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Published: Friday, Nov. 29 2013 8:35 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Nevada is not Wisconsin or Notre Dame, so a win at Nevada is not redemption, it is simply a win at Nevada.

Orem, UT

I love my Cougs...

But I must say...this IS the next BIG step on the way to a national championship...

Go Cougs! Beat them Nevadans! Really, I love the cougs...but this NC stuff from Bronco...well, it has to stop.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Uncle Rico

Nevada(4-7) is just like Colorado(4-7) and Utah(4-7), headed for the couch potato bowl.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Unfortunately, Uncle Rico is correct. This game is not redmeption. The season for the most part is over. Yes, there is a bowl game and that will be fun. Is it meaningful? No, the meaningful time of the season is over for the Cougars this year. However, there is an exciting Cougar basketball team to watch this year.

River Falls, WI

Nevada is not Wisconsin or Notre Dame... it's more on par with Colorado or WSU. A win is still a win, and this one will put the Cougars at 8 for the season. Not too shabby. Go Cougs!

Frisco, TX

It's been a great season with good wins over Houston, Georgia Tech, Texas and Boise St. Bad losses against Virginia and Utah. Nevada should be an easy win, and the bowl match-up should be a good one - looking more and more like Washington.

I'm already looking forward to next year. The offense should be much improved, with a year of GFGH under our belt and more experienced QB, RBs, ad O line.

We'll really miss three or four players on the D side, but plenty a depth and talent to reload.

I love November days like this when I get to watch Cougar football in the afternoon and basketball in the evening.

Cedar Hills, UT

I wouldn't be surprised if the Y loses to Nevada. 2013 was a year of almosts. BYU came close to Wisconsin and ND but couldn't finish. Not enough horse power and not a seasoned enough QB. A very B- team. Playing a final game against a nobody is hard to get up for but I guess such is the life of an independent.

Alpine, UT

Time to admit it cougar fans we are a middle of the road team. There are 53 other FBS schools that have 7 or more wins right now. That is out of 126 FBS teams.

Glendora, CA

The national exposure with good programs, such as Wisconsin and ND, on the road in hostile venues, shouldn't be considered a complete failure. It is very difficult to win on the road against this caliber of competition. Kudos to BYU for sticking out their necks to play on the road against the big boys, as an independent. To give better perspective, many of these top 20 teams are afraid to play the "Y" at Provo, and usually evade the offer.

west valley city, utah


Here is a good idea! Why don't you tune into the yewts game and share your positive vibe with them.

Cougs have got this game.

Go Cougs!!!

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