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Published: Saturday, Nov. 30 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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bangladesh, AL


Provo, UT

I think Coach Wells has done a vey good job with the program this year. They lost 1-2 more games last year but the team responded after the Keeton injury, won some critical game and has a chance for an outright conference title. Good job Aggie players and coaches!

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

Great work, Aggies! Here's to a win against Fresno State! Fresno State is not invincible...your destiny is in your hands, best of luck!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It was an epic day in Cache Valley. The weather, defense and special teams were all outstanding. It was a great send off for all of the graduating seniors. The goal this season was always to play for a conference championship. Now the team is only one game away from accomplishing that goal. WELL DONE!!!

Clinton, UT

Congrats to the Aggies, what a great job coaching after Keeton's injury.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love this team. Go Aggies! Thanks for a fantastic regular season. And we get two more games!!

I bet at least one or two fans of other schools aren't too happy about this Aggie win, either.

Ogden, UT

Fresno State has to be concerned about the USU game next week.

Fresno lost to San Jose at San Jose while USU throttled the Spartans on the same field 40-12.
Aggies have the momentum and a great defense. It will be interesting to see what the odd's makers put down on this one.

Frisco, TX

I really thought the Aggies would struggle to an average season after Chuckie went down, but instead they rose up and won their division. Congrats!

Cougar fan here who will be cheering for the Aggies against Fresno St to win the MWC crown.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Winning the MWC is nothing to be proud of or get too excited about. And the MWC now is worse than it was years ago when Utah, TCU, and BYU were part of it.

I just think that Utah State, Utah, and byu should hopefully be past the point where we brag about being better than Wyoming, New Mexico, and UNLV.

Each of these programs should have undefeated seasons, top 10 finishes, BCS(or in the future just big time) bowl game, playoff appearances starting next season.

Any great program has THOSE as the goals. Getting excited about being better than the aforementioned mwc teams is really nothing very special.

There are 30 teams in the nation that would win the MWC.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
You do realize Utah State did something that Utah never has done.
Will play in a conference title game.
In fact last year USU won an outright WAC title something the U couldn't do in 33 years.

Southern, UT

Look at the teams USU had to play. While it's true that Chris B's team in SLC hasn't done much since leaving the original MWC, they are the best team in the state. Proof being they beat BOTH USU and BYU. Chris B is wrong however about the old MWC. Even if you weren't a Utah or BYU fan you had to like the conference match ups. Now that Utah is a PAC12, BYU is independent, and TCU is in the bigger and better BIG12, the WAC 2.0 really is nothing. Those teams made the original conference and when they went on to better things(winning or losing doesn't matter) the WAC 2.0 has been nothing but a conference for the big boys to laugh at.

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Chris B, I can understand you being a BYU hater, but why hate USU?

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to USU for a great year and gutty performance after Chuckie went down.

Good luck against Fresno.

Mcallen, TX

Great season.

I predicted the Aggies to win the MWC in both football, and basketball.

MWC may be the strongest basketball conference in the west.

scottsdale, AZ

@Chris B…your purpose in life seems to be to downgrade usu and the MWC. Why does that give you pleasure? There may be 30 teams (maybe more) that could win the MWC (but Utah aint one of them!) but what does that have to do with anything? USU is in its conference championship game!! That is what is important. So what if it isn't a major power conference…it is a conference of equals playing competitive football. It is were USU belongs. And ASU soars after sending Erickson to the Utes! You are welcome to him!

Salt Lake City, UT

There goes Chris trying to conceal his disappointment for the Utes again with thinly veiled jabs.

Competing in the MWC is far better than being a PAC punching bag, Chris. I wonder if your tune will change if the Utes endure another losing season. By the way, nice win over your new "rival." Lol the pillowfight in the Rockies.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


That's sad you have so little hope and faith in your program that you would rather beat up on nobodies than put your program in a position to one day truly do something amazing.

Whats it like to be even below the PAC 12 punching bag?

If you are honest with yourself, you know the only PAC 12 team usu could have beaten is Colorado.

If you are admitting usu's ceiling is claiming superiority over nobody teams, congratulations.

Like I said, a small fish in the PAC 12 is bigger than the "big fish" in the WAC little pond.

And yes, Utah would have won the WAC. But we didn't want to. We are above that

bountiful, ut

Winning the MWC is nothing to 'be proud of'... Says a man who's team most recently won conference championships were in that very conference... I guess it is only good if it is what you are part of... I'll tell you this much.... There are 3 worst records in the PAC-12... 0-9 California, 1-8 Colorado and 2-7 Utah... That is certainly far worse in the abhorrence category than winning a mid major conference championship. I mean, Chris B... It is time to come down off your high and mighty horse of delusion and give props where props are due. Consider where Utah State was in 1980... Consider where Utah was in 1980... Consider where Utah is TODAY! Consider where Utah State is TODAY! You guys beat the big dogs when you were nothing more than a Utah State of that decade... But now that you are part of it... Even Duke has risen higher than you! Give credit where credit is due and quit hiding behind the curtain of disappointed agression! It is tired and needs to stop by 2016! Or else that loss you suffer when a rivalry is resumed will be nothing but just desserts!

bountiful, ut

For years BYU and Utah took their fair share of who the heck are you jabs in college football... Now, Utah State has finally risen to where they were for the 20 years prior to this decade or more of Utah State dominance. They were once in the truly laughable ... I'm not even going to do it... I am not going to knock a conference of former affiliation. That simply isn't classy. To do so is only classless... Not a reflection of the team one cheers for but more of a black eye given to one's self. I give Utah State HUGE props for coming from where they were to where they are even without their star starting quarterback. They took a lemon and made the best tasting lemonade available to them with the ingredients in their pantry. I was worried when Gary left the team that the greatness of 2012 would be gone... New conference, new coach and they are in the championship game against a very formidable FSU team. They can and will win the game if they show up with their A-game! USU Aggies, rise and be proud and just ignore Chris Bitterman!

scottsdale, AZ

If I were a coach with a team like USU, I would be so proud of the "never give up" attitude displayed by the Aggies. Let Chris B try and digest how the replacement of head coach Dennis Erickson allowed ASU to skyrocket to success, while his arrival in SLC continued the downward slide of his Utes!! Maybe the Utes will fire Whit and replace with Erickson! Love to see that.

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