab at Utah. Stay classy, DNews!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Sports nutz

Did usu get better? Or did they just stop playing PAC 12 teams as the season went on? Surely you understand the concept of strength of schedule right?

The WAC 2.0 had NINE chances to beat the PAC 12. Guess how many WAC teams won?

Nine? Nope
Eight? Nope
Seven? Nope
Six? Nope
Five? Nope
Four? Nope
Three? Nope
Two? Nope
One? Nope

Lol! And two of those losses were the aggies against the #5 and #10 PAC 12 teams

If aggies are content in just being able to say you are better than nobody WAC teams, I guess you should celebrate

Cedar City, UT

By all means praise the Aggies! But there is no need to do so at the expense of the Utes...poor form this. And do remember This same Aggie team lost to the Utes when they were at full strength earlier in the year...and those beat up Utes also beat BYU a team that beat the Aggies. In fact, Utah beat Weber State, BYU and the Aggies...no mean feat this or any other year! Let's just be happy that finally good things are happening in Logan.

West Point , UT

Ute fans:
My how the truth hurts. USU goes to the championship in their first year in a conference (WAC & MWC) where Utah could only muster 6 championships in nearly half a century. Utah fans, you weren't anything special in those weaker conferences against weaker competition. It would be one thing if U had accomplished much against weaker competition like BYUs domination to the tune of 26 conference championships but U don't even compare. Go ahead and shine up that SOS trophy that everyone cares about while USU is playing for championships...ask any Aggie if they'd rather be sitting at home with U. The reason Utah will never compete in the PAC is that they WON'T learn anything from the Aggies...they'll just continue to whine about being picked on for their mediocrity because of their tough schedule. You chose the PAC ute fans, enough of the excuses and whining about your complete ineptitude.


@Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Uhhhh, Sports Nutz, I'm not a U fan. I have always been a BYU fan. I watch Ute games in hopes of seeing them lose because of U fans like Chris B. I just think it's absurd to suggest that USU's path to success in the MWC is in any way as challenging as the Ute's path in the PAC 12. It's like saying hiking Timpanogas is the same as climbing Mt. Everest. It's hardly in the same realm of difficulty. If that disturbs USU fans, oh well.

Mcallen, TX

Good win! Beat Fresno, and enjoy your bowl game.

Aggies deserve it!

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

BTW. . . Major kudos to USU on a great season. This Ute can enjoy seeing USU be successful. Congratulation to all the coaches and the players. Good luck in the Championship game.

Too bad the articles negative comments on Utah had to cloud up what could have been an opportunity for all Utahans to offer congratulations to USU on a great year.

West Point , UT

I wouldn't compare USU's game against USC if I were you. They looked a whole lot tougher against USC (with marquis Lee who didn't play against Utah). Utah looked like a joke against USC while USU took them to the final whistle. Careful the comparisons you want to make. And how quickly you forget that USU was owning Utah until the utes had to pull tricks like onside kicks out of the bag.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

So Chris, you are saying USU played all of 2 PAC 10 + 2 teams (both on the road) and lost both while the utes went a magical 2-7 in league play while losing ALL 4 road games and somehow you think the utes are better? I am pretty sure the AGGIES could go at least 2-7 given the same schedule even without the resources. All I know is I am thankful my team is playing again twice in December instead of having that very long 9 month wait staring at me. All the comebacks, stats,comparisons in the world can't compare with actually still having games to look forward to. Going to be a long winter, spring and summer for you....mark it down. :)

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Why didn't usu and byu pull out tricks to beat Utah?

Don't have them?

Farmington, UT

Oh, this article hit a nerve!

Utah had a greased schedule to the conference championship game their first year. They just had to beat Colorado in SLC. They had Norm Chow as OC. So yes, comparing what USU and Utah did their first year in the conference is fair game and the Utes come up short.

In fact, the Utes have been in the conference three seasons now and still don't have 10 conference victories (4 seasons required for that), have missed bowls two years in a row (and counting), and finished in 5th place in the southern division...right where they were picked when the season began.

USU has improved, Utah has become stagnant. But Utes are members of an elite BCS conference (the BCS is now history after this year), are making tons of money, and always use the hard schedule as a reason why they can't win.

USU can enjoy a bowl game, as can BYU, and Utah will get to recruit players hoping they don't ask about the bowl schedule and experience while in the PAC 12. Point out you won 2 BCS Bowls, ok? Might help....

West Point , UT

Good question, maybe BYU and USU should learn trick plays from Utah...it's true, I hardly ever see BYU run trick plays. Just another issue to bring up with Robert Anae I guess. BYU tries to beat people head up, but maybe a few tricks is what we need to get the ute monkey off our back. Of course phantom holding calls on kickoff returns for TDs doesn't help much...USU and BYU are getting tired of beating Utah in yardage but coming up short on the scoreboard, so thank you for the advice...need more trick plays, Anae!

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