Comments about ‘Mormon bishop disguises himself as homeless man to teach congregation about compassion’

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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 27 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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Legal Immigrant: Thank you for taking the concept of "free agency" and turning it into a tirade against the poor.

Funny, I don't see anywhere in Christ's ministry where He withheld from the downtrodden for their "choices".


This man is my hero.

OK Mom
Ardmore, OK

Let's see...major deception by one having spiritual stewardship resulting in feelings of shame by ward members; total annihilation of the reverence and purpose of Sacrament meeting; naive expectation that one should place themselves or their families at risk for potential harm in order to teach that we shouldn't judge others? What kind of idiocy is this? Has anyone read about Elizabeth Smart and how her experience began? Maybe this bishop should spend some time figuring out a meaningful ward service project, accomplished in a safe, supervised environment? I can't think of a single reason why this was a good idea. I am stunned...

San Diego, CA

This article has stuck with me for days but the bishop and the author has provided the reader with literally no practical advice for how to deal with a homeless person. Literally last night a homeless person camped out in my driveway and this morning although he is gone, his stuff is in my front yard so he will be back. I want to do something for this man and in fact my husband and I have offered him a job working to tidy up our yard, pull weeds etc. Our offer seems to have been taken as an invitation to show up anytime day or night and live on our property. I am at a loss for what to do to help and still remain compasionate.

Primary Friend
Marquette, MI

I'm surprised by the judgmental comments from church members about homeless/less fortunate people. We have a few people in our congregation (members and investigators) that look a little like that bishop. We also occasionally have strangers come to sacrament meeting looking like that. I don't know that they have been ignored, I have seen them greeted, and when appropriate, directed to the bishop or bishopric. If all they want is to ask for money there is a proper channel for that. We are here to help and to teach if they are willing to listen. If they are not, they probably won't be hanging around... there are easier ways to panhandle.

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