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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Personally I think this is absurd. Kyle IS the reason the U is where they are right now - in the PAC12 conference. He started the ball rolling long before Urban Meyer got there and he has continued a rising program ever since. History shows that every program has a string of tough seasons but Kyle has all the makings of a great coach and I think the U would be making a big mistake in letting him go. A coach can't compensate for injuries and the U had there share this year plus the U was close in beating several Pac12 opponents this season even with the injuries.

Rational Animal
Independence , UT

KW is a great coach and deserves at least a couple more years. Utah needs to understand that sewing the PAC12 logo on their uniforms did not bestow on them supernatural collegiate athletic powers. This skewed expectation was largely fueled by local media pundits clamoring to be first to predicate the exact date and time of the Utah ascension to collegiate athletic dominance. Instead of replicating one magical game against Alabama that took over a month of preparation, Utah's new reality is competing week in and week out with teams that would all compete for MWC champion year in and year out. Utah simply was not and is not acclimated to the weekly demands of PAC12 competition. That's not KW's fault. They find themselves competing against collegiate brands like USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, all with decades of recruiting inroads. The few Utah blue chip players will be tempted to move West, whereas there is no significant draw for a West Coast 3 or 4 star player to come to freezing cold, snow and smog 5 months out of the year. Be patient Utes, KW is your guy.

Highland, UT


Well 6th place and 7th place are both bottom half of a 10 team conference. Maybe that isn't perrenial cellar dwelling but it sure isn't good.

Draper, UT

I'm in support of Whit one more year. Injuries have taken a toll and this was a young team.

I do have two major issues with coach Whit. First, we run a spread offense without the personnel to run it. You have to have a fast QB and atheletic front. We had a slower QB with a big offensive line. Mismatch in recruiting to style of play. Norm Chow ran a pro-style offense and we had reasonable success with it. I think Utah needs to realize it is not Oregon or ASU in terms of team speed. Run a pro style set to match your front and QB.

Second issue with Coach Whit was not playing to win on at least two occasions. Late in the Arizona game, team driving, he went for a field goal on 4th down instead of playing for the win (we were down by 6 at the time). Arizona quickly scored and put the game away. Same scenario Saturday at Wazzou. 4th down and short and he punts away and WSU scores the TD to put it away.

Coach Whit is too conservative at times.

Orange County, CA

I like KW, hope he stays forever, but under his leadership the offensive coordinator job has been a revolving door.

Chow was a good hire; his leaving for Hawaii was his mistake, but we have paid a price with three OC's for just one year each. I hope Erickson stays so we can get some consistency in terms of recruiting, planning, and playing.

I'm concerned about the recruiting. Why don't we have a four-star QB recruit even considering attending the U?

Farmington, UT

@ ImaUteFan-- Utah will never see another BCS Bowl. Utah playing in two of them is recent history. Before the BCS Utah didn't make a peep of noise nationally. BYU won a national championship. Some of us actually cheered for Utah to cream Alabama and we were happy to see it happen. (Now I wonder why we did that.) BYU has had a few down years (although they're going bowling again...and Utah is not). Utah is now going through the "down years" just like every program in the country. Are you old enough to remember a powerhouse called Nebraska, who fired their new coach when he won 70% of his games because of no national championships?

@incrimson-- Sorry, your analysis about beating BYU is NOT TRUE! It is especially true this year because the win in Provo is the ONLY thing Utah has to brag about and they are doing that ad infinitum. PAC 12 defeats are the norm and they're a bitter pill to swallow, especially this year when you thought you had finally arrived. Big Shock---you're 5th or 6th in the PAC 12 Southern Division.

salt lake city, utah

Whittingham is the most powerful part of the UoU program. Look around, where are you going to improve on him? He is the team MVP. Without Whit's calls you lose to USU.

The only thing that has changed since 2008 is the level of competition.
UoU still beats a good 7-4 BYU team, a good 7-4 USU team. They can still knock off an Alabama-like opponent (Stanford) every once in while.

It is the PAC12. It is THAT good. There has been some bad luck at QB, but not nearly as blameworthy as BYU's qb woes until this year.

UoU needs until 2015 before they have the depth of talent at every position to last a whole schedule like this one, which was arguably the toughest in the nation.

Farmington, UT

@ Max

Just how was Utah competitive against Arizona, USC or Washington State? At WSU they never were ahead, not even once. In the game against Arizona, they only made a field goal. Competitive? The score is like bowling, not golf. (More points is better.)

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Nice Post, very accurate.


The Sun Bowl? A serious bowl? El Paso? Seriously?

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

As a BYU fan, I'd love for Utah to languish back into mediocrity like it was in the 70s and 80s, but Utah would be foolish and short-sighted to fire Whit. He is the best thing that's ever happened to Utah football.

Isn't it ironic that Rock notes at the beginning of his article that "[t]his marks the first time in 23 years they’ve had back-to-back losing seasons." Utah's 23-year run of success can almost be pinpointed to the day when Fred Whittingham was hired as DC in the early 90s and hired Kyle as a defensive assistant. If Whit were fired, he would essentially become a victim of his own success, or a sign that Utah's PAC 12 ego won't allow it to hang around with its best coach ever, despite a rough transition period.

If Utah fires Whit, the only joy for this BYU fan will be watching Chris Hill start a musical chairs process with 3-4 year coaches like he has with basketball the last 10 years….

Richmond, VA

I'm not a Ute fan but I don't think Coach W should be fired now as some are advocating. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Ute fans needs to be a little more patient and give Kyle at least 3 more years. Expectations of Rose Bowl appearances and/or conference championships predictions by a few knucklehead fans were ridiculous to begin with. I say give Coach W a little more time. 3 yrs is not a long enough time to be successful in a very tough conference. Some of you have expected way too much way too soon and now you're calling for the man's head? I think it'll be a terrible mistake to let him go but if he is, I'm sure he'll land somewhere else where he'll feel more loved and needed and probably make a whole lot more money than he has now also.

Go Whit! Go Utes! Go Aggies! And definitely Go Cougars!

Draper, UT

Too Smart For You, please read a stat sheet or box score before your posts. Utah was within 4 points of Arizona at 28-24 in the 4th quarter with the ball and a drive deep in Wildcat territory before a decision to attempt a long field goal instead of going for it on 4th down and a chance to go ahead. Only a field goal against Arizona...check the box score.

They were within 6 in the 4th quarter at Wazzou and had the ball. Obviously you don't watch the games or study the box score or you would know Utah was in both of those games despite multiple turnovers and mistakes.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Kyle has proven he is the best coach in the state.

He is the only current coach in the state with ANY of the following:

Undefeated season
Top 10 finish
Top 5 finish
Top 2 finish
BCS bowl
BCS bowl win
Bowl win over SEC powerhouse
Win against End of season(only rankings that matter) top 10 team
2 wins against end of season top 10 team

He may not be Urban Meyer, but he's the best around

Coach Whit for life!

Bluffdale, UT

SoonerUte "In the 9 years prior to Utah joining the conference, Arizona had an average finish of 7 while ASU an average finish of 6. In that span, both teams had a 2nd place finish. What is your definition of "cellar dweller"? Anything that isn't first place?"

Cellar dwellers was too harsh, but the AZ schools are a good example of Utah's future. I was heartbroken when they split the WAC for the PAC-10. Yet, they have still never been to a BCS bowl. In the meantime, they do have respect around the country because of their endurance in the conference and they continue to sell out all their games. They have FUN in the conference, just as Utah is enjoying now.

Bluffdale, UT

Whit has a lot of bowls ahead of him with or without Utah, either as a head coach at a comparative program or in the top bowls as a def coordinator.
I'll bet, if Utah let's him go you will see Whit turn around a big school and Utah will say, that could have been us.

Omaha, NE

You hate to see anyone fired that has invested their heart and soul into a program. I also think Whit is a class act, and by the best coach in Utah. My concerns with Whit is that he is loyal to a fault (something I suffer from as well). The nepotism is a little to much and his observation of talent is suspect (i.e., hiring a 24 yr old OC, strength of team is o-line, deepest QB class, etc...). I think that he needs to step outside and look at his current coaching staff and make a decision on what is best for the team. I don't want to see him go, but unless he can see his mistakes that are all to obvious for the Monday Morning QBs, then it may be necessary to demote him and promote BJ :)

Happy Thanksgiving Chris B, Duckhunter, et. al.

Sandy, UT

@ChristopherB Bwahahahahahaha You are too funny! Your ENTIRE list of 9 items supporting Whit is based on just ONE season and mostly ONE game. That's hilarious. It's obvious from reading the ute fans' posts here that most are content that the program is getting worse each year and are scared to try for something better. Arizona had a decent coach but replaced him with Rich Rod and are now improving their standing. Same with Arizona St, UCLA, and Wash St.

Wake up ute fans! Your record next year will be even worse than this year when you trade BYU for Michigan and Utah St for Fresno St. You also won't have the luxury of 5 home pac12 games with only 4 road games. Next year, you'll have 5 road and only 4 home. Your schedule isn't getting any easier.


Steven S Jarvis "I'm not convinced the PAC 12 is the second best league this year. Not until the league plays out and wins some bowl games will that be known."

I'm not so sure the SEC is the best league this year. Sure, they have undefeated 'Bama and two schools with only one loss, Auburn & Missouri (Bama has not played either school). But, to make that mathematically possible they have to have conference teams that really get beat up. So,far 9 SEC teams will not be bowl eligible and Georgia might make it 10. Is that the best conference?

The PAC-12 is stronger as a conference. Utah beat Stanford, Stanford beat Oregon, Oregon beat UCLA, UCLA beat Oregon State, Oregon State beat Washington, Washington beat Arizona, Arizona beat Oregon.

BYU Fan who also likes Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

I am mostly a BYU fan, but I don't think that just beating BYU is enough of a reason for Utah to keep KW. Also the fluke win against Stanford, as good as it was, is not enough reason. He has done horridly against the Pac 12 overall, and as emotionally important beating BYU may be for obsessed Utah fans, winning against the Pac 12 would be better overall for the program. However I think he should be given 1 more year. See if he can do something to prove himself when he doesn't have his signature game to win, and see if he can do good enough that beating Stanford wouldn't just be a fluke.

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