Comments about ‘LDS blogger battles bipolar disorder by traveling the country, befriending strangers’

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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 27 2013 1:00 p.m. MST

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Honolulu, HI

You are a daughter of God and He loves you.

Fillmore, Utah

Very Brave. Thank you for sharing.

Salt Lake City, UT

The author of this article needs to be a full-time writer. Brilliant, insightful and eloquent.

This girl is a true hero. Having dabbled a little bit myself in a "tortured mind" by genetics and circumstance and not because of sin or choice, I think this young lady is about as cool as a human being can be.

Hold on...the light will come.

Redlands, CA

Kudos to her. Especially for not making it anyone else's fault, and for owning it. Is it fair? No. Is it something she would wish on others? Of course not. I appreciate her owning it and not throwing everyone around her under her bus.

Cedar Hills, UT

When I saw the pictures that accompanied this article, I thought this woman reflected light before I read the article. And then her words confirmed it. She just radiates love. I'm a big believer in bright days following the dark days. Thanks for this story and your life lived.

Montesano, WA

I hope I read this wrong, But five years of depression, with no manic episodes does not sound like Bipolar disorder, I have a dear family member who does struggle with it. I see the manic highs and I see the horrific lows of depression were suicide has been tried and failed. During their manic phase they take on the world and during their depression phase they with draw. I did not read were she had any manic episodes wild swings of out of control behavior of wild shopping sprees, destructive behaviors of taking risks and stuff, it sounds like chronic depression which is just as bad and needs to be treated as well.

Mind to Mind
St.Peters, MO

Overcome !

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