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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 11:25 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Looking like a repeat of last night - Carlino carries the team in the 1st half; watch for Haws in the 2nd half. BYU just needs to rebound and make shots and they'll win this one.

Mcallen, TX

Need to make free throws!

Overton, NV

Allowing too many offensive boards and not making free throws. Imagine what the BYU lead would be like if they could clean up those two things?

Clinton, UT

Very physical game. The call on Austin was correct, he clearly was swinging his elbows. Disappointed that all the emphasis at the beginning of the year about freedom of movement and making the game less physical has gone out the window and it is right back to being just physical, no finesse, just who is the bigger thug. But, the refs were pretty consistent on both sides, I just wish they would not have allowed it to get so physical because that hurts byu and favors Wichita. Closer game than the final score showed though.

Layton, UT

Dave Rose is a top notch coach and has some talented young players, bodes well for the future but I don't think this years team is much better than last year's. Haws and Carlino are inconsistent, especially down the stretch. Mika is young and will continue to get into foul trouble. Like last year, expect another NIT bid.

For you byu fans that were calling for Kane's suspension, does that Austin elbow bring things into perspective?

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Every team plays too rough. Don't see how Austin's elbow to the face and then swinging it again as the guy goes down is a flagrant foul.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

A new excuse seems to be emerging from BYU fans. The basketball team only loses because the other team has more thugs.

It's a good one.

Roy, UT

how many points did the Cougars leave at the foul line? enough to have kept ahead and win the game is what I'm thinking. Yes the officiating was terrible and I don't know how Dave Rose stood it as long as he did, the flagrant 2 foul was a basketball play to block out and should have been a most a flagrant 1. Hard to understand how the BYU team shot so poorly. I feel there is a lot of fouling of Haws to keep him from getting open, though must admit it didn't seem to matter in the long run, as he missed so many shots...this is one they seemed to have given away. Perhaps just pressing to much, to anxious, stressed, needed to relax and play.

Salt Lake City, UT

"5 Cougars and 9 Shockers had more rebounds than Mika."

You denied that? It is a statistic, moderator. Found in the box score. A fact, like the sun rises in the east.

Of course, conclusions could be drawn from that statistic, but I drew no conclusion, made no judgments (Apparently you did, however).

Let's give some examples of how it could be interpreted:

Lots of long rebounds went to the guards
Lots of close rebounds and he was guarding players away from the basket (see how that works either way?)
Ball bounced the other way
Stronger players pushed him out of the way
He is gun-shy because of his eye injury
He isn't aggressive
He only played X minutes

I'm not saying which of those is, isn't, or might be correct, just observing that 14 other players grabbed more rebounds.

Logan, UT

I really enjoyed the final score. I hope we see more scores with like this with BYU on the losing end.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Dirty play

Idaho Falls, ID

With Carlino carrying the team the first half and everyone being ice cold the 2nd half it's amazing that the Cougs were even in the game 'til the end. Only 5 assists tonight compared to 20 last night. A lot more forced shots and less passing. There is a message here. They looked tired the 2nd half which also contributed to the awful shooting percentage.

Disappointed in Rose's technical. The ref made the correct no call. The Cougs really unravelled toward the end including the coach.


As a big time BYU fan I must admit that this team irritates me more than any in recent memory. Awful free throw shooting, horrendous rebounding and selfish basketball. When you are up by 13 points against a team as good as Wichita State, you need to play smart and D it up. Instead, BYU seems to think that is the time to play selfish on both ends of the court. This team has so much promise but until they start rebounding and hitting their free throws they will not beat a great team.

Orem, UT

What I see is BYU needs to spend more time in the gym shooting free throws and jump shots in the off season. This was a dismal display of shooting to say the least! They need to be shooting, outside of normal practice, 1000 jump shots a day and at least 500 free throws a day. Carlino, Haws, and others who are slated to be the scorers should get to the point where they are making 20 3's in a row consistently during their practice time.

I can promise you if they aren't doing this, other teams are. And when it comes down to crunch time, it's muscle memory that takes over. The crowd, fatigue, nerves, and other issues will always be there. What it boils down to is whoever is spending the most time in the gym practicing their shot will win.

Defense, time management, game management, the X's and O's are all important, but you have to put the ball in the hole!

Until the players on the BYU team dedicate themselves to this end, this will be the result in these kinds of games.



Shoulda coulda woulda...there are always and will always be things to improve on


Carlino's side blip was interesting, since he was the one casting clunkers from pago pago and not letting anyone else touch it at the end.

Syracuse, UT

This team just needs to learn Confidence!

Richmond, VA

It's the tale of two halves. They play great in the first and then go stone cold in the second, especially Carlino! A few more threes and f/throws made and the outcome would've been different in our favor. It's very disappointing! Btw, I wish we have a couple more big men in our lineup to back up our sensational freshman! Mika's a beast but when he and Austin are in foul trouble we have nobody else we can count on. That other freshman kid, bless his heart, looks lost and outclassed every time he goes in. What will we do when Mika goes on his mission? Darn it, I know the Lord's work is more important but, umm, well, I think I'll just keep my selfish wish to myself!

Bottom line is we seriously need a couple more big men, preferably a 7fter who can crash the boards. Nate does a decent job but gets into foul trouble way too easily! And we need to work on f/t efficiency. Other than Haws, and Carlino sometimes, the rest are simply awful!

Good luck the rest of the way Cougars!!!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

When is Haws going to learn that he can't go down when the game is on the line and shoot over 6'-8" defenders? Agree with Motor Bike regarding Austin's flagarant foul. One elblow wasn't enough, he locked and loaded for a second. Pretty dirty play.

@Mildred in Fillmore

You Rock!

Cheyenne, WY

I agree with Spokane Ute Haws needs to learn how to compete against bigger defenders. I think he was 3-19 or something pathetic.
Wichita State has a really good defense but they got back in transition and BYU half court offense was pathetic.
BYU was in it until the last couple of minutes then there were stupid fouls and shots and they threw away a game against a really good team.
Lots of credit to Wichita State they are a well coached athletic team. I have a lot of hope for this BYU team. Took one top 20 team down to the very end and were in the game with another until the last couple of minutes, with their "star" playing terrible. With just Carlino playing well BYU is good if Haws and Carlino play well together (Stanford) they are really good.
On the elbow new rule in college basketball a couple years ago any hit above the face results in an automatic flagrant 2 and ejection.
When I played I hit people with loaded elbows if they were talking trash or playing dirty all game. Don't judge him too harshly, elbows (especially hidden ones) are commonplace at all levels of basketball.

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