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Published: Friday, Nov. 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT


I know what the EEOC states, I worked in the anti-discrimination division for 12 years....

There are only a few states that have rights for the "Gays" community. The majority of the states do not. Gender is Female/Male period...

Second, in Utah, yes they can fire for any reason. They do not need to mention one of the six protected classes. but they can fire a person for having tattoos because it is bad for their business.

To prove that they fired you on one of the protected classes, is extremely difficult, unless you have documentation to back it up

mid-state, TN

@Confused --

"There are only a few states that have rights for the "Gays" community."

Right. That's why we're having this discussion about anti-discrimination legislation in the first place. the Senate recently passed Federal anti-gay-discrimination legislation, but so far the House has refused to consider it.

"Second, in Utah, yes they can fire for any reason."

Again, nope.

Title 34A Utah Labor Code

Chapter 5 Utah AntiDiscrimination Act

Section 106 Discriminatory or prohibited employment practices

34A-5-106. Discriminatory or prohibited employment practices -- Permitted practices.

(1) It is a discriminatory or prohibited employment practice to take any action described in Subsections (1)(a) through (f).

(a) (i) An employer may not refuse to hire, promote, discharge, demote, or terminate any person, or to retaliate against, harass, or discriminate in matters of compensation or in terms, privileges, and conditions of employment against any person otherwise qualified, because of:

(A) race;

(B) color;

(C) sex;

(D) pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions;

(E) age, if the individual is 40 years of age or older;

(F) religion;

(G) national origin; or

(H) disability.

Morgan, UT

Whether we’re speaking about the demand for gay marriage, special rights under the law, entrance into the BSA...etc., LGBTs are simply trying to convince both themselves, and the population at large, that their lifestyles are normal and healthy. Try as they might, the majority of the population will never find the LGBT lifestyle normal.

No matter how many laws are passed and how desperately they try and ignore reality, the LGBT lifestyle will never be considered normal. This has been the case throughout history, and it will continue to hold true.

mid-state, TN

@Sven --

"This has been the case throughout history, and it will continue to hold true."

Actually, homosexual relationships have been accepted at many points throughout history, in many different cultures. Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Polynesia, and so on all had long traditions of homosexual acceptance.

Homosexual relations will always be in the minority, since only about 5% of the population is LGBT. But "minority" doesn't mean "bad" or "perverted", any more than left-handedness is bad or perverted.

And no, again, nobody wants "special" rights. Only EQUAL rights.

Tucson, AZ

Utah is no. 8 in the highest registered sex offender by state list. Utah is the highest in the nation for online porn subscriptions. Google it. The Deseret News even did an article on it March 3, 2009.
Perhaps the writer should not be so quick to slam Ms. Valentine's well founded concerns over the opportunities for abuse this law would allow. Utah does not have a good record when it comes to sexual abuse and desire for pornographic images. I also find it interesting that the author mentions The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in her letter but not the Catholic church, Greek Orthodox, Baptist, or any other denomination that practices in Utah. Where exactly was the Latter Day Saint church mentioned in Ms. Valentine's letter? This isn't a religious issue, it is one for society to determine. I am not sure about the bogeyman, but emotions should be tempered while responsible objectivity takes precedence in this debate. Unfortunately, a society with common sense is at a premium these days.

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